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  1. 7 #makeSABgreatagain
  2. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Cauliflower x Godzilla Variegata with nice form starting to show some colour. Doesnt look like much now but it will get more vivid over time Godzilla Loydii x Godzilla Variegata. This is my favourite plant to watch at the moment, im looking forward to watching it do its thing this summer
  3. Padonkluft

    tricho seeds for trade

    Yep, New Zealand
  4. Padonkluft

    tricho seeds for trade

    Hi, I've got some trichocereus hybrid seeds to trade, pm if interested Huancoensis x SS02 Huancoensis x Bertha Huancoensis x Lumberjack SS02 x Helen SS02 x Huarazensis Helen x SS02 Huarazensis x Lumberjack Lumberjack x Icaros Lumberjack x Bertha Bertha x Lumberjack Bertha x SS02 Bertha x Sharxx Blue Bertha x KGC Macrogonus x Lumberjack Macrogonus x Icaros Juuls Giant x Psycho0 Juuls Giant x Lumberjack Juuls x Icaros Juuls x KGC Validus x Icaros Validus x KGC Icaros x Sharxx Blue Icaros x (SS02 x SS01) Icaros x Lumberjack Icaros x KGC
  5. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Tunkunaka on the left, Ourinhos on the right, Ephedra in the middle
  6. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    The piece of the Juuls x SS02 that showed a bit of variegation so i chopped it out and log planted it to get the variegated areoles to pup.
  7. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    This is the Bonny x TPM variegata when it was younger
  8. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Hah, i didnt know that. The house we are renting is pretty shitty but it is good land for growing cacti and thats what matters most ;)
  9. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Just a tray of cute little babies ;)
  10. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Godzilla loydii x Godzilla variegata. I really like this one, cant wait to see it grow out over the next season!
  11. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    Ariocarpus restusus v. "Tsuwiri Brujo". Its only the second Ario flower we have had so far, looking forward to more in the near future
  12. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    gymnocalycium mihanovichii variegata aka "moon cactus"
  13. Padonkluft

    Garden Update 2018

    TBMC graft, one of the lucky few trichs that gets to go under the lights