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Found 7 results

  1. bogfrog

    Garden Update 2018

    heya, been a while so I thought I'd share some garden pics. this is a combined effort between me and my partner over the past 2 nearly 3 years.. he is 'Padonkluft' on this forum we grow from seed, graft, make lots of cuttings.. prioritise plants over most other things we sell the plants we are less attached to and use the funds to provide for the other plants where to start... um, well i've been growing ariocarpus from seed and grafting them to pere, got a pretty decent set up now thanks to my partner's building skills this room is kept between 19 and 22 degrees, lights are on 18hrs a day here's last years ones all grown up plants are everywhere, indoors and out.. we're facing a pretty shitty cold winter but everything is holding up ok ...on the deck, nitrogen mutants.. variegated bridgesii and pach crest.. cordo crest, tbmv and variegated pach crest.. standard tbm greenhouse first seedlings we sowed in late 2016 out the back wash house full of mostly Zelly seedlings, some from Interbeing and Sacred Succulents too.. and more on the deck too sunroom.. tbmv getting some good colour.. tbmc.. kitchen window.. Bonny x TPM variegate, bridgesii variegate and Sharxx Blue x TPM crest.. Juuls Giant x SS02 variegate.. arios
  2. Greetings folks! Hang on, before we get started I think we need a soundtrack: That's better. I started writing about this in the Cabin Porn thread (here), but decided to finally create a thread of its very own. This is the shack I bought up in the Macleay Valley area a couple years back. It's on a 30-acre block, only a few acres are cleared and the rest is dense bush, ranging from dry eucalypt to subtropical. It is not much like the surrounding bushland (open dry eucalypt), it has some weird microclimate thing going on with lots of diversity, which is great. And lots of lantana, which is less so. I think I'm going to spend the next decade or so warring that stuff - it seems to be choking about 20 of the 30 acres - but if that's the worst invasive species I have to deal with I'll consider myself very lucky. For the area this block is shockingly free from privet & camphor laurel, which is a minor miracle. There's some bamboo (mostly not the good building sort) and enough black wattles falling down to keep me in firewood for the next century or two. Pics are shack front/back/inside, best bathroom ever, separate bedroom (looks like they originally intended to build another room joining the shack/kitchen to the bedroom, but never finished), top of the garden (you can see some of the terraced vege beds in the "view" shots below next to the bananas), gazebo/outdoor kitchen, year-round creek. I've spent a good chunk of the last 2 years not being able to walk, so not much has changed since then - but at least this year I managed to get out there to explore/recon a little and take a few more pics. And if you've gotta convalesce, you could do worse than this view:
  3. So we went down to Mt Warning turns out the whole park was shut due to damage, anyway we did some bushwalking and went up to Natural Bridge National park and saw a heap of cool Mushrooms, I have no Idea about mushrooms but I thought I would share these with you guys as you may know what they are. Sorry some of the pics aren't as crisp as I hoped.
  4. lhb2444

    New growth

    I was having beers yesterday afternoon and taking photos of the garden and thought I'd share some pictures with you all, enjoy! The patch Knuthianus T. bridgesii 'Jess' T. bridgesii T. macro 'Tipz' T. bridgesii 'Eileen' T. pachanoi 'Yowie' T. peruvianus 'Puquiensis KK1689' T. bridgesii 'Psycho0' I thinks its a T. peruvianus T. macro 'Tipz' My first graft a TBM onto T. pachanoi T. peruvianus 'Roseii' T. spachianus T. scopulicola T. pasacana Pachypodium lamerei T. bridgesii Brugmansia Euphorbia grandicornis Psychotria carthagenensis or alba T. bridgesii planted in the ground about 2 months ago Seedlings growing well Bought this as a seedling on ebay which was a little seedling about 11 cm tall as of 5/01/2011, pretty quick grower and looks lovely
  5. lhb2444

    Spring update

    Took a few photos this morning and was asked by a friend to show him some so thought I'd share a few photos of the collection and some recent additions, enjoy! New seedlings from a member here, thanks heaps gnome! They are looking great. Some seedlings have gone white near the bottoms, should I be worried about this? they appear to be growing and aren't soft or anything. Seedlings Sun bathing My first graft attempt to take, TBM to T. pach, seems to have taken quite well but no new growth as of yet T. peru KK1689 from SAB showing new growth, lovely coloured spines Some new additions, Yowie, Eileen and T. macro TBM and T. macro's Psycho0, Jess, Yowie and T. scop Unamed T. bridgesii with this game little fella playing in the spiders den Same T. bridgesii overlooking the other trichs Some mamm's, ferocactus, gymno's, echinopsis, notocactus and some lophs in the terracotta pot Unkown trich (anyone got any ideas?) Same as above TBM's pupping T. pasacana showing new growth (finally!) Interesting Cereus showing montrous to normal back to monstrous growth Oreocereus of some sort, little Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' and B. hertlingiana in the back Psychotria Acacia longifolia Mammillaria in flower T. bridgesii 'Bruce' and a notocactus shooting some flower buds Little L. williamsii Little L. williamsii Psychotria Psychotria flower forming I assume? Brugs
  6. Hello everyone. I have some new photos for your enjoyment. SS02 x Bridgesii. Another mint SS02 x Bridgesii Pachanoi 'Omar' x Peruvianus. Crossed by Hellonasty. From left: Pachanoi cuttings rooting, Peruvianus 'Martin', an unnamed Peruvianus (presumed hybrid). Terscheckii plants. Trichocereus species, not entirely certain which. Terscheckiioid. I hope you enjoyed.