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  1. bonecud_56

    Xmas Tricho Seedling Sale...

    Hey mate I’ll take the Santa Puma, Candicans and paralensis (I’m terrible at spelling) Cheers!
  2. bonecud_56

    Whomping Willow Nursery

    Congratulations on the venture mate! Exciting for you and inspiring for me. I've made a couple of purchases now via eBay. Very well packaged, sent promptly and excellent customer service. Highly Recommended.
  3. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Hey there I’m on the hunt for seeds or plants of Acacia Courtii and Phlebophylla. Would very much appreciate any assistance in finding these. Cheers
  4. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Cheers man, seeds purchased. Seems like a tricky one to grow, it’s a beautiful looking plant. Herbalistics has some nice photos of it in habitat
  5. bonecud_56

    WTB Acacia Phlebophylla seed or seedlings

    a fellow member shared this with me, seeds available https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164538629573
  6. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Thanks for your replies, a fellow member shared this link with me. A. Phlebophylla seeds available from cheezelburger https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164538629573
  7. bonecud_56

    Tricho Seedlings for sale

    Keen as. Have PM'd you. Cheers
  8. bonecud_56


    I'm interested in one or two too