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    Mini Ethnobotanica 2004

    Adrian, I would have sent this to your private message box but it is currently full! Carl used to send an email around a month or so before each event. The list of email addresses would be a good resource to chase up. On second thoughts, there might be privacy issues about passing it on. Perhaps Carl could do a post out officially passing on the organisation role to yourself with directions for people to join a list of your own. This would have the positives of protecting peoples privacy, having some sort of semi-offical hand-over and also cleaning off the dead names from Carls current list. [ 15. February 2004, 00:47: Message edited by: somnif ]
  2. somnif

    jan. 27th Prince of Wales hotel, melbourne

    For those with some time to kill here is a fun read which took place in Fitzroy St. about 12 years ago: County Court Judgments [ 20. January 2004, 02:24: Message edited by: somnif ]
  3. quote: The song, One Sweet Day, originally performed as a duet by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, bought tears to many in the congregation That figures.
  4. somnif

    San pedro Cuttings suppliers?

    Garden World: 810 Springvale Road, Keysborough, Victoria 3173 http://www.collectorscorner.com.au/Index.htm The Cactus Garage: 3 Edward Street, Bayswater, Victoria http://members.austarmetro.com.au/~cactus/
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    Completely arbitrary EB classifications

    quote: ..without your knowledge...then how could you know? Good point probably should've used the word preknowledge. Actually, you find out in court. Or in my gnomes case it was when gnomes father was talking to the lady who lived directly opposite who mentioned how some police etc. had set up shop in her front room with cameras. God knows what they told her it was all about, but suffice to say gnome was regarded by her and her family with a new degree of suspicion 51st post of the following thread adds a little more detail: 1-4b thread [ 22. July 2003, 21:34: Message edited by: somnif ]
  6. somnif

    Dogs go whacko for schmacko

    Hmmm, Smacko's perhaps? I worked for a couple of summers in a Sheltered Workshop along side the intellectually disabled which was hand packing Schmacko clones for the Japanese market. We got to take any incomplete schmackos home and my White Dog got a couple a day for about two years afterwards. His lust for the strips never wore off. I had a friend who would eat them for a bit of a show and he seems to be still alive today so it is probably reasonably safe to experiement. [ 21. July 2003, 07:28: Message edited by: somnif ]
  7. somnif

    Completely arbitrary EB classifications

    It is not exactly a practical classification system when, if you regard Rev for example, he actually fits into all four categories Acutally, this got me thinking (or whatever you call that process that goes round and round between your ears after being up for over 24 hours)... How about an ethnobotany 'purity' quiz, for example, it could have a section "Customs & the TGA" with question such as follows: Section: Customs & The TGA -------------------------------- 1 point: have you ever imported a plant for its medicinal properties? 2 points: was this plant a customs prohibited item? 8 points: did this *subsequently* become a prohibited item due to your particular importation? 2 points: ever have a customs officer knock on your door? 4 points: ever have a customs officer film your house without your knowledge? 6 points: ever have customs search your property (with the help of the Local plods)? 1 point: do you read the TGA scheduling comittee meeting mintues? 2 points: have you owned a plant which has *become* illegal due to TGA scheduling? 6 points: have you ever put a submittion in to the TGA with regards to attempting to stop the proposed scheduling of a plant/substance. Section: Community 3 points: have you had a public argument with Mulga (5 points if you *are* Mulga)? 3 points: have you had a public argument with Torsten (5 points if you *are* Torsten)? 5 points: have you managed to sustain a public argument with Torsten and Mulga at the same time. 1 point for everytime you've left a post in EA or SA stating you've had a gutful and will no longer be posting there anymore. (-1 point for each time you resumed posting) etc. etc. too tired to take it any further for now I also think some of my procedural stuff is wrong eg. I am uncertain if the TGA can schedule an actual plant. Oh, and my point scores are pretty random and could do with some refining. [ 21. July 2003, 12:12: Message edited by: somnif ]
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    Vic Mini Ethno Botanica 19 July

    Ah, it *was* a good day! It was good to see you all there. I arrived late as usual missing a good chunk of the day. Tom's talk on saliva research was especially good. Wira's reading from his book makes me wish him a speedy publishing so I can soon read the rest of it! etc. ...and CS even turned up along with his other special kohorts: in that respect it was like chill space here a couple of years ago I took me a few moments to recognise CS as he was lacking the self titled top and leather that he had worn in the past. I hope Creach found a way home as I lost him somewhere along the path. I hope Darklight did ask Bockie about his Fuktwerk (sp?) - clue: it is attached to the side of his house. Thanks for putting in the time to organise it, Carl (and others).
  9. somnif

    Acacia obtusifolia

    Being == Piers? Surely Being was the cute girl & Piers was the English chap with the strange Mickey Mouse recording ears?
  10. somnif

    potency difference

    quote: But those highler level experiences can be very inlightening - unless they turn dark. That about sums it up I wasn't really trying to say that high level experiences are bad, I just remember how my gnome was put off by an unexpectedly intense first experience and considered never exploring shrooms again. Using well controlled doses from threshold level and up was the best way to regain gnomes confidence. Even dark experiences can be important/useful. However it is much easier to say this a few years after the event rather than during the days following the 'opps'
  11. somnif

    Ephedra Jamboree!!!!!!!

    quote: germinating ephedra is the easy part, making them to continue growing strong and fast is the tricky part. Exactly. Any clues on how to get the buggers past the 3rd week? Is mass planting the way to go?
  12. somnif

    potency difference

    George, my gnome went through almost exactly the same experience as yourself her first time with subs. My gnome was at home with her rather conservative parents when she decided have a few fresh shrooms, then a few more, then opps, then she thought that the bedside lamp was her arm, then complete depersonalisation, then ?, then finding herself watching life evolve on the shower basin. Many lessons learnt. Some cosmic. More practical. It took her a while to make the choice to try shrooms again but this time with some sort of reasonably accurate measuring device which takes a large chunk of 'opps' out of the experience. Low dose shrooms are really fun. Unexpected high doses give an appreciation for what schitzophrenia might feel like. One positive which came out of this 'opps' situation was the discovery of the anti-depressant effects which my gnome would get for a couple of weeks after the trip. It sounds like you did no lasting damage except for teaching yourself a lesson of the power of shrooms :-) Give it a rest for a while, but don't be afraid of exploring low doses if you feel the calling. Low doses are very different and much more controlable than high doses. [ 02. July 2003, 05:31: Message edited by: somnif ]
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    quote: was it glass that did the score for a Z & 2 noughts? Michael Nyman did that soundtrack (as well as many others). I recommend the Gatacia soundtrack which has a slow brooding sort of feel about it (a couple of years since I have listened to it though)
  14. somnif


    I went and saw Einstien On The Beach by Philip Glass when it was on here in Melbourne during 1993 or there abouts. It was a amazing. The production seemed to be driven towards distorting your sense of time. Being err, slightly altered, enhanced the whole experience. It was a *long* production, over five hours long if I remember correctly. I really enjoy Glass's music but I have found that his newer stuff fails to surprise me. Having just downloaded the Naqoyqatsi soundtrack I am again not surprised but impressed. It sounds wonderful. Better than Kundun (spelling?) which was the most recent CD of his I have purchased.
  15. somnif

    Waka Pacha closing down... have a last look

    quote: BTW, I can confirm the effect of low dose Salvia on orgasm. Hmmm, somnif is looking at his hypothetical Saliva with renewed interest. quote: A borderline subthreshold sublingual dose of salvia was brought right into the superthreshold range at orgasm. What sort of dosage of plant material would you be looking at to get to this point? When you say sublingual I assume that the method is to chew and then hold under the tounge over a period of time?
  16. I couldn't even view the forums until I deleted my www.shaman-australis.com cookies. Mozilla makes this procedure easy. Hope others are not having this problem as getting instructions to them may be difficult.
  17. somnif


    quote: what would several disprin pills and coffee do... These two in combination seem to been particularly nasty on the stomach in my experience - always have something to eat before taking asprin. If you are not sure if your headache is due to caffine withdrawal or not, this combination makes sense. Beyond that...nope. Mattax, that is a very informative reply that you just posted. [ 12. June 2003, 06:07: Message edited by: somnif ]
  18. somnif

    Kava is safe

    quote: If their baby PhD student (really, not even a mature scientist in their testing room) had said it was good, it was good and damn the know-nothing customers. Said baby PhD student didn't work for a company called Pan perhaps? Given the date you wrote this is a pretty good case of foretelling future news events; you didn't know something we didn't eh?
  19. somnif

    what's going on w/ziplip?

    Try https://www.ziplip.com/ps/app/services/home.jsp Ziplip is my recommended free email website if you want to do you mail via a SSL (secure) connection. It is a tad slow in loading pages but tollerable.
  20. somnif

    SVCD list

    Okay, here is a list of the SVCD that I have put together so far. I have no idea about how, or if I am going to distribute these. If someone wants to take on the job I'll send them a copy of the whole lot, otherwise if anyone is *really* desperate for something I could probably make and post a copy for $5.00 but don't expect a rapid turn around time (busy trying to get softwar out the door at the moment) I would like to create a system where the list can continue to be expanded with other peoples contributions. I can do transfers from VHS, Div X, DVD to SVCD. A couple a clearly still under copyright but I am not sure that they are available in Australia. These are all on CD-R in SVCD format. Most Windows DVD playing software (Power-DVD, Win-DVD etc.)will play them okay as well as many stand alone DVD players. The following link shows a list of DVD players which are compatible with the format: http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVD...&Submit2=Search Okay, the list follows: ------------------------------------------------ SVCD list: note summary text stolen from all over the net. acapulco_gold: 1972 marijuana smuggling fictico-"documentary". For a tad more info see http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=18004...cf=info&intl=us assassin_of_youth: ASSASSIN OF YOUTH is yet another drug film from the 1930's, this time concerning a young reporter who goes undercover as a soda jerk in order to expose the marihuana use that is rampant among the teenagers. For a review see http://www.digitallyobsessed.com/showrevie...iew.php3?ID=754 a_vein_hope_four_corners_heroin_trial: 4 Corners documentary on United States intervention on the proposed Heroin Trials in the ACT. For more background information have a look at: http://www.hoboes.com/pub/Prohibition/Law%...0Heroin%20Trial chemical_tomb_plus_narcotics:_pit_of_dispair: Two drug "educational" films from the Prelinger Archive. The Chemical Tomb (color)-> Hippies dance barefoot while bongs and sitars blare on the soundtrack, and normal American youth are turned into deranged, chemically fueled addicts. Yup, they're "The Turned-On People" who risk "placing their psyche in peril." Ether, bennies, airplane glue, paint thinner, yellow jackets, red devils, blood reds, rainbows, hashish, acid, and pot -- all explained by a DR. JOHN T. BURROUGHS, Director of Narcotics Education for the Los Angeles District Attorneys Youth Advisory Council. Scary says, "Tomb raiders!" For the info or to download Chemical Tomb see http://www.archive.org/movies/details-db.php?id=370 Narcotics Pit of Dispair-> John, an erstwhile young high school student on the track team with a pretty girlfriend, a nice car, and a lot going for him, falls in with the wrong crowd. He starts to smoke, has a beer, and before he knows it he's smoking a joint, which of course leads to heroin. Soon he's selling his mother's silverware to pay for his fix. Eventually, he gets caught and is sent to treatment.... which works beautifully. Or does it? The ending is unclear. No dialogue from the actors in this, just a heavy-handed narrator. Watch out for the sinister bongo music. To download or for more information see: http://www.archive.org/movies/details-db.php?id=725 cocaine_fiends_plus_the_menace: The original source material is so bad for these two that it would only suit someone who has a specific interest in them. More info can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/tubular42/cocaine...ne/cocaine.html and also http://www.ihffilm.com/ihf/r720.html dealing_with_the_demon_part_2: dealing_with_the_demon_part_3: Missing Part 1, but each part covers a different aspect of heroin issues so they work okay without it. Originally screened on SBS and made by an Australian called Chris Hilton. Episode Two Summary-> An Unholy Alliance Examines the relationship between the drug trade and war, detailing the involvement of the CIA in Vietnam and Afghanistan during the Cold War. Episode Three Summary-> Containing the Fallout Investigates the spread of heroin use, its role in fueling the AIDS epidemic in Asia, and explores the most effective means of dealing with illicit drugs, using Australia as a test case. five_go_mad_in_dorcet_plus_five_go_mad_on_mescalin: not exactly informative but enjoyable. flowers_of_darkness_plus_terrible_truth_plus_drug_addiction: Three drug "educational" films from the Prelinger Archive. Flowers of Darkness->Traces the history of opium and how it has led to the present day usage of heroin. Examines the methods and procedures of organized crime in transporting the drug to the United States and its toll on the streets of AmeriIncludes methods of combatting the problem and interviews with addicts who discuss their compulsion for drugs. Narrator: Paul Newman. Directors: Charles E. Francis, William Templeton. Producer: Frank Kavanaugh. Terrible Truth-> Early (and sensational) film on marijuana use as a route to heroin addiction. Substance abuse, Drugs, Teenagers, California, Los Angeles. Ahh, those were the days. Join Phyllis as she moves from pot ("that's jive talk for marijuana") to heroin. Where are all these drugs coming from? "Some say it's the Reds. . ." (that's pogrom talk for communists). Drug Addiction-> Classic "slippery slope" narrative of post-World War II stoned slackerdom. http://www.archive.org/movies/movieslistin...0abuse:%20Drugs for more info on the above three. freakouts_and_flashbacks_01: freakouts_and_flashbacks_02: More "educational" films with a LSD bend. Includes "LSD-25", "LSD Insight or Insanity", "LSD Trip To Nowhere" and "Hooks" grass: Documentary on history of marijuana prohibition. More info can be found here http://www.currentfilm.com/dvdreviews4/grassdvd.html howard_marks_mr_nice: Documentary of marijuana smuggler Howard Marks who wrote a best selling book called "Mr. Nice" More info can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2003/4/prweb61725.php marihuana: 1936 Refer Madness type film. See http://www.digitallyobsessed.com/showrevie...iew.php3?ID=754 mushroom_man_wasson: Documentary on Wasson taped from SBS refer_madness: See http://www.digitallyobsessed.com/showrevie...iew.php3?ID=754 report_from_the_drug_front_swiss: Documentary on the Swiss Experiment regarding Heroin use. subject_narcotics_plus_perversion_for_profit: Educational style films. Subject Narcotics-> Produced for police orientation and training, this film presents drug addiction not simply as a crime but as a deepseated social problem. With dramatized sequences of addicts in shooting galleries and excellent footage of pre-renewal downtown Los Angeles, a neighborhood now lost. Produced and directed by renowned filmmakers Denis and Terry Sanders, who wrote this film with Jay Sandrich. See http://www.open-video.org/segment.php?seg_id=4355 for more info or to download. Perversion For Profit->Not about drug use at all but dirty books. From the Prelinger archive. Anti-pornography film produced by financier Charles Keating, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization. See http://www.archive.org/movies/details-db.p...ectionid=00895a technomania: 1986 documentary on the new music form of Techno! Probably interesting to those who were there ;-) [ 06. April 2003, 00:25: Message edited by: somnif ]
  21. Looks like the Howard government is supporting the death penalty: quote: Australian Prime Minister John Howard said the execution of bin Laden would be welcomed. Asked by the US Fox network if he would welcome bin Laden being put to death, he replied: "I think everybody would." He said the al-Qaeda leader should be dealt with in accordance with US law, which allowed capital punishment. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said few tears would be shed over bin Laden's death and indicated Australia would not raise its normal objections to capital punishment. If they changed our flag to the stars and stripes next week, I would no longer be surprised.
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    Obtrusion v Madness

    This is somewhat out of my depth, but I remember hearing a BBC World Service radio documentary where it discussed treatment of people who had unwanted voices in their heads. The treatment being discussed was to actually challenge the voice and in a sense show it's lack of power eg. voice says do something bad to yourself - person responds by challenging the voice to perform the act itself. Documentary noted that people who we taught to recognise the lack of power of the voices they were hearing lived normal lives. [ 06. March 2003, 22:29: Message edited by: somnif ]
  23. somnif

    Two Tribes

    quote: Auxin: ...just remember I keep a clublock in the boot of my vk at all times. Translation for our American Guest: the 'vk' is a Holden VK Commodore; as you might suspect being owned by CS it is a typical hoons (if that is still a current term?) car. The following is for reference in case you see one coming at you fast with the driver wearing a "Chemical Shaman" t-shirt: Commodore VK Picture Link [ 06. March 2003, 22:14: Message edited by: somnif ]
  24. somnif

    Bush vs Hussein

    Gwydion, You have a wonderful knack for summarising political situations consisely with good, factual information! (note to others: have a glance through Gwydion's previous posts if to see what I mean) So where do you harvest the majority of your information from?
  25. somnif

    tell me about Oz

    wyyrm, For a temporary visit while still continuing through your education, have a look into University Exchange type programs. Investigate some of the major universities here in Australia. Doing a google search with the following gives you a start: 'university exchange overseas site:edu.au' Or just click on this google link [ 04. March 2003, 22:17: Message edited by: somnif ]