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  1. Ex-Cess'es

    My big move to NNSW

    Fantastic fist crest
  2. Ex-Cess'es

    Post a random picture thread

    I feel like my picture taking capabilities are diminished day by day
  3. Ex-Cess'es

    Stratospheric Sky Garden Tests Organisms’ Abilities to Survive in Space

    "Interestingly, the scientists found that the various cacti were able to withstand the extreme conditions of being 85,000 feet high, but the artificial life forms were completely destroyed" Now where do I get myself a space / sky garden ? Haha
  4. Ex-Cess'es

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    bridgesii pup cute little pseudo-spines
  5. Ex-Cess'es


    Pm sent
  6. Yeah I agree kykeion, I was under the impression that the bees cleaned themselves of pollen upon returning to the hive ? Although I'm no bee expert by any means , maybe someone with some knowledge about this can weigh in on the subject
  7. I agree sagi it is an awesome custom mini green house nice work squidgyGoanna
  8. Ex-Cess'es


    Looks like n.tabacum to me from the flower colour i'd love to be able to offer some assistance in further identification but I have no real experience with this plant
  9. Ex-Cess'es

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    @mapacho that ingenious makeshift sunshade literally made me smack myself in the forehead so simple here I am thinking of some actually frame with sun cloth etc and you solve my problems with 3 stakes and a piece of cardboard haha thank you
  10. Ex-Cess'es

    The Random Thread.

    posts about fairy bread have little to no intellectual benefit but fcuk it's tasty as tiny coloured balls of processed sugar could possibly be
  11. Ex-Cess'es

    Old colour scheme!

    What a change almost made my phone explode and after it refreshed I thought oh damn what have I done now haha looks cool though
  12. Ex-Cess'es

    Post a random CACTI picture thread

    Literally as far as the eye can see
  13. Ex-Cess'es

    The Random Thread.

    I have heard a version of that story where the guy fried himself into thinking he was a sunflower and he would bloom in the morning with the sunrise and close up with the sunset having to be watered during the day by his parents
  14. Ex-Cess'es

    Trichoderma LC for fertiliser- teks known?

    I've had no such experience so I can not offer any advice , but I would love to know what the addition of trich to fertiliser and your garden in turn is good for ie perceived benefits . Just interested as I've never heard of such a thing , all though my knowledge runs thin but I'm learning or attempting to anyway
  15. Ex-Cess'es

    a godless garden. work in progress. a blog

    Wow just wow its like a dream I had recently where the fields of cacti stretched as far as the eye could see f#*king amazing mate thanks for sharing the pics look forward to seeing some updates in the future
  16. Ex-Cess'es

    The Random Thread.

    Tried this apparent new "Ginger" coke Because my mind is easily distracted from simple tasks as finding water for rehydration in a moment of desert level thirst but Why does ginger coca cola burn when I excrete it from the glands in my body that produce sweat , it's hot and my skin is burning like full body tiger balm rub interestinger and interestinger that's what you get i guess for trying new coke products something I normally refrain from consuming this does not happen with say Bundaberg ginger beer or ginger in foods etc has coca cola weaponised ginger in the ongoing campaign to take over the world with highly caffeinated beverages , it's chemical warfare fucking conspiracies left right and upper middle central
  17. I honestly have no idea but in the second picture it sort of looks like sumac Dont quote me on it but could be anything hah
  18. Ex-Cess'es

    Post a random picture thread

  19. Ex-Cess'es

    New Drum and Bass

    i did notice that there where a few more tracks up there but didn't have the time the other day , I'll check them out now that I have a spare minute . Great man it's fantastic to have an outlet I hope to hear more tracks from you in the future