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  1. 10 dollars each, brisbane
  2. What would you trade for it?
  3. hypnotoad

    Interest in a 6ft+ a peregrina

    Would it be more appealing if I put photos up?
  4. 2 are about 4ft and the other is 1ft. $30 for all 3 ono Pictures tomorrow
  5. hypnotoad

    Rubbish Pile Auction

  6. It looks and smell a lot like camphor, but the scent isn't as strong. It's from Brookefield in Brisbane.
  7. hypnotoad

    Native Cinnamomum?

    I think that's the one, thanks mate.
  8. hypnotoad

    The Carolina Reaper

    Most likely a hotter one will be bred this year. They'll be illegal soon.
  9. hypnotoad


  10. hypnotoad

    The Carolina Reaper

    The flesh is death. Haven't even tried the seeds.
  11. There are 2 types of people in this world; people who pee in the shower, and liars.
  12. I've got a bunch of carolina reapers.
  13. hypnotoad

    Looking for male mate plant

    Thanks yall
  14. hypnotoad

    ebay seller

    It's quite odd that he's never posted, odd and mysterious! He just lurks these forums quietly, watching.... Waiting.... He could be reading this thread right now and we'd never know
  15. hypnotoad

    ebay seller

    That sounds a lot like something robdmt would say.
  16. hypnotoad

    Anadenanthera ID

    Can anyone ID this one?
  17. hypnotoad

    Help with sugar cane

    Will the insinkerator be able to handle insinkerating the rigidity of the cane?
  18. hypnotoad

    Help with sugar cane

    I've got a lot of sugar cane, is there an easy amateur way of extracting the juice that doesn't involve an expensive crusher or a painful boiling process? Maybe a garden mulcher? Large hand mincer?
  19. hypnotoad

    Help with sugar cane

    Is there any way of modifying/upgrading that crap-crusher? What are your plans with the timber lathe?
  20. hypnotoad

    300 post giveaway

    I'm in, thanks.
  21. I've got more if anyone missed out, a lot more.