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  1. Fwiw methanol is a great solvent for extraction.
  2. Acacia

    Predict the future

    China invades Taiwan by 2024.
  3. So I an opiate about 3 hours ago, forgetting I was on an MAOI inhibiting anti depressant (moclobamide). It's quite severe, but I don't think it's bad enough to go to hospital and I want to avoid telling my folks (who I live with). Anyone got any ideas of herbs or other things around the house that may decrease the severity? Symptoms i'm experiencing: Eyes not focusing correctly (I'm going cross eyed randomly) High body heat (I'm naked in my room with all windows open and its pretty damn cold Visual distortions Nausea Slight dizziness
  4. Thanks for chiming in everyone. I won't be fucking around with such substances again... Was scary as hell. Yeah i'm pretty confident that it was adulterated. Certainly with moclobamide that is the case. I don't notice any dietary concerns and I have spoken to my GP about it - he confirmed that dietary contraindications are rare.
  5. Acacia

    SSL Certificate

    This site would benefit from an SSL Certificate so it can run as https rather than http!
  6. Acacia

    SSL Certificate

    Most websites run on a Linux back end, even if they are old school. Also, the hosting provider (if it's an online entity rather than private) will more than likely be selling SSL certificates and if they aren't, will be able to assist clients in procuring one.
  7. I survived without having to attend a GP or hospital, thankfully. Yeah cold water was really helpful. I drank a heap of fluids to try and flush my system and rested on the couch with my folks. Managed not to lose consciousness. Although I almost did a few times. The contraindication episode lasted about four hours. It showed no signs of going away for the first 3, then eventually subsided. I won't be doing opiates again. Yuck
  8. My temperature seems okay. The ill effects seem to be subsiding now, should be fine.
  9. Yeah I've told them now. They already know I use opiates occasionally, just hate stressing them out. Your right about seeking urgent medical advice here lol. Bit of a shot in the dark. I thought maybe there is a herb that decreases serotonin that I may have in my garden unknowingly.
  10. I suffer from chronic ADD and have tried a variety of different supplements to help me manage it. I usually end up buying ritalin and dexamphetamine from mates to combat it, as psychiatrists keep refusing to prescribe me due to historic substance use issues. In search of a better solution, I stumbled upon n-methyl-cyclazodone - a distant relative of 4-methyl-aminorex and closer relative of cyclazodone. I've been using it 3 days so far and have tried a few different oral dosage levels. 100mg over the course of the day - intense anxiety, jumpy behaviour. too anxious for it to really help my ADD at all. 40 mg in the morning - improved ADD symptoms substantially, but I wasn't particularly driven to do the things I needed to do as much as things I wanted to do. slight anxiety 20 mg in the morning - major improvements of ADD symptoms, 0 anxiety. Interestingly, none of these doses impacted my sleep at all. Even when I redosed right before bed I was able to sleep soundly. Need to conduct further research before I can be sure this is a useful medication for me long term.
  11. Acacia

    SSL Certificate

    I did message Torsten about this but he didn't respond.
  12. Just bumping this so it shows on the main page as I posted in another thread... Symptoms still very apparent. Cross eyed thing is the most annoying.
  13. That's totally true Cimi. The last one I went to spoke to me for 20 minutes, then diagnosed me with Bipolar and scripted me Lithium rather than giving me the ADD medications he specialised in. Totally ridiculous as I'm not BP and have had confirmation of that from numerous practitioners.
  14. Acacia

    SSL Certificate

    Yeah that's the plugin I was thinking of too.
  15. Acacia

    SSL Certificate

    I can set one up for free in 10 minutes... Hosting providers offer this service for 20 - 50 AUD usually.
  16. I've had a few requests to run another online meet. The first one wasn't awfully successful, but I didn't give much notice. Hoping more people show up to this one. We will use jitsi meet, a secure and encrypted video conferencing platform -> https://meet.jit.si/ Date: 31/5/2020 (EDITED) Time: 9 PM, EST Open to: All SAB members Link: https://meet.jit.si/ShamanAustralis
  17. Acacia

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    @Cubism funnily enough the only time ive seen someone litter out there it was a Nannup local. Drinking stubbies and just ditching them into the forest. Also worth noting that you find trash in all kinda bits if scrub, often from people hUnting or popping off guns for target practice - then leaving shot up targets and remnants of cartons around the place. The problem really is the cops man. Busting people for picking psilocybe mushrooms is a load of crap and I'm not going to even entertain the concept that the problem isnt the laws. Cops bust pickers indiscriminately.
  18. It was pretty fun. Spoke to Cimi for quite a while and shared vid feeds of our plant collections. We had a couple of lurkers join us and just hang around silently, another character I forget the name of chilled a while and my gf jumped on to chat for a bit. I'd like to run another, but unsure how to get a better turn out.
  19. Cheers bro. I only saw a psych a couple times to attempt to get dex. Won't waste my cash on it again. Docs can't script it, needs to be psych and the only ones that do are private. Re: bp- My gf is bp1. She doesn't find that diagnosis useful either. It puts a one minded angle on how GPs, mental health staff and psychs treat you from what I can gather.
  20. Tried 20mg with 2.5mg dexamphetamine tonight. Quite synergistic. My mind feels a bit more open to things than it would be with just dexamphetamine. The combination is great. Even with the dex at such a low dose in driven to do necessary things much more so than I was on just n-methyl-cyclazodone. Btw if anyone is interested in using this or other nootropics check out www.newmind.com
  21. Acacia

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    I got confronted by the owner of this property last year. He said it was private land he owned and I honestly thought he was full of shit. I made a deal with him that we'd move on to another forest if he didn't call the cops... He honored it.
  22. Acacia

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway - Finished

    I'd really like some too! I grow a pretty expansive range of cacti, a lot of which I source from a local bulk supplier. She has a hard time getting any peyote, so it would be really cool to grow some and gift/trade with her to help expand both of our collections!
  23. Acacia

    zyprexa & co no good at times

    My girlfriend is Bipolar type 1. Zyprexa and benzos are the only thing that calms her down from the suicidal depression when she is chronically unwell. They are useful medications for some people.
  24. Acacia

    SAB discord

    When planning a new system, first thing you should do is work out who the stakeholders of that system are. Just SAB members? Another community? Invites outside of SAB? List the stakeholders. Next, differentiate the different types of user of the system. (admin, mod, user etc.) List the users. Then, discern what functions the users need. Just make a brief note of the functions, even mentally is fine. Then - write use cases. For example - "As a user I want to be able to use encrypted text chat so I can share secrets with other users." "As a user I want to be able to use encrypted video chat so I can share video casts of my plants with other users safely" It's important to exhaust all of the necessary functions in this step. My question to you is basically the answers to the above. The method outlined above is a reduced version of a systems planning stage you might use in the IT industry. If you can let me know the use cases I can help you find a suitable solution