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  1. Optimystic

    Stolen Cacti, Again....

    someone stole my variegated Validus x LJ ... which is fucking odd since I dont know of any fucking body around here that is into cacti...
  2. Optimystic

    Lumberjack origins?

    Grunts thats really all a girl needs in order to get pollinated! and I suppose clicks would work too with the internet and all
  3. Optimystic

    Will all the radiation thats just been leaked in the world cause our cacti to crest and monstrate?

    wow I need a Godzilla like that in my life... got a 5th flower from mine this year right after bringing him in and the flower stayed open for more than a week! im thinking not enough energy to close cause it finally closed after going back outside for a day in spite of several attempts to pollinate b4 that.. givem plenty of sun and they'll make flowers instead of collecting comet dust :D that ones ready to do some major bloomage I can tell by the pubes
  4. Optimystic

    PC or not??

    i've only grown some PC x SS02/01 ... with PC as the mother plant and I think I have 9 or 10 grafts of that one that took off to decent size about half of them look much like PC so far... time will tell if they show some differing traits but at this point in those 4 I just see a minor variance in spine length... one other has short spines but a different arrangement and more spines per aereole than PC.. 2 of them are long spined blondes a couple have medium sized spines and interesting arrangment which I think are influenced by the father plant... the short spined one with the neat arrangment of spines is showing some blue on the tip, I hope it goes all the way powdery... a couple of these were really fast growing, I only had one other graft that outdid the fastest 2 of the PC crosses in growth, and its likely a cuzco, but I think alot of my grafts would have had larger scions if they were in bigger pots im definitely going to grow out all the short spined ones and the blue ones... one of the thinner blue-ish ones has some spines that remind me just a little of bridgesii... I know PC's can sometimes show blue but having grown some PCs in vey rich soil for a year they come out a rich dark green color and the thicker ones have v notches... I was gonna take a pic of those but I just can't get to them now they're stuffed in the Hoophouse
  5. Optimystic

    Lumberjack origins?

    will always be LJ in my hed... im not too terribly fond of the jackious suffix eever... but me and LJ we're close like that i guess cause we're both sexy mutts
  6. Optimystic

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    well i been thinken for a couple daze and the order finally came in and I have to say in spite of not getting the lj freebies Zelly ur still better to deal with than all the other seed dealers I can buy tricho seeds from and u deserve kudos for that ... u do alot of work pollinating and labeling and where else can you get pics of the parents, and very healthy grown plants in the pefect climate... thats really the ticket... I was a bit confused and pissed about the lj seeds lol but i'll be okay w/out those but my bad for being all dramatic I can read and I coulda waited to order I suppose.... the truth is if I didn't get them then I would have spent the money this week lol anhhow if I were u I wouldn't sell to me im like the worst customer but anyways im happy with my order and I gotta say thanks and im still enjoying lots the seeds I got from you in the past couple years and can't wait til the more recent ones get bigger i've got alot of them started and some grafted from most of the varieties cause im impatient heres an SS02/ss01 f2 graft which is showing some neat looking spines which emerged from the base along with some aerial roots...
  7. Optimystic

    The Spineless Trichocereus Scopulicola Project

    sporting that wooly acorn like a boss
  8. Optimystic

    PC or not??

    yeah i've seen PC show all the same characteristics in all of the pics in my zone even side by side with one having the V marks but most of them without ... I'd say PC on all of them.. but even here in the states I think there are look alikes ... I wonder has anyone ever bred pc with non pc... I recall Trucha saying something about PC having something in its family tree with long yellow spines.. I had some pc crosses show some long yellows but could have been the daddy's influence
  9. Optimystic

    The Spineless Trichocereus Scopulicola Project

    nuts eventually bust first ya fill em up with seeds and he'll bust when he's ready
  10. Optimystic

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    I just wanna clarify for the community that if you bought 10 or more packs of seeds after the initial post by Zelly, then you are NOT eligible for the freebies from nitrogen according to Zelly... He suggests one buy moar seeds when they come available which is still an unknown but approximately 2-4 weeks..so the freebie LJ crosses were just a tease for the first round of customers, but thankfully he came back to somwhat clarify himself... or maybe im the dumb guy and im just overthinking but If I can prevent one sabber from feeling like shit then its worth the efforts I suppose P.S. some special peeps will still be getting their free'z but don't tell the illuminist. Anyhow, bullshit aside, THANKS for being really cool thus far Zelly.. not completely being a dick but I do think its fair to clariify to the rest of the peeps since I am the only one you had to spell it out for... its better to deal with that upfront rather than later not that most of the other peeps will give that much more a fuck about LJ crosses than myself! ... but since it was described to me by you as being a big ass hassle to deal with getting these seeds to ppl, i'd be willing to donate $100 bux to nitrogen for him to handle it himself and that way theres just no confusion.... but I won't have an extra 100 til about early January every dollar coming in next couple weeks has a destination but I can adjust some things and I usually get decent bonus check(s) around the end months so that could make it sooner available... and preferably via paypal... so if anyone else wants to start a fund to donate to Nitrogen for hooking everyone up with the most awesome seeds in the world I am down for $100 bux.. take it as you will... or if you think 100 is too much, we can nominate someone else who isn't as busy as Zelly and maybe has time for the post office to take over the handling of the sacred LJ hybrids... and thats not conditional on me getting any of the seeds btw meanwhile here's an update... I am grateful and thankful to Zelly for all his work maybe these wouldn't be possible without the countless painful and agonizing brushstrokes of his godly hands, his patience, his focus, his ladder climbing abiliities, his organizational skills, his shrewdness, all that ancient wisdom packed into one big hard d... determination.... what a guy ( not to mention he's a fucking dinosaur... older than sin... he's seen it all! LOL well im not the greatest comedian Zel so thats my best attempt at roasting your dog here's Validus X LJ Albino #3 ... seedz sewn 6-21-14 2014 and grafted September 15th. photos yesterday what a beautiful fucking day
  11. sum weerdness brought to you by werderbalensis 9 days later update on the others the unknown ones seem to have gotten a bit more curvy spined in some cases
  12. Optimystic

    What fertiliser do you use on your cacti ?

    Some of my best performing plants got the worx this year, a bunch of PC Pach's I just thought i'd test with a super rich manure based mushroom compost with added blood meal, bone meal, worm castings and azomite and .. bam impressive growth really so I think everything gets potted into the worx from now on lol the soil was so rich that I only watered with water usually but occasionally a dose of kelp ... no need to fert those for a while ... I was really afraid to overdoit but maybe thats not so ez to do lol they've handled a few freezes pretty well already too even with very wet soil so im a happy camper I do have some older plants in a crappy mix which is probably about spent, and I use this ladybug stuff I get locally which is fish emulsions/kelp and maybe some other stuff ... I've had nearly the same stuff but with a completly different name so I think its a common mix though I haven't seen a fish kelp mix at the box stores... I watered with some of that a couple times this year and alot of those plants pupped alot like the ones in the worx did.. I water everything with Kelp a few times in the growing season.. I had every intention of doing feeding with worm castings tea this year but thats something that got past me this year.. i've only heard about good results when using it and it makes sense to feed while simultaneously giving life to the soil.. I do think that triches specifically are very sensitive to minerals and so Im gonna be using rock dust more regularly even in seed starting mixes...
  13. Optimystic

    Awesome grafting tool/trick

    I've grafted larger scions on older salvaged stocks from previous grafts and have nearly a perfect success rate even with year old stock... they grow quite a bit faster but grafted pups usually grow quite a bit faster than starting with seedlings... I can see where the tool would come in handy but I agree, seran and clothespin works just fine and I think in some cases the seran gives me more flexibility to line up the rings @ Auxin, i've seen the pere's do that mounding effect but usually the grafts grow just fine even if they look crazy... i've had plenty look like they are barely holding on and end up growing well... they're just connecting or something.. since I do most of my pere grafts semi hydropinically these daze, i empty the resevoir for several hours before I graft tho but thats to prevent scions from floating off.. still they mound on one out of so many grafts and I think nothing of it usually unless the scion looks funny... i've had shriveled scions come back to life too ... even after months lol
  14. Optimystic

    pereskiopsis lighting hours ?

    I would say anywhere between 12-18 hours is fine the more light the more they'll grow... I've been staying at around 15 or 16 hours.. I bump it up for the winter to offset heating but now its warm out again lol whats most important is the brightness... with them growing directly under high output tubes, they grow about perfect size for seedling grafts imo but they can get too thin with any less light than that or if they run out of food so make sure the soil stays rich and moist but don't over do it... I have tried under several light scenarios and they grow okay with regular flouros and ALOT of reflection material but for regular grafting the best ones were right under the high output tubes (HOt5's)... it gets pretty warm with grow lights in a closet, mine need watering about every week or so but they're also in small containers, and if I want them to grow alot I feed them lightly at every other watering... of course when they are just getting started they don't need as much watering Sorry if you didn't want that much info I just think its all relevant with this plant... although very easy they respond mostly to lots of bright light and regular feedings once established (or very rich but decently draining soil)... im not sure that a 12 hours cycle would be bad but i'd go more than that.. being that they are from near the equator they probably appreciate more light hours per day
  15. Optimystic

    ID Cacti and Succulents (5 total)

    1. Opuntia Monacantha Monstrose 2. Euphorbia of some type 3. could be any number of Opuntias in their young form will have to wait for mature pads and see if they are recognizable .. might be very hard but theres a smaller group that do that trunk growth first though it could be several species... Im pretty sure Galapagos does that and O. Gomei does too but theres gotta to be many others with that growth habit 4. Echino something 5. shrugs no idea, there are some Euphorbias similar to that look too but im not sure