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  1. Yes, yes and YES ive tried searching for the answer but it was a fail. When and Where do P.cubs grow in Australia. I know their typically found in queensland but when is the season. rainy humid i hear Specifically, please answer the question like this. its simple and others will understand it. " P.cubes grow from (Northern city/town) A to Southern city/town B and the season starts on the month of X and finnishes on the month of X. example format - cubes grow from cairns to coffs harbour starting from june to October. thanks for your help ps im not normally so instructive, just frustraed with the lack of info im getting on the search engines... cheers
  2. thank you Berengar could someone tell me which "gyms" are found in nsw/sydney area that are phsychoactive? ill search around but dual input is favorable to a newbie. your energy is witnessed and appreciated people
  3. Thanks for the info and advice everyone. Im very excited to be here on this fourm so thank you all for the kind informative direction. Ill start researching Psilocybe subaeruginosa. maybe a few of you can look at my other thread in the ID FUNGUS section, i found what a member thinks are Gymnopus luxurians..........could you knowledgeable people please put your two cents in. Im taking your advices on doing my own research but i also take the advice of mystical oyster in posting pics in the id.could you please help with that ID? Ive heard year back of "GYMS" and the word gymnopus ring a bell??? are these the them, do they contain psychoactive compounds ? I hope you don't think im taking advantage of your knowledge by just blindly asking away. I taught myself mechanics by both by asking questions on the fourms and goggling articles/info. ( i promise i wont clogg the sections with to many daft questions) thanks guys you ;)
  4. are they edible and or do they contain any psychoactive compounds? i tried a quick search but not much just thought id ask?
  5. hey so here the other ones i found today, just picked 3 as they werent as many and i wasnt sure. details: Red/brown caps. white gills, hollow stem w/red/brown "blood" Ive seen these around before, picked in sydney today woodchips thanks for the help
  6. Hi, I thanks for helping me ID these guys. They were taken this morning. Their entire body is a tan/light super brown colour. They are almost goldish red shimmering in the sun. They have similar coloured gills they stems have a light reddish liquid spores are black found in wood chip mulch under shady trees thanks for your time
  7. Hey fiends, I thought, since its nearly season, id ask a few questions I have myself and maybe itl answer future queries. Okay, so you wana find some P.Cubensis or Sub. Cubensis because you like taking photos of them........... You've learn t the basics, but the one there's one question you have that you desperately want answered.... WHERE THE FK ARE THEY ?!?!? Id like to designate this post to that particular question because in the end it all doesn't matter if you dont find any and you dont wana hear "better luck year year mate" ever again. So lets hear it, where did/do you find yours? Dont have to give away the exact spot What was the conditions exactly leading up to this batch? What type of environment was it? Damp, Wetlads, dried, urban, where they growing out of the heavily manured mulch at your local maccas What are there location characteristics in your experience Essentially id like to see a formula grow to aid all hunters namaste peps
  8. nexus92

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Hey mate, im on the ceny coast and keen to find the right trails to walk for these encounters. which trail was this? thanks for any info
  9. swim here first time asking. not sure on how its done. swim likes to strenthen connections. do swim have anything for swim? swim please enjoy this artwork
  10. swim recommends "CyberOptics Solar album" to anyone who likes a trip from their dubstep. the name cyberoptics sounds alittle cheezy but since when did we judge Gets dem sound waves visible. enjoy, link belllow
  11. thanks Dreamwalker, I just read about the rules how u can only have one thread. never seeen that before but never found a phycedelic trading fourm either. Okay, thanks for the info bro. very excited about this, whats the deal with the po po, are they on here, posing as users trying to bust peoples?
  12. Hi friends, Im very grateful that ive found this partiular. Could i please get the run down on the dos and donts of this section. i dont wana offend any long time users or mods/admin but I am searching for an experience, its itching and i have questions. thanks amigos namaste