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  1. ENTHEOGENESIS AUSTRALIS (EGA) 2017 PSYCHEDELIC SYMPOSIUM EGA is a world-renowned australian ethnobotanical conference with a difference, the main auditorium is out under the summer stars in the Australian bushland. This outdoor Psychedelic Symposium will span three days and nights, running from Friday 8 – Sunday 10 December 2017 and featuring more than 50 lectures covering a variety of perspectives on psychedelics and entheogenic plants and compounds. To accompany the main program there will also be discussion panels, related workshops, as well as art and a market place. The 2017 Psychedelic Symposium is shaping up to be an incredible gathering of people from around the world sharing a wide variety of knowledge and experience on psychedelics and entheogens. The event has gained international recognition for developing dialogue and community around this important field of study for over 14 years. The International Keynote presenters at EGA @017 announced so far (read full bios of the speakers below): Rick Doblin (MAPS) Kathleen Harrison (Botanical Dimensions) Erik Davis (Techgnosis) ALAN ROCKEFELLER Thomas Roberts MARK PESCE Ben Sessa Fiona Measham James Oroc David Nickles (DMT Nexus) Jennifer Dumpert Mike Crowley Dr Octavio Rettig Nese Devenot Joe Tafur MD SUE SISLEY, MD The Symposium Taking place in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia, the 2017 Psychedelic Symposium will utilise two venues including a new state-of-the-art conference space, nestled into a native bush mountain range with expansive views of the valley below. The 2017 Psychedelic Symposium will see our much-loved outdoor auditorium return, supported by immersive outdoor spaces filled with art installations, market stalls, on-site catering and a bar. Accommodation and Catering EGA is a unique event, and with that in mind, we have designed optional accommodation and catering packages for the growing number of interstate and international attendees drawn to this special gathering from all over the globe. Camping will be included in the ticket price for all ticket holders with an array of options to upgrade accommodation for those seeking a weekend away with all the creature comforts. The conference will also have both self-catering and camping options for those looking to spend the weekend among the trees - as we know many enjoy that aspect of the outdoor experience so we have been able to maintain these elements with the new EGA conference model, however, there will be a shuttle bus between some elements and events. Accommodation options for 2017 include camping sites near the water with access to camp kitchens and dorms/cabins with ensuite facilities. For those looking to upgrade further, we are also now able to offer private 4-star rooms with all the creature comforts. Regular shuttle buses will operate between the different accommodation and camping options and the main conference spaces over the event operation hours. The Speakers For 2017, we have increased the diversity of perspectives, subjects and methodologies of our speakers. This year’s speaker list includes relevant experts from the fields of psychedelic research, therapy, botany, anthropology, drug law reform, harm reduction, arts and design and many other areas of psychedelic culture. The speaker list is by no means exhaustive, and we look forward to a greater range of speaker applications from relevant and interested experts. Please help us in spreading the word and encouraging speaker applications for this national meeting of the minds by visiting entheogenesis.org. 2017 Conference Model This EGA is going to be a different event from those of past years, so for those familiar with past EGA events, the new site and 2017 conference model has been designed as a fusion of the best of both our prior outdoor and indoor gatherings. This evolution will allow us to play host to a more professional, sustainable and international-minded event – while holding dear to the very elements that make EGA so unique. With this change, we hope to further legitimise Australia’s voice in the Psychedelic community around the world as well as setting the bar for conferences in the field of Psychedelic study in Australia. Ticket Sales Ticket are now on sale via our web page. We announced the event early to give people time to save up for tickets as the conference new site and EGA vision come at a price, but one the team feels will be more than justified for attendees of the 2017 gathering. Please keep in mind public tickets are limited to strictly 500. The conference will undoubtedly sell out well in advance, so make sure you hold the dates free and make EGA 2017 a conscious part of next year’s calendar. For students and low-income earners, EGA has a payment plan option in place. Please refer to the bottom of the ticketing page. www.entheogenesis.org/tickets We very much hope you join us in December 2017, as we immerse ourselves in sharing the knowledge and multifaceted value of psychedelic and related compounds in an amazing new site surrounded by like-minded souls. Spread the word and let’s gather under the stars to celebrate an open and mature dialogue around entheogenic plants. We hope you will join us for this special self-claimed long weekend away with the community while we explore the conversation around Psychedelics. Kind regards EGA team entheogenesis.org
  2. Humboldt

    EGA event May 12th

    Hi again, more exciting stuff from the EGA newsletter for those who missed it. 'A special EGA event - 'Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community' - will be held in the south-east of Melbourne on May 12 this year. We'll update you very soon with more details. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar!'
  3. Hey SAB peeps, before we push this on FB next week, i thought it best to give you all a chance to get a hold of this gem of ethnobotanical knowledge. If you missed out on attending the 2017 Psychedelic Symposium, you're going to want to get your hands on a copy of the new EGA Journal 4 before they sell out. There are very limited numbers left - approximately 30 still available. For those of you that have just experienced your first EGA, or are looking for a copy of all the articles from the previous three journals, you're in luck! Now captured in one unique volume are all the articles from the earlier journals in a special edition entitled 'The Australian Entheogenic Compendium - Volume 1'. More info on this special publication and other EGA goodies including the infamous T-shirts are now available via the EGA Shop. All proceeds support EGA, a home grown Australian Psychedelic project ;-) Warm regardsEntheogenesis Australis - Planting Psychedelic Seedswww.entheogenesis.org
  4. Soooo... I can`t help but be inquisitive. I am SO looking forward to this EGA and especially meeting fellow SABers (many for the first time!) I really hope that there is a great turn out of SABers at EGA - I can't remember where I read it (here I think or if I just made it up tbh) but I recall maybe Ronnie (?) saying that if not for SAB, EGA wouldn't exist. (Bless your soul T.) Of course not obligatory, I'm just super excited and curious to know who's going to be at EGA2017! Honestly can't wait to put a face to the names from here. See you soon, you crazy kids!
  5. Feeling creative and want to have some fun helping EGA at the same time? So, in good old-fashioned EGA style, in the buildup to the 2017 Symposium in December, we are going to run an art competition. EGA is looking for an original piece of art suitable to be used as the cover for the EGA Symposium 2017 journal (EGA journal 4). The winner will receive (besides tumultuous applause and various accolades) 1 Free ticket to attend EGA 2017 which includes free camping, and of course a couple of copies of the Journal! One design will be selected to be used for the cover and may be used in other EGA 2017 media (e.g. on the program, or printed on khaki green T'shirts that may be made available for purchase at EGA 2017 or through the EGA website). It could be of any related medium or style, i.e photography, painting, 3d render, illustration etc and can include any elements of traditional psychedelia or something unexpected but in keeping with the culture and history of the scene. However, we would like the design to be primarily focused around plants or something organic and earthy. The work can also be an older work as long as you are the copyright holder. It is completely up to your creative discretion, but keep in mind that it will be used as a book cover. Adobe Photoshop files are preferable, but all file types should be ok. The winning artwork will need to be provided in a high resolution format (greater than 300 dpi). Please note as a condition of entry into the competition that the winner agrees to donate their design to EGA for the purposes of the journal cover and additional fund-raising. If the judging panel feel that none of the submitted artworks are suitable then no prize will be awarded. Submission closing date: Edit: extended to midnight Friday 27nd October 2017. No late entries will be considered. Please post an example of your design on this thread where possible and also submit your designs to: egajournal[at]gmail.com with the subject line ‘EGA Journal Competition submission’. We appreciate some people may not have joined this forum so the facebook thread is also appropriate: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232618545864/permalink/10155547156265865/ Include your full name and address in the email so we can contact you if you are the winner. Maximum of three entries per person. Enjoy channelling the plants, we look forward to seeing the results. Note to moderator - feel free to place this thread into the creative section on SAB after a week if it feels more appropriate In Plants we trust www.entheogenesis.org
  6. Ethnobotanical Research 101- starting from scratch Torsten and I are running a workshop on Laboratory Experiment Design at EGA 2017 We want to share our love of citizen-science. To convince you all to partake in the formal, logical process that can answer so many of the phytochemical/ ethnotoanical questions you've asked over the years. Wonder no more! Act! Workshop's for beginners and wrinkly old lab-hands alike. Anyone, literally- anyone can design a simple, robust protocol which gives solid results and contributes to the sum of human knowledge. Those of you with extensive practical experience in experiment design are very welcome to share the ( sometimes bitter yet hilarious in hindsight ) fruit of your work with us huddled masses. It's not rocket surgery. Lab experiment design is a simple checklist, a bit of planning, some thorough checking and the resilience to simultaneously accept and critique the data as it falls. Carn, we all talk about experiments we'd like to see done. Or exceptions to established practices we've seen work. Shared variants or refinements of new teks. Wanted to know why. Or wondered why the hell something didn't work out after we ( mostly ) followed the instructions. Workshop's interactive. Which means we need your input. Some of which can start here on the forums- reply with some pointers about your experiences or plans. During the workshop we'll welcome your thoughts, interjections, inspirations. Keep 'em coming, keep it moving Workshop's practice-based. Inasmuch as we're pointing at issues around design of theoretical experiments involving the legendary ethnobotanical Dragibus curiosa. Not sure what kind of experiment yet. Help us decide. A simple germination experiment? Optimal fertiliser requirements? The virtues of rhizobial inoulation? A cost/benefit comparison of propagation practices? Testing storage parameters for volatile compounds in the dry product? Determining genetic markers for drought tolerance? We'll settle the best questions on the day It'll be lighthearted. There *will* be lollies. Like all good laboratory-grade successes, some of them may be thrown at you, randomly. Some you must earn. Fate favours the prepared, apparently. It's serious business, experiment design-but that's no excuse not to have fun Bring your questions, your experience, your weird attitudes and your sense of humour.
  7. Hopefully the title of my post is self explanatory. I'm going to be hard pressed to just make the 7kg carry-on limit (I bought extra allowance just in case, never been able to 'pack light') let alone bringing food and such to EGA. I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone that is familiar with the area (EGA people I'm sure can help.) A fellow SAB buddie mentioned buses from the conference site into Eildon? That would be great! I know it's just a three (four) day conference but I have never managed the art of ''packing light'' - what if I wanted those shoes to match those jeans? Hahahaha, silly me dumbass girlie shit. Yes, I've had a 'few' glasses of wine, I was so tremendously overwhelmed earlier this afternoon I couldn't settle myself the fuck down. And I'll probably see this post tomorrow and cringe hard - hoping fellow SAB'ers can relate. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday night!
  8. Happy and excited and super impressed by the EGA lecture and workshop lineup- final list is here: Entheogenesis 2017 lecture and workshop list Seriously good work from the EGA team, many thanks and congratulations. See you there!
  9. CALLING ALL ARTISTS AND CREATORS! Apply now for funding up to $3000 per project. Submissions for art grants close 13th August 2017. Apply here: www.entheogenesis.org/arts_grant_application For general information: www.entheogenesis.org/online_applications
  10. RonnySimulacrum

    EGA calling for Ethnobotany Workshops

    Hey everyone Just a small update that if consider yourself a teacher in the area of ethnobotany we would love to hear from you. An EGA Workshop can be on almost anything relevant to an area of study within ethnobotany, psychedelic research and psychedelic culture within legal constraints. Examples being; you may wish to instruct on botanical grafting techniques or run a brief permaculture class. Apply now - http://www.entheogenesis.org/online_applications
  11. Hello all, I am new here but very grateful to be apart of this wonderful and awakened community and hope to contribute and continue to grow with it as it has helped me to learn and grow prior to becoming a member :D just to introduce myself and a little bit about me; I am 25 years of age, a multi instrumentalist, I am a keen Trich enthusiast, Lophs, Fungi, Natural medicines and medicinal herbs, I support the EGA, I am fascinated with spiritual and metaphysical exploration, A student and acolyte to the sacred plants, fungi and spirits, I am deeply enveloped within my sacred garden and my sacred works, which include deeper and more extensive works with trichs, Acacia, Fungi, Herbal medicinal teas and tinctures and much more... Id love to hear from anyone that's interested in similar fields and exchange knowledge and possibly resource's I will be making the road trip over to the EGA next December and have an interest/intention of meeting any fellow members from SA that are willing as I know of very few and would love to see the community over here progress and share on a face to face level as we have greater strength in numbers and by coming together im gathering a handful of friends I have that are on the same page to journey with me but it would be great to meet some new people that are making the effort to travel from SA and possibly meet up there or here before hand as we will hopefully be camping there for the event, Im keen to strengthen the community here in SA and would love to hear from any like minded members thankyou and peace to you all.
  12. Hey SAB alumni There been a lot of rumors about the future and the next not-for-profit Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) psychedelic symposium (conference/gathering) and I was hoping to answer some of those questions with this post, and additionally ask a question of all of you at the same time. The purpose of this post was to confirm that the next EGA conference will take place on the 8-11 of December 2017. It will be announced officially in the coming weeks and we would love your support getting the word out there amongst the community. It will be on an altogether new site with a slightly different set up and idea than any that has taken place before. The main conference space will be outdoors and there will be camping on site. The event will cover a diverse range of fields from the botanical, academic, and philosophical, to arts and drug law reform. The event is going to be a hybrid between the classic outdoor and the more academic indoor events with the site having one indoor lecture space so we can display PowerPoint presentations throughout the day during lectures. The new location is stunning and situated 2 hours drive from Melbourne CBD and airport. So place a hold in your diary’s now and please start spreading the word around the plant head community. Now to my main question. We are working over the initial headliner invitations and I was hoping to get input from SAB crew for a choice of headliner nominees. If you have a suggestion for an international headliner speaker you would like us to consider please let us know now so I can shortlist them at our programming meetings in the coming weeks. We will be opening up applications for speaker submission at the start of next year where anyone can apply for a place on the program; we get hundreds of applications for this but feel free to also throw down some local names down but identify them as local please. So for the most part here I am really just asking who you would love to see in oz for the coming EGA from overseas as this take a lot of early orginizing. Its best to not nominate anyone over 65 as they simply do not like traveling. If people could also add a web page or link to people work, that would be helpful for us. Hey we can only ask and try right ;-) If your reading this post and think what the hell is EGA? Well EGA is a not-for-profit association that exists to create a supportive environment to foster mature, open discussion about psychoactive plants and chemical. Cheek out our web page and YouTube channel or FB page to answer that question further: http://www.entheogenesis.org https://www.youtube.com/entheotv http://facebook.com/EGA.plant.org The SAB community was the birthplace of EGA and we are proud of that and just how strong the entheogethic and psychedelic community has become in Australia. Please feel free to suggest who you would most like to see down under and on the program and we will try and approach the lead contender/s and see if we can make it happen. Fill free to add a line here also about why you like or support EGA as it might help newbies better understand the event/gathering. As always thanks for your support over the last 12+ years everyone. Kind regards RonnySimulacrum http://www.entheogenesis.org
  13. Support the Conversation Around Psychedelics in Australia Please have a look at the campaign we are running for next years psychedelic symposium www.chuffed.org/project/psychedelics This Spring EGA is looking for your support to sow the seeds for the next iteration of Australia's premier psychedelic symposium, EGA 2017. We are hoping to bring together experts from Australia and around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, to discuss psychedelics and entheogenic plants. The events are particularly expensive to run, and rely heavily on community support. So, in order to start the ball rolling for EGA 2017, we are aiming to raise funds to go towards covering some preliminary organisational costs, ensuring the conference can take place in a format that is both professional and sustainable. The success of this fundraising campaign will enable a more affordable ticketed event for both academics and enthusiasts alike. Your generosity will help ensure that this important discussion surrounding psychedelics and related compounds goes ahead. We encourage you to peruse the array of incredible donor rewards our community have brought together for this campaign, including original paintings and fine art prints from Australian artists, festival tickets, and much more. We hope you find something that suits you, or please feel free to donate any amount you can afford to support our campaign. You can view some of the amazing donor perks available for this campaign, and get a sample of the talented artists active in Australia's strong and vibrant ethnobotanical community. Spread the word and share the campaign amongst your friends and community, and please help support the important conversation around psychedelics. With much respect, the EGA team www.entheogenesis.org www.facebook.com/EGA.plant.org www.youtube.com/entheotv
  14. Post from the front of the EGA page - http://www.entheogenesis.org From Medical to Recreational: The Road the Regulation On Saturday the 5th of December EGA premiered the Melbourne screening of DrugLawed, a New Zealand documentary following the atrocities of the global drug war instigated by the United States. The screening was followed by a panel which focused on current drug policy issues and pragmatic ways to move forward. The panel was chaired by host of Enpsychedelia (http://www.enpsychedelia.org & http://www.3cr.org.au/enpsychedelia) on 3CR Nick Wallis and included the following guests: Greg Chipp: Greg Chipp is a director of Drug Policy Australia, a newly-established public health NGO primarily concerned with drug policy advocacy and with promoting new legislative approaches to minimise the harms associated with the use of psychoactive substances. He has been actively involved in politics and public policy development for several decades, beginning with his involvement in the Australian Democrats, a political party he helped establish in the 1970’s. More recently Greg stood as a Drug Law Reform candidate in the 2013 Federal election campaigning on a platform of decriminalising the use of all drugs and calling for a Royal Commission into the health and economic costs associated with the criminalisation of recreational drug use. Greg believes that the current prohibitionist approach of criminalising drug use does more harm than good, and that a new regulatory system for Australia based on the ‘Portugal Model’ is both realistic and achievable. Helen Barnacle: Helen Barnacle is a psychologist with over three decades of experience. Now in private practice, Helen continues to work with people with addiction issues, ‘victims of crime’, trauma, women experiencing violence and the general community. She is also a musician who spent many years performing and song writing. Between 2000 and 2010 she devoted considerable time and energy to utilising the arts to work with young people, particularly young women in custody in the youth justice system. Helen is the author of ‘Don’t Let Her See Me Cry’, a best-selling autobiography depicting Helen’s remarkable journey from a hopeless young heroin addict facing prison with a new baby, to successful psychologist. Helen became the first woman to keep her baby in prison beyond the age of one, after receiving the longest drug-related sentence ever meted out to a woman in Victoria. Greg Denham: Greg Denham is the Executive Officer of the Yarra Drug and Health Forum and is also the Australian representative for LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a US based group made up of police who want to end the war on drugs. He has over 25 years of local, national and international experience in illicit drug policy and policing. Greg is a former member of Victoria Police and has spent a significant amount of his career training police on drug harm minimisation policies and principles. In recent years Greg has been an advisor on several international harm reduction and HIV prevention projects in Asia and East Africa. He has also worked for the UN, work that focussed on providing technical advice for law enforcement, government, non-government and community groups on HIV prevention through harm reduction programs. Greg is a strong advocate for drug policy reform and is committed to removing punitive and discriminatory drug laws that stigmatise drug use and deny human rights. Fiona Patten: Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Australian Sex Party and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region. She came to politics after 20 years of lobbying for the rights of organisations involved in civil liberties movement – including HIV/AIDS organisations, sex worker advocacy, adult media and anti-censorship groups. Fionahas been a drug law reform advocate for decades and has been very proactive in the movement. Arik Reiss: Producer of DrugLawed and currently working on the sequel, DrugLawed Two. There is a Kickstarter campaign currently running to help fun the next film. Details can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1989898482/druglawed-2 PANEL OVERVIEW: Fiona Patten MLC has submitted a wide ranging inquiry into Victoria’s current drug laws. Details on the 'Inquiry into Illicit and Synthetic Drugs and Prescription Medication' can be found here: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/lrrcsc/inquiries/article/2809 and it is not due to report until March 2017. The Terms of Reference of the inquiry are very broad: 1. reviewing the effectiveness of drug treatment programs in Victoria with recommendations on how treatment and harm minimisation strategies could be used as an alternative to criminal penalties; 2. reviewing the effectiveness of Victorian government investment into illicit drug supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction strategies and programs; 3. reviewing effectiveness of drug detection programs including roadside testing and procedures for deploying drug detection activities at events; 4. assessing the impact of prescription medication on road safety; 5. reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of laws and regulations relating to illicit and synthetic drugs; and 6. assessing practices of other Australian states and territories and overseas jurisdictions and their approach to drug law reform and how other positive reforms could be adopted to Victorian law. The inquiry will look into practices such as using Passive Alert Detection (PAD) dogs, commonly known as sniffer dogs at music festivals and other events. This particular topic had been in the news surrounding the panel, as sniffer dogs operations at festivals have been linked to dangerous consumption behaviour by patrons trying to avoid detections. At the time of writing this, nearly 40,000 people have signed Adriana Buccianti’s Change.org petition (https://www.change.org/p/my-son-died-at-a-music-festival-don-t-let-any-more-young-people-die-at-australian-festivals), asking that sniffer dogs be called off. Adriana is the mother of Daniel Buccianti, who passed away following an opiate overdose at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2012. The campaigns for cessation of sniffer dogs is a step in the right direction, but another step toward reducing harms is the introduction of drug checking services such as as pill testing. The panelists briefly touched on this topic, which has been building in momentum for many months and has recently reached a high point. The peer-based psychedelic and other drug harm reduction and education service DanceWize has lead the push for these services to be implemented at Victorian festivals. The panel also touched on the recent introduction of an amendment to Victoria’s prohibition legislation which seeks to widen the scope of prohibition and the penalties associated with possession, supply, manufacture and cultivation of Schedule 11 substances, which includes cannabis, LSD, MDMA and psilocybin. The amendment has already passed the Lower House with very little debate. The only amendments offered so far were from the Liberal Party, who wanted to increase already extensive sentences proposed in the Bill. Sections 71E and 71F of the proposed amendments focus on the possession or distribution of instructions relating to the cultivation, supply or manufacture of a Schedule 11 drug. In layperson terms, this means that if you possess a book or magazine that includes basic cannabis cultivation instructions, then you could potentially face hefty penalties, including jail time. It seems plausible that even printing out a copy of psilocybe mushroom growing tips could be considered grounds for prosecution. (http://enpsychedelia.org/enpsychedelia/blog/victorias-book-ban-on-the-horizon-for-2016/). Greg Chipp of Drug Policy Australia is working with a small team of people to protest against the introduction of these amendments. The Bill is currently sitting in the Legislative Council and won’t be debated until Parliament resumes in 2016 on February 9th. Over your holiday season, make sure to get in contact with your representatives in the Legislative Council and let them know that you think Sections 71E and 71F of the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment Bill 2015 go too far. The more that your representatives hear your voice on these important issues, the more likely it is that they will raise objections, discuss this with their colleagues and potentially introduce amendments to stop this sort of thing from happening. The panelists went on to take a more optimistic and pragmatic look into how currently illegal drugs could be regulated in the future, giving us some of their ideas and thoughts on this particularly complex issue that receives too little attention. The key to making change happen is for you to get involved. There are people already out there doing some heavy lifting. Find the others and give them a hand. Writing to your politicians helps to seed ideas in their mind but also writing to your paper, speaking to the radio stations and television stations and of course getting out on social media are all good ways for you to engage. Be polite and check your facts when you engage. An informed advocate is far more effective than someone who is passionate but unable to communicate well with those who don’t already agree with the position of the passionate advocate. WHAT CAN YOU DO? If you’re a University student, get involved with the beginning of drug policy reform groups on campus. http://enpsychedelia.org/enpsychedelia/blog/help-setup-university-campus-drug-policy-reform-clubs/ Write to your local members of parliament. Make sure you know who you are writing to, whether they are your federal representative or state representative and which house they sit in. Participate in the online discussions. Write to your local paper, call your radio station, write to your television station. Become involved with groups like Drug Policy Australia (http://www.drugpolicy.org.au/), UnHarm (http://www.unharm.org/) and DanceWize (http://hrvic.org.au/dancewize/volunteer-form/). Attend EGA events (http://www.entheogenesis.org). Support PRISM (http://www.prism.org.au). Listen to Enpsychedelia (http://www.enpsychedelia.org). Speak to your peers and relatives openly and honestly about your own drug use or interest in drugs. Open up the dialogue. Keep compassionate. Remember that your preferences may not be the preferences of others and that is not a reason to judge another negatively. If someone is having a difficult battle with a substance, help them rather than stigmatise them.
  15. Hey everyone, I thought i would pass on this really good presentation about Australian native plants by Michael Bock from the 10 year anniversary EGA psychedelic symposium. This and many more talks are found at the EGA channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/entheotv R
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    EGA ppl- I can't find the ACTINOS links from Dr David Caldicott's EGA presentation. Anyone have them? The WEDINOS pages are here: http://wedinos.org/ From WEDINOS: New Psychoactive Substances"substances of abuse, either in a pure form or a preparation, that are not controlled by the 1961 Convention on Narcotic Drugs or the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, but which may pose a public health threat” Information from a range of sources in the UK and Europe indicate that some users of new psychoactive substances (NPS) are at risk of a number of serious adverse effects. Principally these include the direct or acute physical, psychological and behavioural effects following use, as well as the potential for increased engagement with criminal justice services. Longer term, or chronic effects are, in the main, poorly evidenced. This project is designed to inform both. Both are great projects. The ACTINOS one is the Australian version. Can't remember where it is at right now My google-fu is failing, and the obvious .org/ .com links don't get me anywhere. Can't find either via FB.
  17. The Entheogenesis Australis Symposium will present over 20 lectures and discussion panels featuring an array of renowned international and Australian speakers. The symposium's aim is to bring together diverse and engaging scientific and cultural perspectives on exploring consciousness through psychoactive substances. The program draws on botany, pharmacology, therapy, psychology, anthropology, politics, law, art and more, to provide a realistic context of the role drugs and altered states play in today's world. For a decade, EGA has provided a major meeting place for ethnobotanical enthusiasts and specialists in Australia to share information and celebrate community. International Guests Dr Bia Labate - Ayahuasca Shamanism Beyond the Amazon Dr Geoff Noller - Ibogaine Treatment for Opioid Dependence in New Zealand Dr Vendula Belackova - New Psychoactive Substances Tanea Paterson - Psychedelic' Substance Journeys From ‘Underground’ Into Mainstream Therapy Grant Hall - (Panel) Drug Law Reform: What Does Regulation Look Like? Australian Presenters Dr Alex Wodak AM - The current status of medicinal cannabis in Australia Dr David Caldicott – On the topic of Drug Treaties Fiona Patten - The New Social Tonics, the Bastard Children of Prohibition PRISM Inc. - The Road to Psychedelic Research in Australia Alex Gearin – Organic and the Inorganic in Ayahuasca Visions Andrew McMillen - Can you be too Honest about your own Drug Use? Rak Razam - Full Spectrum Consciousness DanceWize - Sex, Drugs, and Harm Reduction Torsten Wiedemann - Analysis of ethnobotanical constituents Des Tramacchi - Religious Dimensions of Entheogen Use Nen - Acacia - Spiritual And Cultural Significance Michael Bock - Kava, The Herb of Tranquility Genevieve Sinclair - Paint, Glue and Deodorant: Drugs of choice? Ray Thorpe - 'Knee-jerk' anti-psychoactive laws Richard Haridy - Psychedelics On Film: An Illustrated Journey Carl Turney - America's Drug Culture in the 60s and 70s Tim Payne - Life after Entheogens Discussion panels, Facilitator and topics Steve McDonald - The Rise Of La Madre: Ayahuasca Beyond The Amazon Nick Wallis - Drug Law Reform: What Does Regulation Look Like? To see the full program info click here: http://www.entheogenesis.org/speakers Altered states of consciousness have long been a fundamental part of human culture, and as our world becomes increasingly fast-paced, alternative modalities are becoming ever more significant and consciously explored. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “has the ‘war on drugs’ created more problems than it has tried to solve?” or “is MDMA really a more dangerous drug than alcohol?” – then EGA is the place for you. Get tickets now: http://www.entheogenesis.org/tickets View the EGA web page http://www.entheogenesis.org View the EGA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EGA.plant.org View the Facebook event page:
  18. See the trailer by clicking here You are invited to be a part of the official fundraiser ‘Neurons to Nirvana’ screening for Entheogenesis Australis (www.entheo.net) and PRISM (http://prism.org.au/), in association with The Australian Sex Party. The exclusive screenings will be taking place on the 29th and 30th of April at the State Library of Victoria. ‘Neurons to Nirvana’ is a mind-blowing documentary about the resurgence of psychedelics as medicines. Through interviews with the world’s foremost researchers, writers, psychologists and pioneers in psychedelic psychotherapy, Neurons to Nirvana explores the history of five powerful psychedelic substances (LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA, Ayahuasca and Cannabis) and their now established medicinal potential. Featuring leading experts Gabor Mate, Dennis McKenna, Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, Jeremy Narby, Stanislav Grof, David Nutt, Julie Holland, David Healy, Michael Mithoefer, David Nichols, Amanda Fielding, Stephen Ross, Ralph Metzner, Gillian Maxwell, Manuel Schoch, Michael Winkelman, William Richards, Kathleen Harrison, Roland Griffiths, Wade Davis, Ingrid Pacey, and Chris Bennett. The exclusive screenings also include a personalised introduction by the filmmakers, director Oliver Hockenhull and producer Mikki Willis. Each screening will be followed by an in-depth discussion panel from relevant Australian specialists in the field of psychedelic science. Panellists include: Martin Williams (PRISM and EGA - http://prism.org.au/) Fiona Patten (ASXP - https://www.sexparty.org.au/) Steph Tzanetis (DW - http://www.dancewize.org.au/) Steve Bright (PRISM - http://prism.org.au/) Tim Payne (EGA founder – http://www.entheo.net/) Doors open at 7pm, with the film starting at 7:30pm. Entry to the Conference Centre (Village Roadshow Theatrette) is via entry 3, which is located at 179 La Trobe Street. This event will be a fundraiser for Entheogenesis Australis and PRISM (Psychedelic Research in Science in Medicine). Entheogenesis works tirelessly to produce events and educational resources to support, educate and strengthen the psychedelic community in Australia. Recently, they launched a Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/entheotv) with recorded talks from past events. Funds raised from this film screening will directly contribute to making more material from the EGA archive available online. Strictly limited seating with only 180 tickets available for each screening. Get tickets now - http://www.entheo.net/ega_shop Facebook event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/469885273139008/ See trailer here - http://vimeo.com/75152295 -- Get Tickets now by clicking this link --
  19. Entheogenesis Australis & Lost Tribes present: The 2012 Origins of Consciousness Tour: An Exploration into Psychedelics, Spirituality & Ancient Civilizations with Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Mitch Schultz & more What role have psychedelics played in the evolution of human imagination? What is the link between mystical experiences, neuroscience and parallel dimensions? What was the lost civilization destroyed in the last Ice Age? Will we meet the same fate or are we on the cusp of making the great leap forward into an evolved consciousness? In 2012[ b]EGA[/b] (http://www.entheo.net) will be running a collaborative tour with Lost Tribes Lost Tribes (http://www.losttribes.net.au) to bring to Australia b]Graham Hancock[/b], Dennis McKenna and Mitch Schultz, and others, for an October tour heading to Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney. More information is listed below. The Tour has a Conference day and a separate Workshop element allowing for a personal and engaging experience. Do not miss out on seeing Graham Hancock on his first visit to Australia. He is a unique historian dedicated to uncovering ancient mysteries and addressing key questions behind humankind's evolutionary development. Furthermore, this will be your first opportunity to see Dennis McKenna, the revered ethnopharmacologist, after he has finished his new memoir entitled ‘The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss: My Life with Terence McKenna’ which tells the story of Dennis’ and Terence’s intertwined lives together over the last 60 years, and of the ideas, adventures, and explorations (both inner and outer) that they shared. Also joining the tour will be Mitch Schultz, a maverick film director with a unique understanding of symbolism, mythology & language. Mitch has a special take on the evolution of communication and the role psychedelics have played and continue to play on the mind. We feel honored to have the opportunity unity to bring such great minds together for you all, and we hope you will be a part of this special event. You are invited to join our brilliant guests as we unravel some of the BIG questions and take you on an inspirational journey to reconnect with our sacred past, help us understand our present challenges and work towards transforming the future. The Dates and Venues are as follows: Melbourne Melbourne, 13th October @ Melbourne University - Conference Event Melbourne Melbourne, 14th October @ The Convent Abbortsford - Workshop Event Brisbane, 18th October @ Tribal Theatre - Conference Event Melbourne Byron Bay, 19th October @ Community Centre - Workshop Event Sydney, Sydney, 21st October @ University of NSW - Conference Event Ticketing Tickets available Now; http://www.entheo.net & http://www.losttribes.net.au Conference Event Melbourne and Sydney - One Day Events General Admission tickets $150 Final boarding call $180 Brisbane - Evening show General Admission tickets $100 Final boarding call $130 For Concession and Group booking see http://tickets.entheo.net Workshop Event Melbourne & Byron Bay General Admission tickets $125 Concession Tickets $85 Facebook Let others know by inviting them to our facebook event page. http://www.facebook....50588881619062/
  20. EGA issued a press release this week in response to the Australia21 report into Illicit Drug Policy. EGA support the A21 report and re-opening a national debate on prohibition and the role of ‘drugs’ in society. Read the press release below; http://www.entheo.ne...ia21_5_5_12.pdf collective communal energy at work we feel ;-)
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