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    I'm feeling fucking better just saying....
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    is this thing working yet or will it go 404 error again , before i click submit... if you do 404 me then fuck you you little bastard but if you don't then thanks in advance :3
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    If you visit leave a message or contact me for a chat ;)
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    whoah thank fkn fkety fkn fk it let me sign in *kisses ground*
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    havent had the urge for a deathstick for a while now....lol
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    Hey Zed Thanks again for sharing your Psycho0 X Yowie seeds out. The couple i grafted up are looking awesome.
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    Turns out our closest neighbouring star has an earth-sized planet, in a possible liquid-water orbit. Earth 2 huh? Only four light years away!
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    arranged for kids to see their maternal uncle and grandpa (the ones who are least trouble and also got used and pushed out for being 'disposable' men) so as to show I'm not going to be a cunt about it now i have the power to either get revenge or do something good for the kids ... unlike how I was treated for 10 years
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    Aliens landed to rescue green men, 2 ufo's .... and one fla tractor beams appear to emit plantgro light
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    cuurntree lowvin cactuhs bawah
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    Hi Thunderhorse!! I just saw the Uwe clone. Is the one of Sebastian aka. Huachuma? I'm Uwe. Greetings Uwe
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    President Duterte defies CIA to assassinate or oust him, isnt afraid to die standing up to the bastards.
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    I've been doing time in the universal mind
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    Hey DB, Thanks again for the seed trade, the zelly crosses you sent me are looking good. How did you go with the Astro seed i sent you ?
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    Thanks for the like on my first post ever! Will add some pics and hopefully somemore good posts as time allows.
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    Dont just visit my profile, pm me and say hello
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    5th white mangrove just 'germinated' in the last hour
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    night as day , day as night but that's not right since day is shite with bitches out to test their fight whom in the dark would cower with fright can keep their day and whatever they say where sun don't shine,.. nice and tight because I know night has far more might and i think daytimes fkn bite
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