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  1. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    The weather says yes.
  2. Foo

    seedlings to give away

  3. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    So im seeing a heap of interest in a camp at some point. But is there any for a meet up in south perth in 2-4 weeks time?
  4. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Not really up for a camp. But if others are keen we should meet up sometime before we lose the weather.
  5. Wow, i didnt realize just how many superior beings we have here at SAB.
  6. Foo

    grafted seeds

    Your right, lets post more off-topic criticism without even lending your opinion on the subject. There is a lot to learn here at SAB
  7. Foo

    grafted seeds

    of course there is interaction. Otherwise the scion would die. If someone spat in your mouth, would you acquire their traits? Or would your children share some DNA with the spit donor?
  8. Foo

    grafted seeds

    Same as ungrafted. Stock has nothing to do with anything
  9. I have the same weed coming over my fence from the neighbor. Archaeol~ is dead right, you can poison anything on " your side" which is what ive been doing. Sadly it grows back every year! They are tough as guts. Sometime a good dose of roundup on a 30+ day seems to do nothing ... I normally apply every 2 days for 1-2 weeks.
  10. AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore loses contact with air traffic controlPosted 10 minutes agoSun 28 Dec 2014, 12:13pmAn AirAsia plane with 161 people on board lost contact with air traffic control en route from Indonesia to Singapore this morning, the airline has confirmed. AirAsia said a search and research operation has been launched. "The AirAsia flight flying from Surabaya to Singapore lost contact with Jakarta at 7:55am (local time)," Indonesian transport ministry spokesman JA Barata said. The Airbus plane left Juanda International Airport in Surabaya in east Java at 5:20am and was expected to arrive in Singapore at 8:30am (local time). The transport ministry the plane was carrying six crew and 155 passengers, including 138 adults, 16 children and a baby. Indonesian media are reporting the flight had 149 Indonesians, three Koreans, one Singaporean, one Briton and one Malaysian person on board. ABC Live Coverage
  11. Foo

    Interesting/Custom Fruiting Chambers

    Ive never seen a non custom fruiting chamber
  12. Foo

    The Corroboree chat meet up!

    Don't be such a hermit, come to the WA meet
  13. Snuff would be cool. I assume your in aust?
  14. Im not massive on Aussie Hip Hop. But that was pretty good. Nice work on the video. It was somewhat mesmerizing and im sober! Thanks for sharing
  15. Foo

    Kiva microloans

    There is a group of SABers on there. Join up ;)
  16. Foo

    L. williamsii seeds

    Less then helpful.
  17. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Your posts must be on Mod preview as they didnt show up until today ... I would have come down if id seen that!
  18. Foo

    the ? artifical evolution of processed foods.

    I cant imagine the Billions who live without electricity switching to lab grown food in the next 50 years.
  19. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Seeing as i don't have any definite attendee's im going to give it a miss. If anyones going, please post here as i would likely change my mind if i had assurances that i wasnt going to be at a 1 man meet Seeing as no one replied, im pretty glad that i didn't go now Now taking (date) suggestions for the next meet.
  20. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Its today, yo. Sorry to hear that FC, next time!
  21. I agree. They look Peru to me as well. Doesn't mean that much though
  22. This dude has a number of plants that would fit your description. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40081
  23. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Cmon Perthians, whos coming? I have a bunch of Tricho seeds to give away, if anyone is keen please post here as i will pack them up beforehand.
  24. Foo

    Noob question: Contam?

    Could be contam. Could be any number of other factors, if its grey im leaning towards contam. Pictures are always helpful. Ive seen a few of these threads back flip on the conclusion after a photo is posted. A picture paints a thousand spores.
  25. Foo

    Meet up: Perth

    Sabber's are normally easy to spot, or smell. I can PM you my mobile number if this is your first time. Better directions can be found in the calendar entry. We are normally at one of the two blue markers in the map.