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  1. Ethnoob

    I need a teacher.

    Thanks mate and I'll be sure to follow the instructions and send you a pm if in doubt about any of it
  2. Ethnoob

    I need a teacher.

    Thanks for your offer of help along the way and the recommendation for Franks 12 step tek. I'll definitely look into it and dive into the deep end asap but it is scary as a noob. I feel like I'm going to screw up and waste all the prints I have. I might have to try something really common first until I feel comfortable risking the rarer stuff.
  3. Ethnoob

    I need a teacher.

    The middle of Queensland.
  4. Ethnoob

    I need a teacher.

    The more I look into growing any type of mushrooms the more I realize I'm a retarded baby with no idea what the hell I'm doing. Don't get me wrong I can understand the absolute minimum basics like trying to keep a sterile environment for them to reduce competition but I really need someone to help walk me through the process from spores to harvest who's able to answer my questions and call me a tard when it's obviously deserved which it likely will be multiple times along the way. I will likely be a frustrating student with my endless questions but that said I absolutely will follow your instructions to the letter and throw whatever money is necessary at the problems I face along the way. I intend on doing this right the first time round and the only way that's going to happen is with some help from a hard arse perfectionist type person with experience in growing mushrooms. In return for this help I not only offer first access to any genetics in my garden to the teacher but to pay it forward too. I will happily give out lets say 25 spore prints free of charge to the members here and pass your knowledge along as well. Realistically I'm likely to give out more because sharing is caring and I want to be a valued long term member here but 25 is a nice number as a minimum. It will be frustrating though as I will seek an enormous amount of information such as what the ideal pH ranges for the substrate for different varieties of mushroom (I'm already guessing that's a retarded question) and all manner of little things that relate to this hobby so if you don't think you could handle teaching an obsessed child you shouldn't waste your time or mine. If you can handle it though the potential rewards could be great for you, me and the community at large. Please PM me if you're interested
  5. Ethnoob

    Plant sale Brisbane

    How much do you want for the cacti and is it for all of them in the photo?
  6. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    I'll definitely let it get root bound in it's current pot before moving it up to the next size after which my only options will be the truly massive pots from bunnings. There's no way in hell I'm going to try and transplant it from a 60L to 80L to 100L pots though, it's already stabbed me plenty and it hardly seems worth the effort when I can just cover the pot or give it shelter to control the amount of water it gets. It's a shame wheely bins are more tall than round. It'd be tops being able to drill some holes in one for aeration and then move the plants around as needed.
  7. Ethnoob

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I don't even know wtf this is but the seller is top notch and if I didn't just blow what remained of my power bill money on cacti I would have bought it. It's absolutely gorgeous https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sulcorbutia-Rauschii-purple-form-Cactus/163499542277?hash=item2611550705:g:W2AAAOSwd0pcRxOB:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  8. Ethnoob

    New Free Trade Thread?

    I may be new here but I seriously derailed a previous like minded thread so I somewhat know what I'm on about lol Make a minimum post count for the low trade thread that's at least 150 which would in fact exclude myself and make the high one 250+. Instabans for anyone who doesn't offer or claim something to keep the thread clean. No thank yous or anything, PM's exist for a reason. There needs to be an independent third party that can deal with claims of non delivery and whatnot. Abusers of the system need to be named and shamed as part of their ban, preferably edited into the first post so people can avoid them thereafter. A high end trade thread should be based not only on post count but a high trade rep (at least 10+) as well which should be confirmed by a mod before access is enabled. Site wide ban if a second claim is proven against you. First post to claim always gets the prize. The trade threads need generic definitions of what's permitted and what isn't so someone can't claim a high end tricho cut for some catnip seeds. There should be both trade and pay it forward threads so people can freely trade or give stuff away. If you get something in this years pay it forward thread and can give it away again next year but don't that's an instaban from the next year's thread though some exceptions should be made by a mod if a plant is still under cultivation or whatnot. A picture of what is on offer must be supplied otherwise you don't have anything to offer. If offering a trade be specific about what you'll take in return, ie. say you're offering a 1 for 1 deal for a single cut you list a few you're chasing so the first to reply with one you want enables the trade to take place. Absolutely no money trades hands, not even for postage costs for which traders take full responsibility on their end. I'm usually not one for rules, least of all ones that screw me, but I think that about covers everything that would make threads like what's been proposed workable for all involved though I'd hate to be a mod for it.
  9. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Credit where credit is due, you said big cut not a freaking shoulder attacking monster that's now my biggest cactus by far lol Thanks a million mate I'll be sure to give it a prominent position in the garden in a week or so after it gets used to the local conditions but I have a feeling that like the oversized cuts I have in smaller pots it's going to outgrow that large pot very quickly. I'm thinking I'll put it in something like a 80-100L pot as putting such a plant in the ground here is a big no no and keep it as a show piece. It definitely warrants such treatment
  10. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Damn psychonaut eat beasts. I hope whatever had a go had a really long hard think about it's life decisions after taking a nibble lol In any case it's been given some rooting gel and put next to the house in some soil so hopefully the spikes will protect it while it roots. I was out all day and came home to a monster package with this absolute unit of an unreleased pach cut inside that needing staking to stay upright which I found out the hard way with my shoulder. Totally worth it though, just look at it
  11. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    So, another day, more cacti lol This time around it's a monster cut of Rosei#2 and a itty bitty Sharxx Blue At this rate I'm not going to be able to pay my next light bill lol
  12. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Jeez, I remember feeling the garden cry out yesterday but don't remember posting that lol Anyways does anyone have any idea what's going on here? The tip was sitting out in my laundry for just over 48 hours and didn't look like this yesterday.
  13. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    I'm tripping a bit and the garden called for me to take some pics. I swear it feels like 'david' has the spirit of an old frog lady in it that's well shitty about being cut. Seriously look at it up close and tell me I'm wrong. The other cacti wanted their voices heard too so here's a formally unnamed bridgesii that I call CheezeTV after the guy who sold it to me and the cartoon show from when I was a kid. It's infected but a total sook as it's growing super fast. Here's the only graft that actually took, 'John', and he's looking mad as hell about being forced to grow faster than he wants to. Even the melted wax was sooking about a black dot on it. My oldest loph seems upset about being out in the sun while my youngest one is absolutely loving life right next to it. Taking the pics was a world of fun compared to going through them and typing all that up in my current state so the whinging plants better appreciate it.
  14. Ethnoob

    Strange little loph seedling. Is it crested?

    Same from me. I've bought thousands of seeds from him and always got more than I ordered