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  1. Xperiment

    Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    Pm me your details please trichojester
  2. So as promised elsewhere, I have some small seedlings (2-4 pairs of leaves/ 10cm tall) from Bardo's seed giveaway last year. Sorry no pics yet. They could have been bigger but they take 6 months to germinate and have been growing in the takeaway container I germinated them in. That said they are healthy looking and will take off this spring if given some TLC. Please research their growing requirements before accepting the offer. Seedlings will be sent bare rooted, in damp coir, at my leisure (when I get a spare second) NOT TO WA, TAS or OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA, sorry. No payment required, but please consider donating a few dollarydoos to site server costs. First 5 to comment here and PM me their address get the goods. Have at it.
  3. Xperiment

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    I have some seedlings from @bardos giveaway last year, to give away soon. I will start a new thread when the time is right
  4. Xperiment

    Seeking a couple of native plant seeds

    Hi all, Looking for Acacia obtusifolia seeds, about 20 - 40 only. Also Smilax glyciphylla (native sarsaparilla) seeds, berries, tubestock, whatever. @mu! (if you're still active on here) saw you were seeking these some time ago - did you ever find any? These both grow nearby but would rather someone's leftover seeds than to take from the bush Happy to pay cash or I have some cactus seeds and other seeds to trade. Thanks!
  5. Xperiment

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    Looks fungal to me. Has the blight been creeping up from the base? Try Yates anti rot or equivalent.
  6. Yes please Infinity. Thanks!
  7. Hi @Alchemica thanks for the tag. I have been doing OK. I was taking between 300 - 500mg thiamine in the morning with my other medication. Usually 300, but would up it if I felt low or knew I'd have the sort of day that would challenge me. Not sure if it works like that but it seemed to work well for a few months. I'd often wake up happy (unheard of - I get up fairly early for work) and think to myself "what the fuck are you so happy about? " I stopped taking it for whatever reason... I really don't like taking tablets. But it was most likely forgetfulness, and I fell out of the habit. Also my regular GP moved away and the one I auditioned as a replacement doesn't seem to want to work with me to reduce my SSRI dose, in fact he suggested increasing it Since then, quite quickly in hindsight, I fell into a bit of a funk, and was struggling with motivation to do anything other than sleep (ie lay in bed awake) and struggle with interpersonal relationships (more than usual). This thread is a call out for me to get back on the thiamine, I really think it works and going into winter with a history of S.A.D. I think I'll need it. Still need to exercise more and always room for improvement in the diet. I hope you're going well, you certainly seem to work hard at getting better
  8. Xperiment

    Poppin poppies

    Great info, thanks everyone
  9. Xperiment

    Poppin poppies

    Thanks Glaukus, just the information I was after. Just to be clear, these are being grown for flowers (mixed colour seed from big W) Cheers
  10. Xperiment

    Poppin poppies

    Hello! Thinking about my winter garden and I want to get my poppies jumping this year. Previous attempts have had mediocre results with only a couple of plants making it through to flowering. Everything else is growing ok. So, here's what I (think I) know, correct me if I'm wrong: It's about time to sow seeds now. They don't like being transplanted. They seem a bit slow to get going. Plants sort of lay around on the ground abit until they're halfway grown Also after any tips on soil type, ferts, watering etc that you've had success with. I'm on the mid-north coast NSW, growing on basically beach sand amended with some compost. All tips welcome, this will be my third year trying and want to get it right this time. Thanks
  11. Xperiment


    Both photos are of the same plant, quite a large one. You're right, the first picture is fresh growth, the second, older, with flowers. I'll have to dig deeper to fully identify, they are everywhere around my town!
  12. Xperiment


    Hi, After some ID help or confirmation. Is this plant sida rhombifolia? Tia
  13. Xperiment

    Marsdenia australis

    Thanks Gimli, there was also a tuberous root mentioned, not much info out there about that either. One site I read says they can be found right across to the east coast, with varying leaf forms (narrower leaves in the east). This one's got me... You know when you get a feeling about something.
  14. Xperiment

    Marsdenia australis

    Good to know. Thanks!
  15. Xperiment

    Marsdenia australis

    I was watching Gardening Australia last night (yeah, hectic Friday night social life I know) There was a story about street art in Kalgoorlie, and many of the murals were plant based, and more than one featured Marsdenia australis (bush banana or silky pear) One of the fellows interviewed referred to its medicinal uses in a way that made me curious. A quick Google showed up little information, other than it being in family Apocynaceae, the same as family as Tabernabthe iboga, very interesting. Herbalistics has plants too. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this plant?