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  1. katu

    Happy B'day M.oyster

    Happy B'day bro, should catch up in the new year yeah!
  2. katu

    I'm back!

    Welcome back mate
  3. Whats with the new Offers/Sales Portal Pro?? How does it work??
  4. katu

    Getting into cactuses

    Just get them all...Welcome to the forums bro..
  5. katu

    HAPPY 9-20

    Man that zoomquilt's cool..
  6. katu

    ISO Caapi

    lol...G'day P, long time no speak man, glad to see we're all still around..
  7. katu

    ISO Caapi

    What's ISO caapi if you don't mind me asking??
  8. katu

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    Cheers for the info Gimli, I am ignorant of such things as I don't use the platforms...
  9. katu

    Cactus nightmare

    I got spiked right in the nob by a bridgesii the other day
  10. Thanks woodwomen...That pic made laugh
  11. katu


    Just wondering if the SAB store's going to keep getting the Dragibus magazine's in??
  12. katu


    Is that u PH, nice to have you back man, been a while yes...Beautiful Ario
  13. katu

    Bulk HBWR or Morning Glory Seed

    Do they need to be viable?? Also define bulk.. I may or may not be able to help lol
  14. katu

    Catha edulis seeds

    I gotta a nl flowering at the moment mate...Will be a little while till she sets fruit...If you have no luck pm me down the track a bit and i'll send you some seeds..
  15. Sagi, mine started germination at around two months, the last of em popped at over 4 months, don't give up yet. Will update with pics when I get a chance.
  16. katu

    Trichocereus pachanoi?

    Cereus species by the look of em mate
  17. katu

    HB02 confusion

    Yes confusion being the key word here... My records which would of been taken from Darcy's web site at the time of purchase(some years back) read something like this. "This clone is a Herbalistics selection from a batch of hybrid seed from Spiny scopulicola x T.bridgesii", T.bridgesii is the staminate parent. Fast growing and hardy." Darcy also stated at that time in the HB02 description that Spiny scopulicola is synonymous with both Super Pedro and Shaman Bob.. Where as now HB02 is listed as Super Pedro x Psycho0?? I have wondered about this myself to be honest...
  18. katu

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Loving this thread mate..
  19. katu

    Tobacco snuff pipe

    Hello SABers.... Tis a bit of a long shot but anyways.... I am looking for a self applicator tobacco snuff pipe, if anyone feels they have one they'd be happy to part with, can trade plants or cash?? Cheers..
  20. katu

    Tobacco snuff pipe

    Yes, something exactly like that Toast
  21. She is isn't she... Will do mate, I reckon we should name her when she gets a bit bigger...
  22. Ok some pics... The first pic is of all four plants, the plant in the top left is displaying the whorl arrangement, the second pic is a side by side comparison of the whorl and one of the typical Alicia, the last pic is the plant in question. Sorry bout the quality of pics but you can still see what i'm getting at. Since we can rule out different species it seems to suggest either a cross has happened or a rare occurrence, mutation?? Either way thanks to Rahli I believe I have a very special plant indeed.
  23. G'day Rahli, mate I apologise for taking so long to get back to you and this thread, have been flat out with work of late... Anyways I have an interesting development regarding the Alicia seeds you sent me. I managed to get four of the seeds you sent me to germinate and all are going strong(I promise photos soon).. Where it gets interesting is that 3 of the four seedlings have opposite leaf pattern which is typical of Alicia anisopetala, the other one of the seedlings though is whorled leaf pattern. I have asked someone who is much more knowledgeable than me regarding plants and they have said that it is extremely rare for the same species of plant to show different leaf patterns, not impossible but incredibly rare. They have suggested that what is much more likely is that the plant in question is either a different species or cross fert. etc may of happened. Would love to know your thoughts bro? Anyways mate, I apologise once again for not getting back to you but man am I busy at the moment. K
  24. katu

    Congratulations EG!

    Congrats EG, I wish you both much happiness! One question though, where did you get that awesome tie.
  25. Man, there powering along yeah, mine are still tiny, but happy..Will take some pics later this week...