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  1. Hello eth heads, and cacco cunts. There's a gathering of like-minded folks at the Adelaide Botanic gardens this Saturday (Nov 2nd). There'll be cactus freebies, and people to talk to, so bring yourself, and maybe some plants, and some weed for the dude that arranged it, it's gonna be a bunch of trippers talking shit. Come along
  2. Quill

    Post your track of the day

    http://youtu.be/epvdvlXCg80 I know these fools
  3. Quill

    Are fake id's legal?

    If they were legal the site wouldn't have that disclaimer, no?
  4. You can expect my bearded, bespectacled face. Can't promise much in the way of randomness, but I can banter. See you trippers there.
  5. i was goin to make an appearance. Super meets sound super cool. Let me at your gardens.
  6. You guys missed out, i got tantra to myself,
  7. Quill

    The Random Thread.

    candy is dandy, but I'm a diabetic
  8. Quill

    first time beard grower :)

    Having a beard has earnt me more respect than any other acheivement or personality trait. With it i look like a professor. It's also a chance to let some of my celtic blood shine through, (flecks of ginge through it) Whenever a formerly bearded friend of mine has shaven I feel a sense of loss and feel I cannot trust them (reverse of traditional saying/sentiment "Never trust a bearded man") Aren't beards a symbol of wisdom? I use mine huswise. keep it from getting scraggly and the ladies swoon, at least this is my experience, Oh and wameron just kinda knit the hair over the patches and voila: Beard
  9. thanks for the kind words bop, I cant "come back" though, too poor for internet. I would post some more poems but they're all angsty and shit, bout how hard it is to be a middle class mostly straight white male, plus I want to get paid for those. If I do some more wordplay I'll post one just for you bully
  10. Quill

    Anadenanthera columbrina var Cebil in Salta

    after that sort through some more photos, nice pics
  11. Hola corroborators I haven't been on the fora for a while so i thought i would return with a poem. I wrote this one a few years ago whilst tripping balls on life (i.e. completely sober), it has become my happy place so if its naivete is not to your liking please don't tell me i'm a wanger. It's slightly tongue-in-cheek and the I present is not me, i am no acid messiah. It is probably best received when performed but hey, enjoy. Poem As I ride this neon zebra unicorn into the clouds the hairy horn ed tentacle beings swarm exuding laser beams from their bloated protuberances No matter how many, no matter how fast my zebra is too swift, too graceful (Did I mention she flies? cause she totally does.) And when from the tentacle beings I have escaped I will liberate every last fucking one of you with my funky blue vibrations And on a mountain in the sky, we will sit peacefully and I will shoot sunshine into your veins. Boom Quill
  12. Quill

    SA plant sale

    I'm just out of Adelaide