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  1. Ozbek

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I've got Hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) seedlings and a Eugenia uniflora cutting to bring along if anybody wants. Let me know if interested.
  2. Ozbek

    Meet up: Ipswich

  3. Ozbek

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'll bring some chili seeds. If you have some extra chili or other interesting vegetable seeds bring them to swap.
  4. Ozbek

    Selenicereus flower

    First noticed the bud forming 3 weeks ago and it has been growing steadily since then. Interesting how the stem below the bud has split. Anybody else in SE Qld or NNSW see any similar activity?
  5. Ozbek

    Great Dirty Things

    Added some items to the initial post
  6. Ozbek

    Space Chilli's

    First of the Helix Nebula have germinated
  7. Ozbek

    Space Chilli's

    Helix Nebula sown.
  8. Ozbek

    Bhut Jolokia (chilli) seed giveaway

    Hey Gimli , I sowed the BJ seeds today. How long did it take for yours to sprout?
  9. It continues to flower and looks like at least 3 berries have formed. The grower tells me that its fruits never get much larger than their current size before aborting.
  10. Tried to speak to the resident of the house for more info on the plant, but nobody seemed to be home. Anybody able to provide species ID? Any guesses on how long it would take for fruit to ripen upon successful pollination?
  11. I looked up the address on google earth. Amusingly, the plant (and what I assume is the owner) is visible in street view. Next time I'm in that area, I'll try to get in touch with the grower for more info.
  12. I was in Ipswich, Qld over the weekend and saw a 3m tall Pilosocereus with flower buds. For those of you who grow Pilosocereus in SE Qld or NNSW, are your plants in a similar state?
  13. Ozbek

    Great Dirty Things

    I have the following to trade: Schotia brachypetala (seeds and seedlings collected from several trees: one grower called them "great dirty things") Flindersia australis (seedlings) Cereus peruvianus (seeds) In March 2018, I collected seeds from Cereus peruvianus fruits that had ripened and split. The fruit flesh is white, slightly sweet and crystalline. I have sowed a test batch with >80% germination. Please see below for seeds I'm interested in exchange: Chilis (let me know which cultivar/ species) Butia capitata from a tree that produces good-tasting fruit Cereus jamacaru Cereus validus Pilosocereus (let me know which species) Myrtillocactus geometrizans Trichocereus (let me know which cultivar/ species) PM me if interested in swapping (even if you have stuff that is not on my wanted list). Australian residents only. Thanks for your understanding.