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  1. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sorry to miss you Carl. The Acorus gramineus look wonderful btw, gorgeous little flowers. 17th sounds good and doable.
  2. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    running late. see you soon, ish. wont be staying that long though
  3. obtuse

    CSD cutting

    just for the record, im after some too. but given im not pimping my arse i guess im just dreaming
  4. obtuse

    Entheogenesis Australis 2017 Art Competition

    pm me, lets chat about that. if its been left to you and you own it and i guess the copyright (i need to think about that) then i dont see why not.
  5. Unless hes butt naked and shovelling compost im not sure i will.
  6. i think it goes without saying ....
  7. obtuse

    Mandrake - Mandragora autumnalis seeds

    One of these years i'd love to grow Mandrake. and always meant to when i was in Tas. happy to chat mycology with you some time.
  8. obtuse

    Entheogenesis Australis 2017 Art Competition

    Giving this a bump. We are really excited to see what the SAB community can come up with for what looks like is going to be an amazing publication. If you have any queries feel free to either PM me here or email us at egajournal[at]gmail.com cheers, Ob.
  9. obtuse

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    much appreciated. congrats
  10. obtuse

    Happy Birthday Wandjina

    Happy Birthday Wandjina, Thoughts are with you and think of you often. I miss our online chats and your perspective on things. miss you, Ob.
  11. obtuse

    Happy Birthday Watertrade

    Happy birthday mate. hope your well, and had a great day.
  12. obtuse

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    I havent entered a plant comp for so long. #6 for me fingers crossed
  13. obtuse

    Selling a flow hood (sold)

    at that price its very tempting. im not 100% om where i am at, at the moment and no $$$
  14. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ok 8th it is. And Carl i totally get it. I will be coming in from Boronia to attend so appreciate that you be wanting a decent tun out. Be good to catch up with people before EGA. eee squeee :D lol
  15. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    garden is cranking.and thinks starting to look happy and healthy. really im up for any date, i just need to know in advance and then tattoo said date on my hand.
  16. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Keen to catch up soon.
  17. obtuse

    Post a random picture thread

    Haha, an alternative to all melbournes concrete fucking awful barriers
  18. obtuse

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Despite this being about fish, to the best of my knowledge this is still an acceptable discussion within enthnobotany, and moreso because it slips into ethnopharmacology (Have you read "serpent and the Rainbow" by Wade Davis) a valid discussion here.. thus i would have thought this forum is still an acceptable place for discussion on cultural usage or the ethnopharmacology. otherwise as per AndyAmine, Bluelight or DMTNexus i would have thought would be the best alternatives. Other than that if after specific knowledge then my advise would be to contact researchers who have published on the topic. When i did natural products chemistry there were two focuses, plant chemistry and marine chemistry, and it was quite clear just how new and novel marine natural product chemistry was at the time. I would assume its still incredibly novel, especially when it comes to potentially pharmacologically active compounds.
  19. not putting my name down for a ticket, just want to say thanks to T for helping people get to EGA. Its going to be an amazing conference. And im looking forward to seeing plenty of SAB members there.
  20. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    maybe the meet was called too early, could we re schudule for late september. still plenty of time to help you out for ideas Carl.
  21. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    fck fck fckitty fck i cant make it.
  22. obtuse

    The grand EGA convoy/bum a lift thread (east coast)

    Thats the spirit :D
  23. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yes, sounds good.
  24. obtuse


  25. CALLING ALL ARTISTS AND CREATORS! Apply now for funding up to $3000 per project. Submissions for art grants close 13th August 2017. Apply here: www.entheogenesis.org/arts_grant_application For general information: www.entheogenesis.org/online_applications