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  1. heyo>> yeah mate honesty, even a bit blunt, honesty, good stuff, that's we , sagis! for waht ya asked I am blessed to sleep well and easily but I am more of a night cat... lots of a night cat in fact.. i have done much gardening at night or early hours these last years lol ... love doing and living stuff in "weird" hours... but indeed living normal times makes sense, in biological way they (astrologer stereotypes) say there are two kinds of saggitarrians... the philosopher/intellectual type and the athletic/sports type... well dunno if this is true, but if it is, I am definately a 1st type
  2. inco you said sagis are day dreamers X not, this is pisces, but sagis are super enthousiastic, which might mean that in another sense easily hurt X not, this is cancer , scorpio, but easily more fun YEAH ability to connect with an array of people NOW YOU'RE TALKING self destructive X nope narcissistic X they're egoist alright, but not leos intuitive SURE frightened X dont think so sagittarians, my dear friend are multi-dimentional, enthousiastic and optimist and propapbly prone to be surface philosphers, depending on the chart, because sagitarians tend to be politically or religiously or both inclined... so inco, I have to read your chart bro... from what you have said in recent drama threads, I am convinced you have a distorted sense of what a sagis it... I am even concinced, as it most often happens that your sagi chart is hit by an unlike sign like ... hm.... certainly a water sign like cancer and the like , lol .... maybe pisces too... in fact, most people interested in states of consciousness have neptunian, pisces or 12th house element... PS: DO your chart you fucken bogan
  3. mutant

    Eating A. muscaria?

    no, none violence, but we never took much, mostly mid doses and we even did a couple times along alcohol... I would never get along with a violent crowd I dont believe violence has anything to do with drugs there are just people with violent tendencies ... what I know is: if you take the dose quickly, even if its a MID dose, the effect and stimulation are more intense.. I have felt like dancing while on it, when I took it quickly, stimulant like... I felt a bit like this in my breakthrough, but it was soon more bodily...... and since this is supposed to take more time to take effect than most natural inebriants,it can be understandable that if one takes a big dose at once, then with such a rich and strange inebriant, you can imagine lots of stuff can happen... one can sleep for 15 hours... one can go on a rage.... the first part of the experience would most likely be stimulation and celebrative, dance mentality, but maybe someone could rage during this first stage cannot tell, but definately there some stimulation of the first part of the experience, before going anesthetic it depends so much in the dose but there's plenty of potential for body moving inconsciously... so a SITTER IS NECESSARY as accidents are possible... while on my breakthrough, this will always remember, and while I am lying, I 'wake up' standing looking the fire... I stood up and walked to the fire without me deciding or noticing.. that was something... and also showing the dangers that can occur...
  4. sagis can deal with destruction in the most cool way: well lets move on to the other thing... similar, as far as destruction is concerned , is aries... but us sagis have that fucken optimism.... definately different than the other 2 more egoist fire signs... bro , face it not only are fire signs the best but we are also best of themL : sagis... what bastard could hate kids? even in their 36's ?!?
  5. mutant

    awesome greek music

    one of the best and most widely respected hiphop crew, Psychodrama 07 they're hardcore, indeed, and this song is awesomely hardcore and out of control but in general the crew is more political and not so much into battle rap...
  6. mutant

    Subaeruginosa's- I'm back!

    this site is def not dominated by ozzies, I am here too anywayz, lots of big talk and no essence.. what do you compare your ozzie subs to? me i wouldn't know, the ones I find locally are perhaps x3 stronger..but possibly of the same DNA sector of the genus but I remember there was talk about how wood-eaters are supposedly more spiritual, better teachers, perhaps a bit darker... bluer? I wouldn't know about this.. as its the only shit I know
  7. mutant

    Eating A. muscaria?

    like I have said, I have read wasson and mckenna and some other on the matter, but not John alegro. in any case its propably one of the most beautiful mushrooms of the forest!
  8. mutant

    Eulychnia castane

    yeah they're very slow growing... I will be able to make a comparison with the regular monster this year.. Berengar, I might just do this some time... combine pleasure with busines... but I do have to find some appropriate city with nice nurseries near to ports to greece...
  9. mutant

    Eating A. muscaria?

    some 20 years ago me and some friends were making up jokes about santa and his reindeer.. one of the best laughing sessions ever... I haven't really read up a lot about amanita muscaria symbolism and I really dont read a lot about symbolism.. I dont really get symbolism, so its not really my cup of tea.. Some people say that Coca Cola logo is the Santha Klaus, and this makes better sense seeing how xmas is a celebration of consumerism basically.. anyhow, I know some people tend to see mushrooms religions/cults in any object (man made or a natural sculpture) that resembles a mushroom.. I am more sceptical and realist. And since most people haven't figured out how to use amanitas and what they do, whats the point in searching the deeper meaning of amanitas past, like supposed links of amanitas with christianity even! But I do tend to believe amanita muscaria is the Soma.
  10. I hear you on the self-negating capri, but you still got taurus (sun in 2nd) and virgo (moon in 6th) elements which are quite important so your chart could be considered a battle ( a mix) between fire and earth elements.. Again I encourage you to check out what lack of the arorementioned elements (air, water) means. Some time ago I downloaded a astrology book pack in pdf.. most of the shit was outdated and stupid, but there was one book really worth checking for the dude that already has understood the basics of chart interpretation http://www.nordlicht.ru/stars/english/Tracy%20Marks%20-%20The%20Art%20Of%20Chart%20Interpretation.pdf there you will find grind trine interepretations, as well as lack of certain elements plus much more... === Yeah I got an athletic body, I was always slim and flexible, well not anymore, I gor a discslip.. but I never had a tendency for sports... when I go mushroom hunting the adrenaline and excitement is such I really dont see it as an athletic thing. its more like an animal thing, I transform to another animal when there're mushrooms in the woods. anyways, I still maintain some of that athletic stuff as it seems to be in my body I regard it as a physical quality of aries / 1st house : strong body and metabolism === about the opposite sex... venus in sagitarrius and moon in aries, you could be attracted in any of them girls, and also cancer fits, as it is opposite capri.. maybe one nice bet would be a saggitarius - cancer hybrid, preferably with some extra earthiness to match yours... maybe sagitarrius with cancer ascedant... I cannot understand the pisces you wre told though
  11. looks like it, but this is not the place to ask for ID, but rather discuss terscheckii and pasacana cluster.. welcome to the forums
  12. mutant

    Eulychnia castane

    yeah thats cheap...
  13. mutant

    Eating A. muscaria?

    you could even try to make a time lapse video if you're near to the spot when they;re fruiting
  14. mutant

    I am a better zodiac sign than you are

    Inco>> About the carrer thing - lol, but I have thought about it, but I would not like to use it that way.. I might start a non-profit blog If I had a couple fellas to collaborate... but I would like to do a more entertaining , not so objective , humourous project on it.. I actually have written some texts in greek, saying how ALL signs are fuckin arseholes in one way or another.. change>> now who said its a science? its a technique, I am tired of all this scientifism material, they're all over the internet
  15. mutant

    Astrophytum thread

    it probably did
  16. mutant

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    you might struggle to keep it alive during summer.. best season to sow, grow, transplant is september IMO for out hemisphere.. be careful if you transplant it, I would wait for 1st real leaves or 2nd I guess to put it in a deep pot, not the final pot
  17. Yeah I remember that crest pic, zelly, would love to taste the berry. Got one over a meter in the ground I hope I can see some flower sometime!
  18. mutant

    Astrophytum thread

    you are gold, give out more awesome practical suggestions like this, will you trooper? and I will try to make crosses of tricho with harissia and selini... lol
  19. mutant

    Show off your freaks

    zelly was right in something he was saying .. regarding prices and all... which is how some big grower might have sold you the X product , and then you see him selling the same or bigger specimen for half the price in ebay.... or shit like this... becuase he might have decided to both sell-out his stock in ebay, and both take advantage of some dude who buys with the current price for a collective cactus... besides, why the heck are those "rare" strains, crests , rare at all?? they are slow to grow, slow to propagate and root, and not so common... but its already more thatwhat has to be said about this... I dont want to be a merchant, I am a grower and have to be this - a seller - as well... and I have sold pach crest and penis for 'pennies' to friends or good re-occuring customers... but never fucking up the price up on ebay... sellers, people who are involved in this more than hobbistically should not opportunistically fuck up prices in the biggest picture... unless a said market floods with some product and that changes inevitably the price.... that is, if I am really strong on penis or pach crest this year, or some years in a row , I should not fuck up current ebay price and sell 3~5 branched specimens for 5 euros each.,.. and pach crests for 8 euros.... what I could do to a friend, or a regular customer off ebay is another thing... if you get my going... I am trying to sell my shit about at the price I got it it the first place... relatively... I have managed this for some shit I have sold it is also a craft to learn how to propagate cristatas... let alone saying how awesomely interesting it is, now that we have a known enemy , lol.... It is indeed a challenge , whether grafting could get some of these monsters propagation going faster... I am usually prone to trying own roots when dealing with "fast growers" , which , for cacti, every columnar could be such - but... NO! Stetsonia seems to be very slow like the grower told me Pilosocereus/Azuerocereus crest is also very slow growing, but I managed to root a cutting. Eulychnia is EXTRA slow growing... hence so many try to graft Polaskia I already lost a cut I did during cold weather.... dunno If I should attempt another... TBMCs seems to root somewhat later than regular TBMs, but it seems they root easier than I initially thought... Myrtillocacti monsters like really warm weather to root, so take your cuttings in warm weather... otherwise it might take 6 months for a cutting to root. In the past I had awesome results with grafting the mini-mid- crest monster monvillea monstrosa... I wonder how one could speed things up with graftin Eulychnia .. and maybe other slower cresties... . Grafting TBMC works wonders, in my case it was bridgesii stock... we will see how the rooting of the cuttings go, I have already rooted a couple penises off TBMC, incl. a areole-less one, yeah, thats one of my utopian projects, where I still think this creature might make an areole from the root system if needed... or even more impressively sprout from the urethra .... we will see... BIOPROTECTION I am keeping an eye and spraying with bio stuffs for the creatures that would like but will not eat off the wavy crests of my pach-crests and rest of trichs, and possibly a variety of other cacti and plants.... that wont happen like last year ( I thought it was spider mite and shit , stupid me) Old scars cannot heal , at least not completely, but cacti are hard mofos... PS: euro (and whatever) SABers , there are some scarred pachanoi crests for sale, in community prices, if ya like ;) ... all kinds of sizes avail... limited edition offer for sabbers who read the growing section....
  20. mutant

    Eulychnia castane

    As in all specialty cactus sales, it all depends on size and beauty and scarring and rarity of the formation... spiralis and crests are sold more expensive .. this is eacily the most interesting monster cacti of them all... in my humble opinion I havent seen those sold under 30 euros per rooted specimen, and I think I paid 45 euros for my double spiral specimen (well that was indeed a special specimen, too bad it got chopped off during the GH disaster of mine)... anyways I recently got a better deal off ebay for 6 regular monster columns for some 20 euros each... we will see what they can give.... so if you find them cheap , get them mate! In fact this whole thread got my hands and all itching for another attempt of grafting, now that I have a variety of stocks available and the target itself is actively growing.. I do have a regular growing part taking energy off my crest, and was thinking of getting rid of it. now, that how much they cost... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J47-EULYCHNIA-CASTANEA-SPIRALIS-H-19-5-4-/381301650264?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58c7597358 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HUGE-Eulychnia-castanea-spiralis-cm25-own-roots-no-aztekium-valdezii-HH6-/311383653130?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item487fe97b0a they are not easily/quickly produced , I suppose, so they're quite rarely offered as well...
  21. wow philocacti my man, this is easily the best looking specimen of melted wax I have seen...
  22. mutant

    People we get to know through cacti

    cacti people: a special kind of people, somewhat eccentric, but certainly people that are not afraid of a couple spikings. Fine people. PC is awesome for grafting but not especially handsoce compared to other pachanoids
  23. kk339 pach - euro scop - super pedro (either lance or rob) clearly super pedro (AKA cordobensis, lance, rob) is more on the scop side, if not a genuine scop strain