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  1. hi people, I don't hate many people and neither of you is one of them... perhaps you signed up and your account did not get validated at the time because I had to fight a group of 'bots who automatically signed on every day and had to be deleted. Thanks to obtuse that problem has been sorted out. These days I basically let anyone in who has a "believable" email address... will check out "xipe" and "illegal brain" now... did you use these names or different ones?
  2. "You are not owed anything by God; you already have the gift of this body, and the gift that you are receiving is to be having the human experience, in all its shades of love and suffering." - Bruce yeah I wish god would stick the suffering bit up his ass and get hemorrhoids!
  3. gomaos

    Youtube vids

    the truth about 911
  4. gomaos

    SAB Boycott?

    friday and saturday night are always the quietest. seems that some people actually have a social life cool. wish i did.
  5. gomaos

    where's that post about "khat"use in israel?

    thanks, dude, yes it was... totally couldn't find it...
  6. pretty much sums it up... have been looking for it several times, a search of "khat" and "israel" results in nothing. Has it been deleted or moved?
  7. gomaos

    The Lab

    yep... even I can get it up... just had a look, no-one there, just Auxin and Mc Garnacle, whoever that is...
  8. gomaos

    a new forum is born

    also if someone has problems signing up please pm me here or at email [email protected] and I'll activate your account. We've had some problems with trolls trying to join under 3 different names at a time, so please bear with us if your account doesn't get activated straight away. We welcome any newbies with good intentions, but trolls and trouble makers stay away!
  9. gomaos

    a new forum is born

    yeah man sorry benzito i have now corrected the link at the top of this thread... i apologize for any inconvenience
  10. http://www.swapnsell.com.au/auctiondetails...eeds&id=666
  11. I also think that logical thought alone would have eradicated us, after all there is no point in being nice to anyone if there is no afterlife or spirits. I believe that too many people believe the above statement, i.e. politicians, shady super-capitalist "string-pullers" and all those that work for them. That's why there is ever more evil around these days because most people just believe in a rational, materialistic physical plane where money and power are the most important things. I believe it's best to get as far away from those people and their materialistic points of view as possible. Sadly enough it's not really possible to get away from them since they are everywhere and destroy and poison the whole planet with their greed. Personally I don't know what to believe. Most friends seem to believe "that this is it, you die, and all is finished"... which would be cool since if there's no afterlife there's no more trouble. Deep dark sleep forever! Sounds to easy but...
  12. gomaos

    Psychotria Viridis vs Psychotria carthaginensis

    foafs plants had been watered and fertilized almost daily... they had also been allowed to set lots of seed which must have taken a good percentage of their strength... disappointing in a sense, foaf knew what to expect but it seemed to be a lot of work for such minimal results... it proofed the claim right: viridis is 4 times stronger than carth!
  13. If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place. considering all I know, all my experience and all my judgement, I'd say yes that's true because there's way too many people on alcohol just because alc is the only legal drug available (that alters one's mind) and basically most people on alcohol become stupid and aggressive... if that's not right when they're on it, it's definitely true the next day... hangovers make life miserable!
  14. gomaos

    strawberry ice

    If there was ever a time to be scared, it's right now. It's also tomorrow, and the day after and the day after that!!! Infact if you're not in fear at least 23 out of every 24 hours then you simply aren't reading enough newspaper articles!! must be the case in my case. I hardly ever read papers, hardly ever watch the news. Result: I'm not hyped up enuff about things... Strawberry ice, flavoured yaba...? Sure the girls in Thailand like those things, what else have they got? Instead of going to school, they go to a brothel... gotta make money somehow... Really people this subject is 90% hype and anti-drug propaganda... all the more unbelievable as it comes from the same governments who try to stamp out cannabis and mdma which are very useful and user-friendly drugs with minimal harm to the takers (unless people binge which they will do with anything as long as they're young and stupid...) don't believe the hype!
  15. gomaos

    Would you buy a computer from Dell

    had a dell for over 2 years now... bought it 2nd hand for 200 bucks... excellent buy, excellent machine.. I always think: It's gonna break down sometime, better buy a new one... but the thought of re-installing the modem and all the other crap puts me off... now I'm resigned to keep using it until it breaks down... whenever that may be... no hurry... better than Compaq and whatever...