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  1. rockomsockomrobots

    SE QLD & TAZ P. cubensis Prints

    I'm trying to find some Australian cubensis prints for microscopy purposes. Don't have too much to trade but happy to pay.
  2. rockomsockomrobots

    GIVEAWAY fresh dream herb seeds [ Calea Zacatechichi]

    Hey Bullit. I have fresh calea seed. I just havnt been able to get them to germinate Could you please give me a tip lol?
  3. rockomsockomrobots

    Looking for small-medium lophophora cactus

  4. rockomsockomrobots

    Cannabis Australis ?

    Great read this thread, thanks
  5. rockomsockomrobots

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Im on the Gold Coast, I'd love to meet some like minded people
  6. rockomsockomrobots

    heimia salicifolia [sunopener] plants 4 sale..

    Mine came today. It is one healthy plant Thank Bullit.
  7. rockomsockomrobots

    WTB: Spore prints for microscopy

    I would hit Pimento up. He has a range of prints.
  8. rockomsockomrobots

    cacti ID and trade/ giveaway

    That is one freaky looking beast
  9. rockomsockomrobots

    Phalaris Propagation and Seeds Available.

    I would love some if you in Aus
  10. rockomsockomrobots

    Positive trade list

  11. rockomsockomrobots

    Positive trade list

    No worries, I hope they germinate for you
  12. rockomsockomrobots

    ID Please?

    Thanks Sally.
  13. rockomsockomrobots

    ID Please?

    It was a friend's photo. It is a nice pic