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  1. Hi gang, been a while. Can some please give me an ID on this plant? Cheers
  2. Hi gang, Just wondering anyones opinions, I have a compost bin with the normal household food scraps, garden green waste and also rabbit cage cleanings consisting of dung, newspaper, rabbit food. My question is would this compost better suit woodlover or dung mushroom species for an outdoor patch?
  3. einseins

    Looking for Milo, Millet, Sorghum.

    Dude, you should have checked with Symonds. Last time I asked 40kg of rye grain/berries was about $55!
  4. einseins

    Looking for Milo, Millet, Sorghum.

    Symonds Seed in Osborne Park might be able to help you. They are bulk but they are happy to sell a single 20kg bag to the "occasional punter" as they described me (rye seed, FYI).
  5. einseins

    Free stuff confirmed.

    I think 3 is already gone. I'll take 9 thanks! EDIT: to save time numbers left from here are 5, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 26, 28
  6. EDIT: Double-up for my Flower of Life avatar!!
  7. Thanks EG. Its actually on about 6 of 20 plants to varying degree, from a few spots over a couple of feet to the 'concentrated' ~20cm part in the pics. Does the clean growth in pic2 (above the spots) make you think it could be overcoming the problem already? They are all in the ground so I may have to do some heavy pruning if it can't be overcome.
  8. hi gang, Hoping you can help me with this problem my pachanois have. The white spotting is only in small areas now, but I want to get on top of it before it gets worse. I'm sure I've seen this kind of thing before here but can't find anything. They are north facing with full sun, watered every 1-2 days and no ferts at the moment. Any help appreciated PS - Sorry about the rotation....with all these silicon chips and such
  9. einseins

    Planty fluorene derivative?

    Some harmala alkaloids (like harmaline, harmane, harmine etc) look a bit like that with a N at the bridge. Was it Syrian Rue, B.Caapi or Tribulus Terrestris?
  10. einseins

    Importing Mimosa Hostilis seeds and Customs?

    hostilis is synonymous with tenuiflora, which is noted in Table.3 as tenuiflorum, requiring further evaluation.
  11. einseins

    Trichocereus seed giveaway :)

    I count I'm 11th, so I'll take some off you hands thank you sir!
  12. I don't think aussie supermarkets have GM fruit and veg (yet!). More like strain selection evolution (oxymoron?) for wanted traits. GM doesn't make them sterile either.
  13. einseins

    Mystery Turmeric

    I think some galangal can be that colour, not sure of the taste/smell myself as I've never used galangal
  14. einseins

    Mushroom ID

    maybe psathyrella sp, nothing active
  15. Looks like 2 tubes connected in V-shape. My guess would be: 1. Put in snuff. 2. Long end in nose, short in mouth (either really) 3. Blow. 4. Enjoy the ride!