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  2. Every moment does have a nexus within it I think , your comment Space Cadet I find profound. The end of MY world is when I die, whenever that may be. I am sure I have come close a few times or possibly even crossed the line, but the "fire" still burned.- my date is still to arrive. There have been hundreds of "end of the world" dates passed, and to come. There have always been groups attracted to such dates and knowing what "truth" it holds. Everyone will have one (unless immortal or your head gets cut off ) , it is what it is. But to keep on topic it deeply concerns me to see religion/faith/spirituality used to make something right/just/holy/legal. The rhetoric that comes with it just plainly pisses me off. I stand behind my previous statement of division Vs unity coming, it is already here on many fronts.
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    FYI - this is a variety that has pale " tan/white" seeds rather that the "blue/dark" ones
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    Free ones all committed folks. Will keep releasing a few things when theres a bit of church money free Will get em out at the end of the week brothers. WB
  5. Always concerning when something gets tied up under religion, and suddenly one is "not worthy" or not following a "true path", or whatever crap spin gets put upon it according to typically an individuals perception that you do not share. This is only given strength through those that follow. Strength in numbers holds very true for religion IMO. For me chemical first, spiritual second. I do not need anyone else to interpret any experience I have in life. I also accept that sometimes there is no conclusive personal interpretation. I had sensed an attack on those that are atheist in some previous threads, and have held back my response which is not unlike the response some may feel to statements such as " your religion is shit". My perception of "spiritual" is different from "yours". I respect that, but do not tell me that mine is any less important, not worthy, less true. Too much of this comes from religious circles.and groups to attempt to gain higher ground. I do not buy into such business models, but anyone is free to subscribe...., I see it as detrimental in the long term as this will breed division not unity. Must be time for the Chemical Crusades. Do as you believe is right for you, stand alone or strength in numbers. WB Ps - I think the 2012 scenario has been good for "business" , and I may be a mad, fringe dweller Bloody typos
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    Roadside Drug Swabs

    I have to love the fact that now I can expect the use of "reasonable" force to allow the swabbing of my steering wheel at the whim of a fresh out of academy uniformed kid on a power trip. Doesn't matter if I do or don't, it the fckn principle of the matter. "Got a few environmental stickers on that ute Bob, better swab the steering wheel of that greenie" I might ask them to clean up the dashboard and the windscreen while they are at it, the "urban assault vehicle" could probably do with it. Cheers WB
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    Roadside Drug Swabs

    Tassie has really amped up using swabbing steering wheels for detection of likely candidates . No positive hits heard of yet. No idea of the test reaction, or if this can stand alone in court. Could prove a problem for users that have used and driven prior to being pulled over. Watch for this one brothers and sisters coming from a government near you.... FYI - how this archaic shit works legal wise .... .pdf fact sheet. http://www.google.co...Tcz-zzQ&cad=rja
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    Salvia help

    Whats the secret web address for Flanelette Alley? I have the uniform - just need to join the club. PM me. This is the funniest thing I have read all day
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    Sounds like you've been reading Tasmanian papers...lol I think it is just a method to keep the sheep busy , and to keep them interfering with "power" by being preoccupied. For a "democracy" most folk are resigned to take whatever is dished out at them. When was the last time Australians actually rioted over something the government did? Aussie pride is just commercial shit these days......
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    Prince Albert
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    scop x psycho0 (refined)

    If I wasn't living in that other one, I would snap one up
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    online payment systems

    Paypal does have some interesting money laundering and terrorism related clauses FYI. Have had a little fun in this area myself - the fkers, last year a new series of rules came in for aussies. May be worth some looking over the policies again for those that regulaly use it or handle larger amounts. WB
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    horehound during ceremonys?

    Pre 1900 down here it was well used as a lozenge primarily for sore throats. Find it growing weedy around a lot of old homesteads. WB
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    Trichocereus seedlings for sale

    Interested - PMd
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    Watch Me Grow

    Interesting way to look at seed growth, link to pdf. Light would still have some influence. http://tiny.cc/a459o WB
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    Watch Me Grow

    Seed can be started on agar, but generally it is in a formulated growing media containing additional nutrients and phytochemicals to get it to do "what you want it to do". You can work with any cell on agar if you tweak it with hormones (some better starts than others), to whatever endpoint. Search somatic embryogenesis to get an idea how freaky it can get. Without nutrient and hormones I wouldn't attempt to clone off cacti on straight agar. Yep, I have done a few tours of duty in TC labs and have seen some freaky shit.... Will note any growing media has an affect on the root morphology, including agar as a dense media. Liquid culture/ aeroponics also has an influence on root morphology, as the roots do not need to exert pressure on the media to grow and can have a greater influence by gravity. The container would need a removable sleeve, to shield from unwanted affects of light but allow for observation A hybrid of small glass beads (?) and hydroponic solution, housed in a glass/plastic container may cut it for experimentation as an idea (?) Cheers WB
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    Wanted: Radula marginata

    Out of interest - Is there a species preference of decayed wood ? or certain community type it grows in (riparian, rainforest etc)?
  21. Was watching this on ebay out of interest, one TBM pup sold $58 US, FYI http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130635926399&ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:AU:1123 Cheers WB
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    Free Cacti Only Trading

    Just putting it out there No stress Chef Can possess a loaded loph down here but ....
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    egay action

    Had no issues with Kenny K's seed myself
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    Free Cacti Only Trading

    Hooray , I may not be slight anymore Have done the ebay trick before. Just raising it as WA isn't the only nun-fun place. Some folk can be be pricks even when they know what they are up to however, not all are such pricks On the other hand some folk don't want to send, and I am willing too accept that (so maybe a disclaimer?) (I will not forget however ) Cheers WB
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    Free Cacti Only Trading

    I have brother, thought I replied via PM? Crazy days mate, crazy days....