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    To any in the reach of Cyclone Debbie I hope you are bunkered down well.
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    I'm feeling fucking better just saying....
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    is this thing working yet or will it go 404 error again , before i click submit... if you do 404 me then fuck you you little bastard but if you don't then thanks in advance :3
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    If you visit leave a message or contact me for a chat ;)
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    whoah thank fkn fkety fkn fk it let me sign in *kisses ground*
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    havent had the urge for a deathstick for a while now....lol
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    Hey Zed Thanks again for sharing your Psycho0 X Yowie seeds out. The couple i grafted up are looking awesome.
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    Turns out our closest neighbouring star has an earth-sized planet, in a possible liquid-water orbit. Earth 2 huh? Only four light years away!
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    arranged for kids to see their maternal uncle and grandpa (the ones who are least trouble and also got used and pushed out for being 'disposable' men) so as to show I'm not going to be a cunt about it now i have the power to either get revenge or do something good for the kids ... unlike how I was treated for 10 years
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    And the ashes fall down doomed to be into the ground devils shall see cursed is those who harm without sight Now you are cursed to everlasting night
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    why did it take 56 minutes to sign in? and why can i roll a fatty and spark up in the time it takes to catch up what i just typed? fuckstix , ' wouldnt give a castlemaine for any thing else
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    “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the same sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.” H.L. Mencken
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    ..get that hospital bed over there
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    bye bye feminazi idol sillyery, dont forget to burn on your way out you olde bagge
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    If THIS is hillary clinton, then where is her ass?
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    Sad to hear about your health and eventual dignified death waterboy. I for one will miss your presence. Ive heard of advanced directive which was explained simply as your closest people gather at the hospital and can all tell the doctor your wishes, because you explained them in advance. If the doctor says "im a doctor God damnitt. NO. My job is to sustain the suffering, to infinity if I could" then your people can ask for a more reasonable doctor.
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    Dont just visit my profile, pm me and say hello
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    this poor computer needs a hug , or the scrap heap , oh darling machine you served me so well its awful to see you go out like that
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