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  1. Ethnopiate

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Good luck on the Sally D front in WA! Only ever seen one and that was 20yrs ago, been searching since! I'm DEFINITELY interested in Khat, Sinichuichi cuttings, Moringa (olefeira?) and B+. I have excellent quality cube prints of the Amazonian and Burmese varieties to trade or the good ol' cold hard cash if preferred. Please PM if offer still available Acacia!
  2. Ethnopiate

    various seeds to giveaway

    Anything doing in here theses days? Still looking to expand (well, get back!) my collection. My box of about 20 different seeds, priceless to me and over 8yrs collecting, got pinched by some unscrupulous person who has been suitably punished but sold my goodies for a pittance! Not happy. Any donations or "for sales" welcome. Anything of the ethno-botanical variety. eg. cacti, HWBR, datura/brugs, castor bean, anything poisonous, anything trippy. Thanks lasses and lads!
  3. Ethnopiate

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Careful using aluminium foil against your cakes, the acids or mycelium tend to eat it and you don't want to be ingesting too much of that stuff, not that healthy eating foil, allegedly. ;-) . . Feel free to PM me folks, I can help out with some lurvely dark cube prints of the Burmese and Amazonian varieties. Will definitely look good under the scope!
  4. Ethnopiate

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Hey there Shrooman. I've got some really dark p.cubensis Amazonian and Burmese available. They are less than a year old and still very viable, have been stored correctly and as of last week when I tested viability, still healthy. Just got a new scope to play with too so looking to expand my collection. PM me if you're interested and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I've been somewhat itinerant of my internet presence, but will aim to be checking in at least weekly. Cheers!
  5. Living the dream I am working towards! Will be keenly following and when I get time, posting some of the ideas I've had and been handed. Good luck mate!
  6. Ethnopiate

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I am about to do some work over the next few days to try resurrect some old prints via LC but definitely have Amazonian and Burmese p.cub prints from last year that are the best genes from those particular batches. Will be looking to trade for some diversity very soon so feel free to PM. Pic is Amazons. Peace, Ethno. PS - Good to be back after a year or two hiatus!
  7. Ethnopiate

    Mycovative - Perth, Western Australia

    I'll jump in on this. :-) Good cause, happy to help. Shall go to the FB page too and have a gander. Still going on SAB?
  8. ^^^ Agreed. Tried Shiitake and Pink Oysters, ask for the freshest batch not yet put on the shelves at Bunnings and tried on PDA plates, between cardboard with mild h202 wash, dropped into LC after stronger h202 dip and grain to grain! Nothing but contams and frustration. Even the agar plates yielded no visible mycelium at 100X magnification, just trich and penicillium. Up yours Mr Fothergill! Awaiting reply to rather hastily written ill tempered email to them... keep y'all posted.
  9. Ethnopiate

    various seeds to giveaway

    Have any of these good sir? Violet datura Datura triple purple Lactuca serriola Hawaiian baby wood rose I shall shortly have Klip Dagga, Herb Robert, Brugmansia x candida double white and possibly a few others. N.tobac I have. Pm's welcome. Just a handy hint, use this for messages you want to keep safe and private. https://certified.privnote.com/ ;-) Cheers be to Geebus and a happy festive season to all.
  10. Posting to stay tuned, PM'd too. Lovely offerings mate! (y)
  11. Ethnopiate

    various seeds to giveaway

    I'd love some lactuca... Shall PM now. Cheers!
  12. Ethnopiate

    potted cacti sale.

    Also PM'd, hope I'm not too late! Cheers!
  13. Ethnopiate

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    I have some that were sent as part of a trade but only labelled "Giant Sunflower". Can send pic of the seeds if you are interested mate.
  14. Ethnopiate

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I'd love some Reishi, Shitakke (Ganoderma lucidumis I believe), or Maitake. Even black poplar or loins mane would be great. If I do get my hands on some I can send plates out quite happily after first fruiting or even transfers (isolates?) of rhizomorphic mycelium for those that have it. . We shall see what spring a brings.
  15. Ethnopiate

    various seeds to giveaway

    *edited out answered question* ;-)