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    Pineberry in Australia?

    Just read about pineberries, never heard of them before until now they sound delicious, but I can't find any suppliers of seeds/plants in Australia Has anyone on here grown them? I'm curious as to what they would be like to grow in aus, a white strawberry that tastes like pineapple sounds the bomb!! http://strawberrypla...ry-pineberries/
  2. Pervert who sold semen-soiled yoghurt samples gets his comeuppance Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/pervert-who-sold-semen-soiled-yoghurt-samples-doesnt-get-off-lightly/story-e6frfkyi-1226287795588#ixzz1nxdECray ​ That. Is just fucked up.
  3. Found this monster today just down the road in front of a big "FREE" sign, needs a repot and stuff but pretty chuffed with it Seems to have a little flower starting to develop? Copped a bit of damage on one side Gotta love the freebies!!!!
  4. Jonstn

    Side of the road cactus score

    Cheers mate There's quite a few pups on there so if anyone else want's to do some trades hit us up a PM
  5. Jonstn

    Grafting Book

    To avoid it being deleted after a few months on your usual free file hosting sites, I've put it on photobucket and changed the extension to .jpg So if you like, right click the link below - save link as - change the file type from "JPEG image (*.jpg)" to "all files" - then change the .jpg extension on the file name to .pdf then click save Alternately i still don't mind emailing them out, might just take a bit longer is all http://i1209.photobu...ROUGHCOPYpd.jpg ^ right click - save link as.
  6. Jonstn

    Help ID'ing cactus i found

    Cheers EG here's some more pics, it's flowering like crazy!
  7. Hey all was getting some furniture out of storage at a property as the people have moved out and the place is getting bulldozed. Saw in a field of nettle this sucker growing out of a sideways pot, when i picked it up most of it fell apart but i grabbed what i could anyways. Any help with what it is and what i should do with it all will be much appreciated These are all the bits that fell off when i moved it
  8. Jonstn

    Side of the road cactus score

    It's loving life atm, don't know why anyone would want to get rid of it! Pollinated it with Huasca pollen this morning, and did the reverse hoping i get some viable seed
  9. Jonstn

    Side of the road cactus score

    Cheers guys, still not sure what it is, my noob guess would be some sort of E Multiplex hybrid. When the other flowers open I'll probably try breeding it with something, the only other thing I got flowering ATM is a T Huasca, might try out some of the intergeneric breeding EG posted. Im keen for a trade Stillman I'll hit you up a PM
  10. Jonstn

    Side of the road cactus score

    Got first flower today here's some pics: so puuurrrddyyy
  11. Jonstn

    Help ID'ing cactus i found

    maybe a grandiflorus?
  12. Jonstn

    Wanted List

    I got some bhut seed, datura, ephedra and some p viridis seed if you're keen wouldn't mind some khat seed if you still got some to trade.
  13. Jonstn

    New software uses smartphone camera for spying

    There's an app for jailbroken iPhones that you can use to remotely control your camera, it's meant to be used for if someone steals your phone, you can take pics of the person that took it, use the gps to track it and you can even wipe the whole phone if you wanted, all from your computer at home. But an app designed to hack into any camera is going a bit far
  14. Jonstn

    i think i discovered something

    I think I know which sp you guys are on about, I picked up tube of it last spring it's just over a foot tall ATM, lost all leaves over winter I thought it was dead but then nearing the end of the season it sprung back to life. I could be way off though haha, I got 2 acacias that are meant to be good timber, the other is pretty well knows for what's inside it though.
  15. Jonstn

    Pineberry in Australia?

    Ahh poo that makes it a bit more difficult, maybe you could breed Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria virginiana to get viable seed? That's a fair bit of effort though hahaha
  16. Jonstn

    Pineberry in Australia?

    Have only found them on eBay so far :s around $10 for 10 seeds, would prefer a more reputable source but ebay might have to be the way to go.
  17. Jonstn

    free echinocactus grusonii seeds

    That would be sweet!! Cheers heaps mate
  18. Jonstn

    x x

  19. Jonstn

    Grafting Book

    If no one fixes you up today I'll send you a copy when I finish work it's an awesome read!
  20. Jonstn

    The SAB giant pumpkin growing contest

    I found 2 seeds from last year, going to have to get some more!!
  21. Jonstn

    Happy Birthday Marcel

    HB marcel, hope you had a good one.
  22. Jonstn

    The SAB giant pumpkin growing contest

    Round two?
  23. Jonstn

    Side of the road cactus score

    Yeah it's pretty safe to say in not looking forward to repotting, it's got roots coming out the bottom though so just going to have to bite the bullet hahaha. Ill post flower pics when it comes got some others starting to flower too, first time I'll be able to attempt some breeding
  24. Jonstn

    Where have you seen a cactus lately?

    There's 2 or 3 cacti in the big brother man cave lol
  25. Jonstn

    Loph seed giveaway

    I'll grab some if you still got any cheers mate