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  1. hypnotoad

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    I’ve had them flowering but then last summers storms killed them…no seeds. My tip would be grow them like a cactus, always let them dry out before watering. Mine did well in mostly shade.
  2. hypnotoad

    Catha edulis

    Your use of the word ‘reticence’ made me smile.
  3. hypnotoad

    Hydro stuff SEQLD

    $50 ono and I’ll deliver to Ipswich, Brisbane, Scenic rim and goldcoast
  4. hypnotoad

    Graft stock

    I’ve got stacks of pere. Where are you?
  5. hypnotoad

    Salvia pomifera seed or plant - Crete sage

    Yeah I’ve checked all my known obscure salvia seed vendors and nothing. Its hard to even find info on it. if you’re into other obscure Greek foods I’ve got ‘gigantes beans’, very hard to find outside of Greece. Perennial with giant beans and edible starchy roots.
  6. hypnotoad

    Salvia pomifera seed or plant - Crete sage

    Gee that’s a tricky one. I’ve got recognita and glutinosa. How did you come to know about this one?
  7. hypnotoad

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I’m in
  8. hypnotoad

    Meet up: Ipswich

    When’s the next one?
  9. hypnotoad

    Tabernaemontana divaricata

    I’ve got one if you’re still keen sim
  10. hypnotoad

    Brugmansia ( Double pink )

    I’ve got one
  11. hypnotoad

    Flower photo competition

    Voacanga t. Africana t. Sananho
  12. I'm keeping the T. Mac at the back of the photo and 2 of the bridgesii but the rest is yours. More not included in photo
  13. hypnotoad

    Weird rain underneath bamboo

    I’ve recently moved into the scenic rim in Queensland and the house came with a huge 25ft+ bamboo. Every day between about 7pm to 5am it ‘rains’ underneath it. It does it pretty consistently too, no stopping and starting. Tiny little drops, very faintly. I didn’t find anything on the internet about it. Can anyone Dr. Karl that shit for me?
  14. hypnotoad

    Durio/durian tree

    Looking for durians, any kind. Heaps of money, heaps to trade. Ta
  15. 3-4ft A. simplex and A. courtii, $20 each. Photos later. Pickup Brisbane south.
  16. Ono. Photos later. Pickup Brisbane south
  17. hypnotoad

    Found on cow poo

    Found these in noosa in december. Bruised blue, spore print black
  18. Ive got a few different Tabernaemontana seeds, is the penicillium (I think) growing on them likely to damage the embryo or is It after the leftover flesh on the outside of the seed? Any recommended remedies?
  19. hypnotoad

    Possibly Calea Zacatechichi?

    I think you're right
  20. hypnotoad

    Plant sale Brisbane

    4ft Acacia simplex $50 2ft Doryphora aromatica $30 4ft champaca magnolia $30 1ft Tabernaemontana Australis $15 1ft Malabar chestnut seedlings $5 Various fruiting opuntia pads $10
  21. hypnotoad

    Coffea liberica/excelsa

    Big $$$ for anyone who can get them. I've been emailing people overseas for years. I'm about to concede defeat, book a flight to malayasia and bring a fistful of them back in my asshole.
  22. hypnotoad

    Tabernaemontana Seeds

    I've got T. Sananho T. Africana T. Donnell-smithii T. Grandiflora Also have T. Australis seedlings, fast growing, good for grafting. Trades only. Hit me up
  23. hypnotoad

    Panaelous id

    Found on horse manure, spore print is jet black
  24. hypnotoad


    Is this a seedling?