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Your Favorite Plants

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I have been picking up plants as I find out about them and if they seem interesting to me. Since my time is rather limited, as I know many of yours is too, I thought it might be interesting to see what your FAVORITE plants would be if you could only choose 5? These should be 5 plants that you have had personal experience with, or at the very least, have some kind of knowledge about. It would be interesting to know why you chose the 5 you did too?

Since I am the one posing this question, I will list my favorites, (in no particular order).

1) Peyote

2) Marijuana

3) San Pedro

4) Salvia

5) (I guess I don't have a fifth yet- its currently open to exploration)

I hope this provokes some interesting feedback!

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:huh: Edited by Rev

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-Fatalii (Capsicum chinense) [very hot pepper with strong macho smell]

-Caribbean Red (Capsicum chinense) [very very very hot pepper with fruity smell]

-Egyptian Walking Onion (Allium Cepa Vivaparum) [Gooood little onions]

-Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) [Pretty flowers and source of very usefull but very highly toxic (lethal) mutagen used in inducing polyploidy in plants]

-I'll decide on the last one this summer, it'll probably be a pepper.

Yeah- I know what your thinking, but you didnt say they had to be entheogens. Anyway Fatalii is like crack to a chile head :)

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Guest mandragora


Edited by mandragora

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1)hemp- forget the drug, this is just a great plant to grow for all sorts of reasons. i love the way it just soaks up the bright bright sun. the flowers smell great & attract lots ov bees.

2)salvia- i love babies

3)poppies- so easy to grow & love the flowers. interested in tibetan blues & other tibetan poppies.

4)potatos- so easy & nutritious

5)beansprouts- ditto 4)

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Can I update my original question to only include ethno plants that do well in tropical climates? What are your favorites and why?

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hmmmmm, my fav, would be.... :)

Cacti.... mainly the trich's and the lophops of course...

easily grown, and good teachers...

besides that, all plants are interesting in their own way.....edibles....medicinals...spices... ornamentals...ethnoMENTALS

I like to smoke brug leaves... nice & smooth smoke. Somewhat the same for Datura, specially Metel, since it it naturalized here.

Sweet hemp.... hmmmmmm.... bummer, I still love the smell & the high, but I am passing the joint to the next person in line most of the time. Once in a blue moon.... :)

hehe, uhhhh, all plants that have a nice teaching quality, aren't to much of hassle to grow, and aren't too much of a hassle to prepare....

growing FUNgi is the max hassle I tend to go through, the fruits are rewarding./preparation eaten fresh or dried..... how much work is that?!!!

Uhhh, number 5, hmmmm, still have to find out more about that west central african tabernanthe can do for me much , much to be learned from that family of plants, ..."apocynaceae", nice flowers & interesting alkaloid profiles..., goodfun exploring that family of plants, i recon.

all plants are cool in their own way....

If I could take only a few to heaven.... they would be IBOGA, SANPEDROS/LOPHOPs and Dragibus.

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(too late I'm answering your original qustion

I can't decide, I don't want to pick favourites.

I love the plants I have, I grow the plants I love and I long to love plants I've never even seen :)

I might just list 5 (of the) plants I consider special and why.


  • Calea zacatechichi
    The plant of my dreams
  • Brugmansias & Daturas
    Past memories (or what thereof), Display & fragrance

  • Cannabis spp
    There's just something really satisfying about growing them (or so I hear

  • Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon "Chinese Snow Peas"

  • Papaver somniferum
    Looks sweet, smells mmmm, feels ahhh (not that I'm saying I know or anything

One day we may play a game of hacky,(i.e can't pass until you say a word from the topic starting with the appropriate letter)

A-Z of entheogens or wotnot.

[ 01. February 2003, 21:13: Message edited by: Adrian ]

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1. Ganja. Nice flowers, apparently a good smoke too?

2. Poppies. Very pretty flowers, pods are great.

3. HBWR and MG. Great flowers (My HBWR hasn't flowered yet but the vine itself is attractive enough) Interesting seeds

4. Penis cactus. Looks good. Can't wait till it's bigger so I can suck some penis down;)

5. Venezuelan tobacco. Easy to grow. Great insecticide and good to chew in the afternoons.

These are my ethno favourites at the moment, but i love all my plants and my favourites change periodically.


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Smiling Cloud- "Penis Cactus"? I've never heard of that..., what is the botanical name?

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The Penis Cactus is Trichocereus bridgesii var


This page has a litte bit of information on it:


I wonder when they say:




Sold for ornamental value only


If they are refering to eating or using it as

a sexual aid (or perhaps eating it as a sexual


Interesting that they have a couple of types of

this one, by their definition I think that the

one I own is the "clumping" variety as is the

picture below rather than the "penis" variety.

Here is a picture of one of Adrian's from the EA



Adrian, did you get yours from Garden World also?

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Datura Metal was mentioned a few times here and I personally have a plant and was wondering what the safest method of ingestion is for this one...? Is this plant "safe"? What can I expect if I smoke a leave and should it be mixed with some weed or something?

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My fave plants...not easy to say, since there are always new ones discovered and it changes all the time;

Well there'd have to be:



Woodrose( not just because of their seeds, but I love the way they grow, how the vines stretch out and reach for everything and then hang on and keep growing etc.

San Pedros and other cacti...

Brugmansia, datura, henbane and rellies

closely followed by newcomer

Kratom (still working on understanding that one),

and I'm sure there's a few important one's i just can't think of right now (thanks for that one, mary jane)

hey robert, i read that you differentiate between san pedro and peyote, to my shame I have to admit I never tried peyote, I thought it'd be just the same, but someone else just told me the other day that peyote is way better, so one day I'll find out...

re how to consume d. metel or other daturas

Well I think not illegal in most places...

(or is it?)

leaves make a good smoke, just have one cone and wait 20 mins, daturas work with time-delay,

or you could have a little, say one tenth or one fifth of a dried datura flower, in a cone, also, wait and see...

Small doses should be safe, high doses are very intoxicating and also toxic(poisonous)

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Hi Brian

I,d like to trade something for a few

seeds from your dragibus plant,lol.

You obviously know how rare it is.

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