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  1. Xperiment

    Acacia giveaway #1

    I have 5 packs only of approximately 20 seeds of Acacia suaveolens, a smallish but very fast-growing wattle which grows well here on the mid north coast of NSW. Comment below to claim a pack and PM me your details please.
  2. Xperiment


    Despite my best efforts to propagate "enough" pere's, I seem to have run short. Does someone have the opposite problem and would like to sell a few, maybe 10 - 20 pieces? Thanks in advance
  3. Xperiment

    Psychotria Sp. ID

    I think Psychotrias have opposite leaves, yours has alternate leaves.
  4. Xperiment

    CBD Derived from Hops!

    That would be insane - hops grows like a foot a day during summer
  5. Xperiment

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Yes please. Thank you for your generosity, hard work and community spirit.
  6. I found myself identifying with many of the symptoms discussed above, and so today I got some 100mg thiamine from the chemist - has to be the cheapest supplement there! Along with a "mega" multi-b, gonna give this a go.
  7. I think the psychotria is probably still dormant, Melbourne spring is probably still like Amazonian winter. Give it a month or two and once it shows signs of growth, start feeding. Getting a small walk in greenhouse was one of the best things I've done - I was able to keep my cacti growing over winter, as well as germinate new seeds. Be warned though, even tropical plants might not endure the temperatures inside a small closed in greenhouse on a hot summers day. Use positioning, shade cloth (like you already have) misting and ventilation, to regulate the growing environment. People tend to think, oh Melbourne, cold and rainy, but I know first hand it can get Fucking Hot there too. Welcome and good luck with balancing the aphid population. Happy growing
  8. Xperiment


    I'm stealing the flower pot idea!
  9. Xperiment

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Sounds fair enough, I didn't realise you were in NZ. I wonder how much the soil biology varies between here and there... probably a bit!
  10. Xperiment

    Happy Wattle Day!

    @Ngati Wikitoria, I don't want to offend you, and I'm all for doing your research, but it sounds like you're over-complicating it. I've had nodules turn up on seedlings sown in supermarket potting mix and then planted in pretty average garden soil, so I think the stuff is fairly common and widespread in the wild. I reckon if a handful of soil from under another acacia will do half the trick, no need to worry about glycerol and sub-zero temperatures.
  11. Xperiment

    Getting into cactuses

    To the excellent advice already offered above, I would also recommend growing from seed. You can get a lot of plants relatively cheaply, with a little patience. Seedlings are fairly resilient and you can learn as you go. And as an added bonus you might turn up a crested, monstrous or variegated phenotype.
  12. Xperiment

    Happy Wattle Day!

    And same here. Thank you!
  13. Xperiment

    Spring/Summer Garden plans

    Hey man, I do this same dance every spring. After growing every kind of weird and whacky vege around, I decided to go with what my family will actually eat. So for me it's corn, beans, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, shallots, garlic and potatoes. And herbs (parsley, rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme) Make good use of your vertical space with trellis/climbers, and Plant closer than recommended on the labels. I fit all that in a 1 x 4m bed plus a planter box on the balcony. Staggered planting (staggered in time, that is) so there's less of a glut and I've always got something coming along. Oh and I have cucamelons just for something a bit different!
  14. Xperiment

    Your Desert Island plant

    Both of those are really interesting plants!
  15. Xperiment

    CBD Derived from Hops!

    Hops crossed with weed... Interesting. If you've ever seen the leaves and flowers from hops, it's obvious they're related, but still a mad concept. Still got some Cascade plants from my drinking/brewing days. Thanks for sharing!