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  1. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    here is a thread devoted to my most loved plants, please post your most prized plants too! astrophytum onzuka ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus - 10 years old but still a very small fry euphorbia decaryi obregonia denegrii ceropegia stapeliiformis cristata turbinacarpus lophophorides - i think euphorbia ferox oddity (crest, normal and mutant bits) ariocarpus fissuratus diffusa kohersii stapelia leendertziae cristata astrophytum caput medusae started doing a few wee moss garden arrangements with a couple of my caudis too: possibly senecio picticaulis (cant find the tag for this one - i may be wrong) dorstenia foetida ponytail palm unknown meseb and button these two following are not mine but i love them as much as their owner does aztekium ritteri (grafted) larryleachia cactiformis
  2. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    Hellonasty, do you graft most of your astrophytum caput medusae? i am wondering weather i should keep my guy on his own roots or wud it be wiser/safer to graft?
  3. bogfrog

    SOLD: Large Mature Loph

    what a beauty
  4. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    i think i might have a piece of this plant too... but through yet another source. will do some more snappin when i get home. just moved all my plants out on the first day of spring and then the heavens open and drench them!
  5. bogfrog

    spring is in the air

    ohh my god please put up bonsai pix!!!
  6. golden pine three tubby woodpigeons kowhai
  7. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    it was a swap from a mate, he said it was a local plant beautiful ae, i wud love to see any old trich pix
  8. bogfrog

    Ebay Mammillaria monstrose

    i have one of these crazy buggers, awesome as plants but they dont like direct sun so be gentle on them!
  9. bogfrog

    Id needed

    looks like a pacycereus pecten-aboriginum, they are cool plants but watch out for the spikes, i got one in my knuckle and it went completely blue and numb!
  10. bogfrog


    these are incredible, your dad must have such a steady hand and alot of patience! you must be very proud
  11. bogfrog

    My $15 score!

    nice, i'm pretty sure the wee guys are Chamaecereus sylvestri - they get called the peanut cactus
  12. bogfrog

    Wanted root vegetables

    i could be cheeky and try send you some tiny ones, there are a few smaller than peas! probably best not to tho, hope you get lucky soon
  13. bogfrog

    Wanted root vegetables

    just harvested my ulluco yesterday, will need quite a few of these wee buggers for a good feed!
  14. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    hey βluntmuffin that aztekium sounds incredibly awesome, i think we are quite lucky in nz, somewhat limited but we've got a decent portion of the coolest plants here, and the really rare ones just get hidden away by secretive growers! and Ethen what a very beautiful plant! thanks for sharing!
  15. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    good detective work guys! i knew there was something too blantantly different about these plants. thats pretty cool as they will mature faster having pach in the mix
  16. bogfrog

    name s for a new kitten member to ur family

    tea bag turned to tea bog, then bog frog, boggit, bog, bag, wee bag, boggy, boggy woggy etc etc, i sing alot of songs about her pingu is a great name! a friend of my dads used to have a naughty dog called Fire! and it would run away lots so he would often find himself wandering the streets shouting 'FIRE! FIRE!'
  17. bogfrog

    name s for a new kitten member to ur family

    what an awesome looking cat! very fluffy! i particularly liked etherealdrifter's suggestion of Tuffy MacFuffpants, but i am also a big fan of stereotypical human names for cats. i called my cat tea bag originally, then it morphed into many other imaginative nicknames. i think he/she looks like a Zeusy Poosey, maybe just Poosey if shes a she lol
  18. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    hmm i thought it wasnt very flocked too, pretty cool tho, do myriostigma tricostatums do the quite distinctive downwards pointing arrow marks between the ribs when mature? i find i can always pick favourites becuase they are usually my newest additions and as i get more cool dudes they fall backwards in ranking, but thats okay becuase they were all my favourite plant at the time i brought each one wow lovely crest/mostrose, my partner has one kinda similar but its reluctant to put out montrose sections, lots of weird morphing but it always goes to crest. i'll take a pic next time i can very nice and tidy pachanoi kk339 too!
  19. bogfrog

    artwork i've done...

    WOW! incredible stuff, well done
  20. bogfrog

    Flower Girls

    pretty poem from a pretty girl, what a treat
  21. bogfrog

    New model for understanding music

    trippy! somewhat explains all those shocking singers who audition for idol thinking that they are the bomb-diggity
  22. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    i love moss! i get a wee bit obsessive about it sometimes and end up walking home with huge clumps of moss and dirt in my bag and as much as i can carry in hands
  23. bogfrog

    my favourite plants

    the caput medusae i think is about 2-2.5 years old (thats a rough estimate) , it was a very lucky score from a grower who knew just how special they are! and the aztekium i wouldnt have a clue, as it came to us grafted already, but its a plant i doubted i would ever see for myself in new zealand, so thats pretty damn cool, surpassing our limitations already, go NZ!