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  1. bandario

    Spores for microscopy

  2. bandario


    Also interested in the same, chasing well made sterile spore syringes for microscopy purposes. Been a long time, just got a new microscope from santa.
  3. bandario


    Is OP still kicking?
  4. bandario

    Subs 2014

    Haha It was fucking weird how winter just kicked off on the first of the month down here in Gippsland! You really believe that chemtrail theory?
  5. bandario

    ID Please?

    Either Galerina Marginata which will kill you dead (look for an annulus), or could be P.subaeruginosa but WE CANNOT TELL FROM THAT PHOTO.
  6. bandario

    The myth of Lepiota humei

    I have just read this great little post by Rev on the possibility of Lepiota Humei being a myth. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7960 And also come across many many references to this mushroom over the years in counterculture forums and social groups. What are peoples thoughts? It is generally said that during the late 60's this species of mushroom was far preferred over both LSD and Psilocybin containing varieties and produced a much more enjoyable experience. What are your thoughts? That article does a great job of shutting it down but I can't help but think there might be something in this...has anybody ever seen any?
  7. I am looking to start taking Tongkat extract as part of my training diet. Wondering if anyone knows of a reputable source for some proper strength extract? $15 for 12 10:1 capsules would leave a fairly significant hole in my wallet at 3 capsules per day per run. Many thanks for any information! I know a fair few people are using this stuff for various reasons, they have to be getting it from somewhere.
  8. bandario

    tobacco and lime combined

    In India people put lime paste onto raw tabacco and stick it between their lip and gums as a quid. I tried it whilst I was over there but the giant hole burning in my gum freaked me out too much to notice anything else. Seems like a quick route to mouth cancer.
  9. bandario

    Desperately seeking ayahuasca

    Desperate more for the catchy thread title rather than desperations sake. MAOI is easy enough, but as has been already stated, I think importing raw plant matter of a suspect nature from overseas is pretty risky business at the moment, might have to track down some cuttings from someone local. Thanks for the hints on Santo Daime; the search continues. Best wishes!
  10. bandario

    Desperately seeking ayahuasca

    Good morning all! I have almost finished putting the details together for my overseas wandering. Unfortunately time and money constraints (what other sort are there??) have dictated that this time around, there will be no South America leg of my trip. Basically I will be spending 3 months between Northern Thailand, Laos, India, Holland and the UK before coming home. It was a major downer having to cut South America out of there but I am going to be pushing it budget wise as it is. So this leads me to my dilemma; I reached a point a fair while ago where I started to actively seek people who have the knowledge, experience and materials to prepare an ayahuasca brew. So far all I have come up with is sparse offers of small crystaline extractions of yellow goodness. If I am to give up my search and try to use this type of material along with a suitable MAOI...how on earth does one go about dosing it? This is not something I'd be prepared to guess at or do unless I can find someone with the know-how. Alternatively, does anyone have any information on Yage for any of my aforementioned destinations? I'm sure it will find me eventually. Many thanks!
  11. bandario

    dosing by weight....?

    Cheers for the responses guys! I don't think I was too clear in my initial post. What I was getting at: It is my belief that a 4.5 gram mushroom is nowhere near as potent as 4.5 grams made up from several mushrooms... previous experience would seem to confirm that dosing by using a set of scales is horribly sketchy...buy the ticket, take the ride :) I'm off to Thailand next week...see if I can find some elephant poo
  12. bandario

    dosing by weight....?

    In a country where consumption is legal... what are peoples opinions on dosing cubensis? A foaf has got about 30 home grown cubies from a first flush; they were all rather small in size. Usually dosing by weight seems to be good enough when the fruits are large but I tend to think that 30 dried fruits weighing about 4 grams is a LOT more potent than 4 dried grams made up of 2 large fruit.... Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how much should actually be eaten for a reasonable strong experience? Cheers.
  13. bandario

    Blue Lily Wine Infusion

    Does anyone have any idea the effects blue lotus may have on the liver? I have pondered this as a christmas gift for my parents; they really like a drink, but it would be nice if it didn't take so many glasses to get where they want to be...
  14. "if your arguments are too dumb, you attack people personally. You a buddhist? What a joke! You repel people from becoming buddhists. I wouldn't be surprised if you were an undercover-pro-howard spy." He's a god damned narcotics agent...
  15. Thanks guys; As I said to Hebrew via pm; I know enough about san pedro and other cactus teachers to see that these things could be of great value, but I have never come across anyone with actual practical knowledge of these things. It is not something I'm keen to embark on without any kind of guidance so for now I'm just going to keep doing the work that I have been and keep my eyes open for an energy healer somewhere near me. As for the 3 months in india....a dream The best I can manage is a new job starting in a couple of weeks and a couple of weeks in Thailand shortly afterwards. Mescalito, I'll probably msg you with some Q's on the weekend regarding your own personal experiences. cheers guys -Adam