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  1. Check out my acacia courtii seedling giveaway here, ending 8th October
  2. Xperiment

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Ok I have one only Acacia courtii seedling to give away. Post a sequential number, and a pic of an acacia you have grown, preferably from seed. I would prefer this little one goes to someone with some experience growing acacia, to know that it will be looked after. The seed was given away here by @communacacian for wattle day 2 years ago (holy shit time flies) Approx 25-30cm tall. Postage covered by me, not to WA or Tas due to plant quarantine restrictions. Australia only. The winner will be chosen by random number generator at about 8pm on Wednesday 7th October Pics when I get home from work
  3. Xperiment

    Acacia Obtusifolia? ID help please

    One of the identifying features that may help you differentiate from the many lookalikes (esp when not flowering) is the reddish leaf margin when held up to the light, which you can see really well in @rottenjonny's 3rd photo. Nicely done!
  4. Xperiment

    Dodonaea Viscosa Psycho-activity

    I've heard it was used as a tea for calming or relaxation by white early settlers, in the same way as hops, thus the common name hop bush. No personal experience though
  5. Xperiment

    iboga & other free seeds!

    Pmd as well, thanks
  6. Xperiment

    Kanna/Scelly Wanted

  7. Xperiment

    Anything to trade/Sell

    Moist Coconut fibre (coir) is the go. $2 brick makes a bucket full
  8. Xperiment

    Anything to trade/Sell

    I'll be in that! Pm'd you
  9. Xperiment

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    Congrats Dozer. And thanks Enjaytee for running the giveaway. Legend!
  10. Xperiment

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    6 Thanks for the opportunity
  11. Xperiment


    Thanks @George Simian I'll have a look at that one
  12. Xperiment


    Does anyone have a preferred source of cordyceps (powder/capsules/tincture/whatever)? I'd like to try a small amount first so looking for a little bit at a reasonable price, decent quality. Thanks
  13. Xperiment

    My overgrown cactus garden

    Throw down some old manure or slow release fertiliser and sheet-mulch over the grass with wet cardboard, then whatever you like over the top of that
  14. Xperiment

    Smilax glyciphylla

    Hey, I've been looking for this plant too. Where is this nursery? If it's nearby, I'll ship some for ya
  15. Xperiment

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    Last one! PM your details if you'd like?