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  1. Ethnoob

    Eileen woes

    Looks like it split itself open from having too much to drink. Normally that wouldn't be too much to fuss over but it looks like it's oozing out black liquid which isn't good at all because if that's the case it's likely rotting on the inside. Personally if it is oozing to be on the safe side I'd cut above the damage and root the tip in some far less wet soil and then let the stump dry out for a couple of weeks before slowly reintroducing water to it again. If you're lucky you'd end up with two cacti but at worst if the stump dies you should be able to save the tip.
  2. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    heads in the sand is exactly how we got into this problem in the first place.
  3. Ethnoob

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately it was the other two I really wanted. I was just going to throw the semi monstrose in as an added bonus. Oh well, if the other two ever become available again send me a PM
  4. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Thanks mate I'm terrible at making memes but I was told my old man of the mountain looks like a hairy prick by a girl I know so I sent her this back. She didn't respond lol
  5. Ethnoob

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Are these still available?
  6. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Well it's been about a month and I can't be arsed listing out all the names again but if you're well keen on finding out what's what the names are in the filenames
  7. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Been lazy and didn't post for a while. Time for an update... Bridgesii OP, Bruce, Cactus Mc Spiny, T. Carmaguensis, Foolsbreath and a gecko guardian Gold Spine Peru, Hamilton's Peru Crest, T. Huascha, Ivan, LC002 and a new loph Los Gentiles, Locanthocereus Cliestocactus Fieldianus, Mum & Dad, Pacharu, Pachanoi x Psycho0 and T. Schickendantzii Some slime mold giving me some grief, T. Spachianus, TBMC and a T. Thelegonus that got toppled just before I took the pic due to the intense rain I've had today. That's it for now but I have lots more coming so stay tuned
  8. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I am a psychopath in that I can look at things objectively without involving emotion bu that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Every species can live in harmony with the surrounding environment provided it's numbers are kept in balance and it's obvious our species is out of balance due to the global effects we're having. As such logically the cure is a reduction in our numbers to bring us back into line. Now that said I know it's morally objectionable to kill even pedophiles so it's not like the idea of murdering billions of innocents sits well with me. My only point was that since there's not going to be some technological miracle cure that allows us to make all 7.5 billion people live the 1% lifestyle without causing the entire world to get fucked over a forced reduction in the human population is in the interest of everything. Now if we can admit that to ourselves and consider ourselves guardians of the planet is it then not our duty to lessen the suffering of that decision being made? To me though this is where the real moral implications come into play though because by which criteria do you judge? Let's say you wanted Africa for Africans, Japan for the Japanese, etc. to preserve all the races in a distinct place of their own then places like Australia that have been taken over by whites would either be forced to take measures like saying Australia is for the Aboriginals or that the nation was founded in 1901 and if you can't trace your family history to then you've gotta go. Choosing the sick, the elderly, druggos on welfare, fresh off the boat immigrants, etc. seems easy enough but it can get real complicated, real fast and it's going to be a shit show either way. What I do know is that people would be absolutely butt hurt for all of eternity over it no matter how much better off they and the rest of the world has it. Another thing I know is that if humanity was to go down that path then there needs to be an all powerful global force that can land a nuke anywhere. They need to hold the world hostage and say either you stick to your breeding plan so your numbers stay within their limits or you get hit with a nuke and lose an even greater number of people. If the punishment isn't worse like that people simply won't care and we'll end right back where we are today. I know, I know, psychopath, but explain how I'm wrong with cold logic and change my mind.... The earth tries to live in harmony like two sides of an equation trying to even each other out. There's a certain number of people that can live on this earth but it depends on the lifestyles that we have. We can have more vegans living in mud huts for example than we can westerners that eat meat. My point was that people are never going to forget the western life, our sciences, the technology, etc. which means they absolutely will strive for it again and that as a result we have to pick lower numbers of people with a greater impact over more people with less impact. As for addressing the population to make sure it doesn't jump again hold the world hostage with nukes. Leftists are mostly retarded. They always put feels before reals and put all their faith in future technologies that are either unproven, unworkable or as in most cases simply don't exist. More than that they don't think about the ramifications of their plans because they live in an imaginary world. Take multiculturalism for example. It's meant to make us less racist, be our strength and all that shit right? Instead it destroys both cultures by forcing them to change, it forces the races to inevitably blend destroying the ethnic differences we once had and until that happens it fosters hatred and self segregation. Don't believe me? Why is there a China town in every major city in the world? Why do muslims hang around one another more than they do us? Why is white flight a thing? Deep down we know these things to be true but it feels bad thinking that way so a leftist ignores reality to absolve them of their wrongthink crime which they also do to everything else in life such as renewable energy sources like solar saying it's energy from the sun while completely ignoring the absolutely horrendous impact the panels construction has done before ending up on their roof. It's always feels before reals so I'll never buy into their philosophy or politics. Don't get me wrong, the hardcore right are retarded too, just leftists more so. Now obviously it's about how we live as a species that impacts the environment as I described in the first paragraph of my reply to you but if you think for a moment dealing with inequality will help you're assuming that the 3rd world will start breeding at 1st world rates. The 3rd world will forever breed like the 3rd world and by giving them greater access to resources like food and medicine it just means more will survive and make the overpopulation problem worse. Look at Africa. We've fed them for over 100 years and they're still popping out like 8 kids knowing they're going to starve too. More than that their now western lifestyles are going to devastate the planet in real short order. It's psychopathic again on my behalf, probably racist too, but logically if you want to address the overpopulation issue you absolutely must start with the ones doing the majority of the breeding and prevent them from wanting to emulate our lifestyles too. If you don't you're literally just adding fuel to the fire.
  9. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    This is what he recommends: From atmospheric carbon capture through extensive seaweed farming, CO2 snow production in Antarctica and the manufacture of carbon-rich biochar to reflecting the sun’s rays by releasing sulphur into the atmosphere and painting landscapes and cities white, Flannery outlines an array of innovative technologies that give cause for hope. Every single one of those suggestions are band aid solutions that ultimately fail to address the underlying cause of their necessity. Sure they could help a little but why would we want to make all our towns blindingly white and identical the world over for example when doing so ruins architecture which is one of the largest defining qualities of every culture not to mention it actually helping to make the problem worse with the constant maintenance and production of the paint? I won't even get started on the million plus reasons why geoengineering is retarded or how when plants die they ultimately release all their carbon back as they decay. Deep down we all know that human existence has a negative effect on this planet which means the fewer of us there are the better off the world would be. It's just no one wants to admit that people need to be killed off in such numbers that Thanos would look like a pussy because if we admit that we then have to consider the reasons why certain people should live or die which is horribly uncomfortable to think about. It makes you feel like a racist, it makes you feel like a eugenicist and really just plain evil in general but we already have examples from nature to reflect upon that proves it is the right course of action to take. Just look at what happens when kangaroos breed out of control for example. They all suffer until they start dying off but can cause so much damage between now and then the humane thing to do is to thin the herd. We don't like to do it but we know it's ultimately morally correct to forcibly bring them back in balance with nature and lessen their suffering and all I'm saying is that we need to take a similar approach with ourselves.
  10. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    You're kidding yourself if you think there's a technological solution that doesn't result in the human population going up which is literally the sole cause of the environmental damage we're doing as a species. Even if I were wrong though how much of the Earth should be dedicated to a single species? We've chopped down the majority of forests, we've raped the oceans for food and every single person that's born has a mouth that needs feeding and absolutely will put their foot down claiming some space as for themselves displacing other species. The more of us there are the less room there is for everything else and there's no technological solution for that. You may call me insane for thinking population control is the only viable cure for what ails this planet but I think you're the insane one for ignoring it merely because it makes you feel bad to think about it. I get how it's cold, ruthless and we'd lose what remains of our humanity going down that path which is why you'd never consider it an option but that doesn't make it wrong. It just makes it morally objectionable and even then that depends on how much of a greater good you believe such actions would result in.
  11. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Western lifestyles are spreading the globe over at an alarming rate. Don't get me wrong it's good for those people to have a higher quality of life but the more people that get it the less the Earth can support. We can either have more people living a caveman type existence or we can have less people living in a high tech society. Either way balance will be reached so what is it you'd prefer? More people living a shit life or less people living a good one? Now if you pick less people as any sane person would due to the fact the memory of science and technology will inspire people to rebuild their lost societies, you still have to acknowledge that some people are going to continue breeding out of control unless their numbers are kept in check by force. You can forcibly sterilize them, you can bomb them, whatever, point is if you don't do something we're going to go back up to our current numbers in no time at all putting us in an even worse position than we're in now because absolutely everyone will be living like a western lifestyle and most likely to a higher degree than we do now. But hey, let's assume I'm completely wrong as you don't believe it would make a difference. In your ideal world how would you go about fixing the issue? Make yourself emperor of Earth and your will gets done no matter what anyone else thinks. What do you do?
  12. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    The only action that would have any real effect is an immediate reduction in the human population. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. The hard part is setting a desirable number of people that we believe can live in harmony with the earth and the rest of it's inhabitants and then choosing who gets to live and die. We're never going to have a technological solution that allows the human population to continue growing and sterilization of the masses is still picking and choosing but allowing the carnage to continue for the rest of their lives. We can't rely on mother nature to give us the solution in the form of a new flu or plague either as there's an extremely good chance we'll cure it before it lowers our numbers to acceptable levels and then due to it's indiscriminate nature we're just going to breed out of control again anyway. So if you want to be real about it you need to find reasons why certain people should die. Given that it's a population issue the logical place to start is by looking at which groups of people are having more children than others. If your group is having say 6-8 kids per family on average like you see in a lot of African and Muslim nations that's considerably worse than what you see in a lot of western nations like Germany where they're having 1.3 children per family which is below the 2.1 children needed to maintain any given population. If you do not address this fundamental fact what's going to happen is that you'll get us to a billion people or whatever and then the problematic reproduction begins again which will bring us right back to where we started. Now lets assume you can't bring yourself to be an eco nazi and want to preserve the other peoples and cultures of the planet. Your only option is to set hard numbers for every race and force them to kill their own using whatever criteria they judge to be fair for themselves and there needs to be harsh retaliation for refusing to keep to within their limits. The punishment would have to be so severe that they'd rather kill their own so essentially you're going to need to nuke them or worse otherwise they absolutely will not comply. So how strongly do you believe that level of action should be taken? Literally no one will find it acceptable so buckle up kids because we're gonna watch the world burn.
  13. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    You're right, I shouldn't panic and go full nuclear option at the first sign of something I don't understand. Still though it was climbing my cactus and needed to be told to fuck off.
  14. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    I hit it hard but then it rained heavily last night which wasn't great. I'll hit the garden again today after it dries up but I think I hurt it all the same
  15. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!! WTF IS this shit? It started over a period of like 6 hours and has spread to other pots as well The layer I was meant to be able to peel back laughed at my attempt to reveal what was underneath so I gave it two caps to about 750mL to hit everything hard. I sprayed all my cacti so wish me luck. I'll update again in the morning...