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  1. Scarlet Dragon

    distilled water thing.

    Yes, I can picture using a solar oven to boil the water in the double nested tanks instead of the usual pot of grub. Someone must have done this on Youtu somewhere. Post a link if anyone finds one (of course, there's all kinds of neat devices being fake-invented on that channel -- anything to draw the views).
  2. Scarlet Dragon

    distilled water thing.

    If you put tank 2 below the level of the distilled water collection bucket and made the distilled water bucket a double bucket (one inside another) and drilled a hole into the side of the inner bucket towards the top then you could eliminate the pump. Gravity would drain off the distilled water out the bottom of the outer bucket into a holding tank. Reliable commercial pumps draw huge power and the smaller versions would need to be constantly monitored for failure. Keeping the holding tank bacteria free would be another issue I imagine unless you're not needing to drink it directly.
  3. Comment from a friend in the US where this stuff is available and still legal (for how long?): I have used it for treating pain and know others who have as well. I haven't heard of anyone who has tried this plant as a pain treatment report any "withdrawal, dependence and tolerance" issues at all. I am VERY VERY sensitive to addictive substances. I've had my problems with them and give them a wide wide berth. I have never had any addictive feelings with this plant pain medicine. It works for me instantly and I never even think about using it again until there is another experience of significant pain. The thought to take this medicine when there is moderate or transient pain does not even arise. Certainly not when I have no pain. But it is something I know I can rely on at times when serious pain may arise. In my opinion the amount of international money behind the efforts to ban and discredit the effectiveness and harmlessness of this plant medicine is astronomical and so, efforts to eliminate this plant from the face of the earth will continue and probably gather in intensity. It is near insanity to me that this plant has been made illegal in one or more of its countries of origin: Thailand. Farmers there, who have been growing it for untold generations, must be quite perplexed at the whole situation.
  4. Scarlet Dragon

    Large Acacia Giveaway! (Moving House)

    Beautiful trees! So precious! I would love to take them all but I'm directly on the opposite side of the planet. lol. I recently planted one of my confusa's outside (here in New York) and am praying it can survive the winter. But I'm rather discouraged right now after an unusually early frost. I hope yours find a more suitable clime.
  5. Scarlet Dragon

    Visitation by birds

    Thanks for sharing such a magical experience, Lost. I get such a thrill hearing of uplifting interactions with birds. Birds have and continue to bring me so much joy and I live in New York where bird life can't compare to what I've experienced downunder. I was reminded by your story of an experience of having a flock of wild turkeys take off about 10m away from me and fly directly over my head, landing about 10m away in the other direction. I almost fell down from not only the sound of their feathers in flight, the beauty of their outspread brown-flecked wings but also the woosh of pure energy that I felt had rained down on me. Super great moment that I will remember as long as this mind still functions.
  6. Scarlet Dragon

    Youtube vids

    Some good points against moral relativism but I don't see how anyone can claim Jesus was an anarchist unless they completely ignore his words & deeds. "give to Ceasar what is ceasar's and God what is God's" & "if someone forces you to walk a mile with them, walk 2 miles with them". Etc. Certainly not antigovernmt
  7. Scarlet Dragon

    Advice for a Short Visit DownUnder?

    Lots of great tips, thanks! How do I find the SAB nursery? That sounds particularly worth the effort. I will be staying at large venue halls and trailer parks (including sleeping in a classroom at a Sydney High School) so I'm not sure how to get a deliverable mailing address but I'll work on that one. Of course getting anything back to the US is a big challenge so maybe I'll just enjoy what I can while there and leave it at that.
  8. Scarlet Dragon

    Advice for a Short Visit DownUnder?

    Any suggestions for activities for this enthneo-shaman in Australia? I will be in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast in the middle of April and would love to see some special plants and maybe acquire seed. I will be busy with a fundraising group from India that I work for but would love to sneak away for some visits to sacred plants. I live in US & India but I treasure my chances to visit Australia.
  9. Scarlet Dragon

    Visitation by birds

    One of the highlights of my visits to Australia is watching, listening and even interacting with the Magpies there. They are something special. Nowhere else in the world have I seen or heard of birds like these. They have an otherwordliness to them that reminds me of experiences with Ayahu. . . . On one visit a certain Magpie would come right up to me and take food from me. I saw other Magpies watch it from a distance. It was kinda awkward walking and flying like it was a little dumb or a little "special." I got a sense that the other Magpie's were watching over it but it had no fear. I love these birds! What great wealth to have them around! I could listen to them talk to each other for hours. I can hear the special sounds they make, in my head right now. lol. Looking forward to seeing them again. Long and the short of this is that any visitation by them is certainly a spiritual calling in my book. Take the next step, you know what it is that they're calling you to do.
  10. Scarlet Dragon

    Youtube vids

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I am imagining many different possible reactions to this. I like it as a support for the existence of God or a super consciousness but I would guess I'm not in the majority here.
  11. Scarlet Dragon

    Visitation by birds

    I visit Aus from time to time from the US and one of the most special treats I look forward to is the birds. AUS has bird life like the US must have had 200 yrs ago. I mean that the birds there are not YET completely shell shocked by the cruelty of modern humans (&their pets). Birds there still have a sense of thriving, of living a sustainable life. I'm a bird watcher and DO see special birds occasionally in the US and in India but it's nothing like the bird interactions that I've had down under. I know can be contentious but I will say it anyway: I think that cats are one of the main reasons why bird life gets decimated by humans. I have seen plenty kittens who spent every waking moment stalking and killing birds just cause, not because they're hungry. ALL pet cats should be fitted with bells IMO. They will still catch rodents wearing a bell.
  12. Scarlet Dragon

    Visitation by birds

    I, too, have heard these other worldly sounds a magpie can make. Sounds like I hear in ceremony. Sounds from another world. Sounds that say to me, Wake Up! There is more to this world than meets the eye! "
  13. Scarlet Dragon

    Live A Life That Matters

    That the good things that I've done DO matter is my definition of positivity. Being positive makes my life a better one whether I'm right about it in the end or not. And so, positivity is a logical choice to make. Thanks for the thread.
  14. Scarlet Dragon

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    I am in the US so am not asking for you to send seeds, however I am about to start my own batch of a.confusa and would love some special advice for sowing & growing. Or a thread referral if there's one you like.
  15. I agree with you, Northener, about the plastics. Reducing our use of plastics (esp. nonrecyclable types) is a laudable gift to future generations. In my mind, however, going vegetarian is an equally beneficial gift to oneself and others mainly because it represents "living the good life" to billions of third world citizens. And is being sold to them in that way. Where I live in India I witness meat-eating spreading like wild-fire amongst people that are not currently undernourished. They don't need the meat as food or as nutrient, they want it for the status that 1st world countries have given it. The newly affluent indians are eating meat to copy us, to put it crudely. (I suspect the same is true in China). This is my opinion, of course, I haven't read any studies confirming it. The history of India as a largely vegetarian country proves that meat is overrated as a nutrient. They are a billion people that untill recently farmed very little meat food. If any are undernourished it is due to poverty and not a lack of meat.