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    Selective Dopamine Reuptake inhibitors

    Amineptine seems especially interesting in its reported actions as an oxytocin-promoting stimulant antidepressant... a few more hugs and some DAT-inhibition does sound like a real winner! The cocaine-analogues synthesised from arecoline also look interesting. I have some cool papers around the place that I'll get and add to this post when I remember to.
  2. Alchemica

    Psilocybin breaking down with heat and time

    Potential psilocin dimers?
  3. Alchemica

    Psilocybin breaking down with heat and time

    In the words of Stramonium (Posted earlier this year): "Found an interesting insight regarding the blueing reaction and action of ascorbic acid. IMO, oxidised psilocin (dimeric quinone, inactive) could potentially be reduced to an active monomeric, phenolic psilocin derivative by ascorbic acid. FUNGAL METABOLISM-IV. THE OXIDATION OF PSlLOCIN BY p-DIPHENOL OXIDASE (LACCASE) (Received 14 April 1967) http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...ost&id=8108 ( 159.76K ) Abstract-The oxidation of psilocin catalysed by p-diphenol oxidase has been studied... QUOTE: "The blue product formed during the oxidation of psilocin was found to be readily reduced to a colourless (straw coloured in concentrated solution) product by ascorbic acid or sodium dithionite, and is thus probably quinonoid in nature. Studies previously reported of the oxidation of phenols such 2,6-dimethoxyphenol and 2,6-dimethylphenol have shown that dimeric quinones are obtained as products, these quinones were readily reduced by ascorbic acid or sodium dithionite."
  4. Alchemica

    spammer mr griffin...

    Hey everyone! Stramonium aka Mr Griffin aka... gave me a call just to say thanks to everyone for their support over the last few difficult weeks! No hard feelings with regard to any complaint either; the effort taken by the moderators was very much appreciated! Everyone has something they feel driven to "Shout, Shout, Let it all out..." about so he always enjoys hearing a wide range of opinions about his attitudes and behaviours . Finally, he'd like to say thanks again for all the support and when things stabilise neurochemically, he shall be back on the forums continuing is ethical research into mental health issues. All the best to everyone! Much to all Shaman-Australis-ers. Edit: He also wondered (seeing he's run out of Tarot Cards) if he should be gently stoned (as some may wish to see), purely to verify the existance of the Game of Life... You know, crazy scientists, they are often up for anything just once...