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  1. tangled

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm glad to hear that it went well, bummed that I missed it. Stupid migraine. All well next time.
  2. tangled

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hi all, been a while since ive been around here. Would love to meetup with people if anyone's interested? I have seeds to share
  3. tangled

    g'day SABers

    No one probably remembers me except maybe some people from Melb that I met at meetup...but i was active here a while ago I think late last year was the last time? Anyway I just wanted to say hello and hope you are all doing well xxxx
  4. as someone who has struggled with mh issues for most of their life, I feel your pain and frustration pinegap, hug
  5. tangled

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sorry that I didnt end up coming. I unexpectedly spent the last couple of days in hospital. Hope you all had a great time though and if nothing happens next time ill defintely be there xxxx
  6. tangled

    bye bye

    I dont know you that well bullit but from what I have seen you have been a good member of the community I wish you all the best for the future.xxx
  7. tangled

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I think he meant the royal botanical gardens....
  8. tangled


    I shouldn't have read this thread. Now I'm craving a 3 piece feed'in the middle of the night.
  9. tangled

    i, olive........

    Im so sorry you have been though all that olive. hugs xxx
  10. tangled

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    Great post Yeti. Everyone needs to know these services exist. I have have used lifeline before helped me get through a few tough nights. This may also be useful for people In vic at least (other states probably have it too but Im not sure how it works) http://www.health.vic.gov.au/mentalhealthservices/adult/
  11. tangled


    I live within 5 km from Melbourne CBD so location shouldnt be a problem. I never had a problem with post before i moved to this spot. I doubt its people stealing from letterboxes cause mine are padlocked and the hole is too small to put your hand in. I think its either this particular post office delivery sucks or auspost in general is getting worse.
  12. tangled

    Vale ReshroomEd

    Sorry to hear Darklight. Sounds like a great bloke. May he rest in peace xxx
  13. tangled

    cacti seedlings turning weird color.

    Thank you for all the advice. I will see how they do with a bit less sun.
  14. Been growing some psych0 seedlings and going well but recently they have all turned a browny reddish color. Is this a cause for concern?
  15. tangled

    wanted P.som

    Why not order them from the SAB shop?
  16. tangled

    Happy Birthday Watertrade !!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy belated birthday watertrade. I wish you many more awesome days and years xxx
  17. tangled

    2n a half k post care pack

    18 or 19? Either way im in! Hope you and petal are well
  18. tangled

    cacti seedlings turning weird color.

    OK i will try moving them to a different spot and giving them some water. I haven't been watering them much as I was worried about over watering but perhaps I went too much the other way. Here is a pic color is darker and more browny red in real life some reason the color doesn't show up properly on my camera.
  19. tangled

    Trades plz

    PMing you bogfrog for some batty cattracks.🐱 ;)
  20. tangled

    cacti seedlings turning weird color.

    Mine are inside under a window sill. Yeah Im very new to growing my own cactus from seed which is why im worried ive stuffed up somehow. Hopefully you are right though and they will bounce back.
  21. tangled


    This often happens to me too. The last time I complained because they were going to return to sender the parcel was sitting there for so long without bothering to tell me and they told me "too bad not our problem" Then they put a sticker over the return address so it ended up in the dead letter office. Ugh. *facepalm*
  22. Agree with both op and paradox. Honestly I dont think I could cope with being a mod here with the amount of fights that happen! Thank you mods for all you do <3
  23. The mods here do a pretty good job from what I can see. Yes personal freedom is important but also you need to consider other people in the community.
  24. You are a good person mutant, I think you just need to step away from the keyboard when feeling angry/drunk. Its just the internet. Put that energy into your real life.