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  1. Crayzee pix Snowfella.... Wonder if its situated out the front of his/her place, that concrete isn't a front drive/side walk is it...? lol... Edit: I'd be happy to part with a hungie for that crest jjsanaam
  2. Hey DS - The goods arrived day before yesterday... Thanks so much mate. Really appreciate your generosity. Will be sowing these seeds this weekend. Shall be fun
  3. Very nice of you Darkspark, the community appreciates your generosity. I was wondering do you have any of the following still available? 10 - Psycho0 x super pedro seeds 10 - Peruvianus x Pachanot 50 - Datura stramonium Seeds 25 - Chocolate Habanero seeds Thanks Darkspark, Thx Torsten..... THX SAB!
  4. ^ so nice man they're actually the pics I saw and liked most. I'm excited.
  5. The pix of the flowers I've seen can vary greatly. Gorgeous fkn plant. Can you post a pic of your mother plant/flower if possible? I'm interested in how purple the violet is, how white the white is, and how dark the stem is. PM'd too (although I may be too late). Thx heaps generous sir!
  6. MorteiN

    DayZ: Open world survival horror

    IP: Port: 22540 Heres the details for a public non-passworded gaming vent we use. I'm sure no one will mind if a few of you guys commandeer an empty room for your game. Have fun
  7. MorteiN

    Katie & Tom split

  8. Hey guys - I had an AVR session (Assisted Voluntary Resolution) session with the fair work ombudsman and my old employers in regards to being underpaid. Got a nice few grand pay out from them, I will now inform all my co-workers from the yard to do the same. They must be spewing.... We also had a fair work australia mediation session in regards to the unfair dismissal - I asked for reinstatement and 5 weeks backpay... he shat and refused to pay anything, and wouldn't make a counter offer. So we are set for a hearing infront of a fairwork australia court-like board member team in September. Hopefully i'll get another nice payout then. Things got ugly in the mediation, he accused me of swearing infront of children and women. He made mention to my paid agent that I was working high on drugs... The spiteful cunt.... Once a pig, always a fkn pig.... My agent kept arguing the fact that he didn't dismiss me, he made me redundant, and that they have employed new workers since. And why hadn't they offered me my job back if I was redundant and not sacked. He couldnt answer that question clearly. He kept sort of trying to dish more dirt.... And at the end of everything, after nothing was sorted my old employer asked the mediation officer weather or not he would be able to have all legal costs put back on me, as a final little bully tactic to deter me from pursuing it. Such a fkn animal.... The mediation officer said, you can fill out a form and try to have costs put back on the complainant but more than likely you wont be successful... I am now going off to start an Electricians Apprenticeship, and am moving well away from the old industry I was in. I am feeling heaps better. I will give ya'll some updates as it progresses.
  9. MorteiN

    Swab test

    Good luck incog. Fingers crossed mate, hope it all goes well for ya.
  10. He didnt mention any pain and suffering to me... I'm not too sure what hes planning - he did express interest in what was being done in regards to my boss's job position. He also asked me weather I wanted the most money possible - or my old job position back. I told him that I am looking for the most money, and that I dont plan on ever going back there to work. So like people have said, he'll probably bleed em dry out of court if it goes that far. Hey, this is a valid point brother - I wont be retiring from the work force, but I'm confident I wont be going back to the same industry. Joining the correct union will be the first thing I do during any future employment from now on. Thx everyone for the supportive insight.
  11. ^ Thanks man. By the way I am covered under the "Vehicle Manufacture Repair and Services and Retail" award if that means anything to you. I haven't tried finding out what union covers it, anyway its too late to join a union now - that'd be comparable to buying car insurance after you have an accident wouldnt it?
  12. Yes there is was two of my co-workers and my boss that wittnessed everything. I am unsure if either of the other two co-workers will testify. I have spoken to legal aid - He is the compensation lawyer that is pursuing the unfair dismissal for me. He is confident and is also interested as to what is happening with my boss's job posistion - so maybe hes gonna go for the jugular? Who knows. I got a feeling it might all fall thru if they use the "work drying up" excuse as psyllo seems to think.... I do have the doctors cert still and thats all filed away ready for use when needed, the lawyer is aware of it too. I've got a full incident diary of everything too. The lawyer has a copy of this also.
  13. I dont have dosh, I need it. And the abuse was worth the coin... No one willingly allows themselves to be bullied, especially not me. I was ready to play facial reconstruction but that'd land me in a heap of shit, as well as getting sacked... I worked in a shipyard anti-fouling yachts and cruisers... Maritime Industry? My compensation lawyer is dealing with the angst now - He takes 30% if it wins. Nothing if he loses. Pretty well angst free now. I'm gonna get my centrelink dosh soon, and will pursue some cash work (landscaping) for the next couple of weeks. Then I might try to go off to tafe and have centrelink pay for it. I want to study some kind of hortorculture course maybe. I have done a coxswaines course at tafe - maybe I should try to build on this by going out and doing some scuba diving courses and obtain a ticket of somesort. I dont like the fact that there is so much piss testing that goes on in the maritime industry... Maybe It's time for me to start a new career path...
  14. Hey guys - and Psylo. FUARK I went down to centrelink and the chick that was helping me get onto the newstart allowance rang up my boss for me, because he hadn't provided me with a cert of seperation and she wanted to know the reason for my termination. He told her that work was running out!!!!!!!!!! So he obviously knows the legalities - He told me initially it was because work was running out, then told me it was because of my public outburst. Then told centrelink it was cause work was running out...... There are three employees including me that does my job - All of which are casual (me being there the longest). We had just taken on a new south african traveller 4 weeks prior to my sacking, It was also well known at the work place that this south afco fella was leaving the country soon, as his working visa was about to expire. So they are employing new emoployees and are aware that they are only here for a few weeks, but still they choose to sack me who has been there longest and isn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon. All this occured after I complained about being assaulted. Its all fucked up and so, sooo wrong... Regardless tho, you think they are well within there right - despite everything that has occured?
  15. My lawyer guy has made the unfair dismissal application - and fair work australia is chasing my back pay. It will probably be a few weeks now till I hear of any progress. I'm gonna go down to centrelink today (interview at 11am) and see what they can do for me. And thats it for the moment. Will let you peeps know of any updates.