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withdrawl clinic

zyprexa & co no good at times

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when I woke up this morning, I said, I might write something about Zyprexa and similar medications.

a bit later and by conincidence, I was informed about the passing, of a girl I knew.

sorry the spelling, i'm mildly dyslexic.


this is not a hate post, against valium, lithium, Zyprexa and co, if it works for you, congratulations, but they have never worked for me.

I have spoken to quite a few people, about those pills, and now I speak out, and say as follows.


lithium, can make you do silly things, like risk taking, or even manic masturbation.

valium, is so addictive, binging on it is common practice.

Zyprexa doesn't stabilize your mood, but can make you suizidal.


I said to my doctor, why to you give this girl Zyprexa, I know she's an alcoholic like me, and you should never, mix those for mentioned drugs with alcohol.

a few days ago I had my teeth fixed, and bonded with a very phat guy in a mobility scooter, in the waiting room.

he said, i'm a brick layer, last worked 2009, than a spider bit me, and i had complications, bla bla bla, they gave me Zyprexa and it made me suizid.

so they tried 3 more drugs on me, and now I am on one that is "easier" on me.

he said all those drugs they give me, made me eat a lot, and now he has health issues because of his weight (I estimated him 160kg).

sleep apnia, and of course some docs, gave him drugs which could have killed him, because of his apnea.

a gastric band was fitted to him, and he did loose 35 kg he told. this is quite a dangerous operation I might add, and he needed it because of the drugs that making him fat.


he said 3 of the anti psychotics made him very suizidal, so they kept trying different ones on him.

now I have used Zyprexa many times when I withdrawl myself from alcohol and weed, as a sleeping pill.

and you guessed it it made me suzidal out of nowhere!!:ana:

I believe that when I withdrawl myself the actions I take are very smart, I use many different sleeping aids, for example one day temazepam, than a night without pill, than stillnox, than Zyprexa, so I never get my body used to any of them. I even would recommend anti hystamins  which make you drowsy, but expect to be still drowsy next mornig, so no car and machinery.


I got to know a few doctors which gave "benzos" to alcoholis, my first girlfriend died from it,:(

and my brother.

mixing those is quite popular, as it's legal. we need drug reform, mixing weed with alcohol is not a good idea either, but no deadly.

benzos, stop the alcohol from unfolding it's usual power to a strong degree, other drugs like uppers as well, and as such don't mix them!


many doctors don't know all of this, they are convinced there drugs are good and weed and alcohol are bad, but the opposite is true.

alcohol is an excellent anxiolytic , far far saver than vallium, and it's addictive potential is as well much less than that of benzos.

if you start taking valium for 14 days, you are badly hooked.

if you start drinking for 14 days, you are not hooked, but alcohol (god bachus) would even avoid you from achiving this goal.



WORK IN PROGRESS, I am exhausted now.

will continue...

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this most certainly should be a hate post though not against the medications themsleves but towards the way they are implemented.

I was forced to take zyprex in the form of a depo injection it was fucked I would just fall asleep if I closed my eyes briefly and my fine motor skills were completely disabled almost!

the only way these drugs will be able to be utilized is if the currrent model for administration is abolished the latest revision of the diagnostic and statistics manual for these " drs " is a mere joke. 

there is alot of work being done to join the dots as mental health is a very real problem but you can't fix this problem with the same means that was used to initiate it....


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23 hours ago, DJ-MC said:

 but you can't fix this problem with the same means that was used to initiate it....


very wise words, but I am getting more mature every day.

and you can hopefully understand, my anger if human lives are lost by ignorance and (from my viewpoint) false indocrinated believes. :(


and btw, according to my statistics, more than average mental health nurses smoke Tabaco or even weed, hehehe.


late edit:

I kindly suggest a reform of mental health;

for example I promote a "180 degree turn around", meaning isolate the perputrators of mental illness, the bullies, the rapiest, the violent people, and give them the anti psychotics, and not the victims, of there doing!!!!!!!!!

why treat somebodies burns, if you can avoid them getting burned in the first place.


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My girlfriend is Bipolar type 1. Zyprexa and benzos are the only thing that calms her down from the suicidal depression when she is chronically unwell. They are useful medications for some people.

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I've used diazepam for many years when and as needed. I've even taken it every day for a month before. No addiction. Not even a hint. Alcohol on the other hand has almost taken my life several times and has no doubt shortened it. The addiction to it was chronic and took me the best part of a decade to overcome.


I've had doctors try and diagnose me with all sorts of stuff and have even sneakily given me SSRI's, without warning me what they are, for other non-related psychological conditions. But still I keep refusing these psych drugs they are trying to foist on everyone. I say no to the drugs.


The key to a healthy mind is opened with a healthy body. The two are more intrinsically linked than many doctors like to admit. Exercise is a more effective for heart health than any medication, that was told to me by a cardiologist. Gut health is intrinsically linked to a healthy psyche, that was told to me be another specialist.


Weed and alcohol are not not good while prescription meds are good... none of them are good.  There is no drug that effects your mind and chemistry that is without consequence. These days I abstain from everything but classic psychedelics, but that does not make them fine. I make a physical and psychological sacrifice when I take them. It is a trade off that carries risks and benefits. Because I am who I am I consider the risks worth it, but you can be pretty darn sure your average MD isn't going to prescribe you LSD to overcome dysphoria. They're going to pick SSRI's or SNRI's. They like to pick those for everything. Sore back, sore tummy, sore head, sinus pain, addictions, depression, anxiety, insomnia... you name it. Those two classes are the go to for modern doctors. Easy cure all fixes, just write em up. When they don't work just write up a different one. Failing that they write up dopamine effecting anti-psychotics. It's cut and paste easy doctoring that avoids dealing with the patients actual issues.


I'm not saying that for a group of people these pharmaceutical drugs aren't extremely effective and life saving, but for the majority of patients they are completely unnecessary, ineffective and commonly counter-productive to solving the patients health issues.


When they do the whole "just say no to drugs" thing at schools they fail to mention the dangers of prescription drugs when taken as prescribed. It's a blind spot that much of society would rather pretend does not exist. They even took the paper out of prescription meds these days, so people are no longer provided with full information about the drug they are taking when they get it. They have to go out and hunt that info down. Disgusting abuse of power that put that into law. I can only see pharmaceutical companies benefiting from their patients remaining ignorant about the drugs they are taking, not the other way around.

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splelling mistalke
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i never said anything like those drugs never help people, contrary i hope they help more people than, i think they do...


none of them ever worked for me, and i was lucky to stop them, very soon, often after just one or two doses, but sure the health professionals say, "keep taking them" the claw clenching will get better, after a while (ssnri).

many drugs chemical or herbal, can cause the same symptoms as they can treat, it's a shamanic and hanemann principle (but i don't believe hanemanns teachings).


what i try to put forward to you, is that, most of the media, the law makers, the law enforcers, the health professionals, think, 'MY DRUGS ARE SAVE AND HELP" but "HEMP, ALC AND CO" ARE BAD and dangerous, but as befor mentioned many times, they "all can be bad and all can be good"....

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