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Found 7 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Acacia Germination

    Hey all! I had an almost 100% germination rate with boiling water and bunnings potting mix this year. My question is - Why do i have such a poor germination rate with local sand/soil taken from an environment full of acacia species? It doesn't make sense to me! Thanks again!
  2. I have some 5 year old trichocereus bridgesii that I sadly haven't repotted in 4 years. The tallest ones in the picture are about 53cm. This year will be a good year for them because not only will they get a new large pot (or pots) but they get to leave the 4 year old store-bought cactus soil mix I used at the time! I'm thinking 1 part garden soil, 1 part pearlite (or pumace) and a small amount of sand for the new soil mix. My question is this: I was thinking about burying them about 10cm deeper than they are now, which would put the thin 1st year of growth under the soil and hopefully make them more stable (see picture with drawn lines and text). Not only is the bottom of the cactus thinner than the top but a few of them are also leaning at the bottom then they curve up to vertical at the top. Is this a bad idea? Will I rot out the bottom? I live in the cold north of the US so they've been grown indoors and have a pretty controlled environment. I'm also hoping by mixing my own soil this time it will be better draining and not rot out the newly buried portion.
  3. Good Morning cacti enthusiasts. I know the topic of soils and mediums has probably been done to death here, but I was hoping to get a little information, not on composition but on suppliers of particular minerals in australia. I used the search engine and cannot find similar topics, please post a link if I have missed it...... I have recently been putting a lot of time into moving to an all mineral medium for some of my collection. I am having the best time and am truly stepping up into obsessive territory.... I am now seeing rocks when I close my eyes... love it!! ;-) I am sure others can relate lols anyways I have been concocting brews, potting up, writing down recipes etc using ideas from reading and a splash of intuition, one thing I can't get a handle on is where to obtain all of the ingredients from in australia..... It would great if there was a horticultural warehouse where I could order bagged products and have them delivered- but... there doesn't seem to be an online store that will stock more than one item I am looking for... So far I am looking for the following (but please add any reccomendations!!): Zeolite - I am currently using pool filter ZEO-Clor- I am hoping to obtain horticultural or similar product > 2mm. I see the zeo-clor reccommended a fair bit, but it seems too fine to me..? Bentonite Clay - I am using a kitty litter that, when at the shop I read 'made of 100% australian Bentonite', I saw that and grabbed it, only to find out when I got it home that it is fucking MINTY fresh... so I had to wash it and then dry it and recrumble it..... a step I'd like to do without..... the grain size seemed nice though in the kitty litter... would have been nice if I didnt have to wash it, maybe other brands??? I bought mistys.... Diatomite - I am happy with the mt sylvia calcined diatomaceous earth sold as kleensorb- bought 35 ltr bag for around 18$ i think which isnt too bad, but would like a better price if I continue to use it............... Vermiculite - love to buy in 100ltr bags..??? perlite - love to buy in 100ltr bags..??? Things I'd like to get but havent come across yet............ pummice limestone chips Akadama andesite dacite mica/mica shist etc............................................ Also, I am getting expanded clay and coir from the hydro shop which I am cool with because I am not using it alot atm, can anyone can direct me to cheap sources for future reference???? Looking forward to any input, thanks :-)
  4. I have unbelievable amounts of fungal gnat larvae in my garden soil. Have had for years. But it's now getting in the way of me establishing outdoor Stropharia beds in my yard and I'm over it. Anyone have experience with predatory mites for knocking fungus gnat larvae on the head- specifically in garden soil ( not potted plant/ greenhouse ) environments? http://www.bioworksonline.com.au/index.php Other possibilities for dealing with the ongoing infestation have been rejected, but have included letting the neighbours chooks in the yard for two or three gnat breeding cycles, dernching the whole place in neem on a regular basis, and totally razing the surrounding vegetation so that the soil is more exposed and doesn't provide habitat Even more relevant would be tips and hacks from NNSW and surrounds
  5. I don't know how much detail the testing will go into, but I'm sure some of you might be able to take advantage of this offer. http://research.science.mq.edu.au/vegesafe/how-to-participate/
  6. So, early in November (2013) I was inspired to try and recreate the natural habitat soils of Central America. - going only by what I have read and seen in photos of lophs in natural habitat. this article gave me some examples that tipped me over the edge! >> http://www.cactusconservation.org/CCI/library/2009_Snicer_TheLittlestLophophora.pdf Apart from wanting to provide an optimal grow medium, I am also totally taken by the creamy limestone "clay" with the deep cracks emanating from each plant. I have often seen limestone chunks dropped on top of soil in pots but it looks clumsy and I doubt that the low surface area is effective in distributing mineral from the limestone (especially if bottom-watering). Limestone is not freely available where I am and I wanted to use something locally and easily available, so basically I wanted to make a limestone soil, without limestone. Limestone is essentially calcium carbonate CaCO3, so are seashells, so are eggshells, so that's what I used. I decided the medium should be ground finely if it was to produce a smooth consistency that would crack between waterings. The eggshells were by far easier to grind in the mortar and pestle than the seashells (of which I washed the salt off first) but the seashell "flour" is absolutely divine, sings like porcelain when you stir it with a teaspoon! :-) I had also been recommended gypsum, for it's calcium content and ability to turn clay friable. But because of it's neutral pH it would not be a substitute for the slightly alkaline sea and egg shells. (alkaline like limestone) Gypsum did however prove useful in enhancing the cracking effect on the surface... The final mix included: seashells eggshells gypsum clay I kept a fair amount of the plants' previous mix around the roots so as not to shock them, including pumice, scoria, "cactus mix", and coco-coir. I was a bit worried that I was almost setting them in plaster! the medium dries quite hard, but can be broken apart when wet... They are watered with worm tea, and are looking pretty healthy almost 2 months on... here is an example of growth below ^November ^January others... The only variation I have used since, is adding some perlite to avoid compaction, but I didn't like the grey colour it gave... although I am germinating 100 fricii seeds in it with a 41/100 rate so far and all are looking delightfully bright... If anyone has some tips or cautionary advice, please lay it on me! :-) Thanks for looking!
  7. I am about to repot some different Acacias and I started wondering about the symbiotic fungi it grows with in the wild.. the ones I am about to repot are acuminata, cyclops and floribunda and I have a bunch of random others coming along. So I am not sure if all species are supposed to benefit from this fungus, if it is different fungus(or fungi) for different species, where to get it or how much to use. From what I can gather, these may be the relevant fungi: Scutellospora calospora Glomus intraradices Glomus mosseae and they may benefit a range of Australian natives? so basically I am wondering does anyone in WA have a chunk of the right kind of mycelium for this in some dirt? and don't tell me to go scratching in the dirt to get some, unless it just grows everywhere under any random natives (does it?). Is it best to add it when repotting, or can I go ahead and repot and then just dig some in the soil when I get it? Any help or advice welcomed about the repotting generally, so far I am doing it moist and with some seasol Thanks