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  1. Neebu

    Medicinal Amaryllidaceae?

    Interesting topic, thanks A post by Giorgio Samorini on FB brought Boophone disticha to my attention recently. I would not consider ingesting it, I would rather like to grow it as a plant with interesting properties and history in medicinal use. Unfortunately I don´t know any source for people in Australia or in the US which sells it for a reasonable price. But there is a shop in the Czech Republic which seems to sell bulbs/small plants of Boophone disticha for approx. 30 USD: ..:: Boophane disticha velké ::.. [KAKTEEN.cz] Maybe it´s interesting for folks in Europe at least. I´m not even sure if Boophone disticha would do well in european climate, but I would try. Some short growing info and pics of this stunning and beautiful plant: Boophane - The Bulb Maven (typepad.com)
  2. Neebu

    S. recognita success rates?

    Hi, I´ve also had low germination rates with Salvia recognita, even with GA3 or cold stratification, but I never really tried to grow it from seed, since I got established plants from Senteurs du Quercy, a french website: Salvia recognita - sauge - plante aromatique, vente en ligne (senteursduquercy.com) If it´s not ok, to post the link to the sellers website, I will certainly edit it. Salvia recognita plants seem to like well draining soil and they seem it to like not too moist all the time and can do in full sunlight. I potted mine in a mix of one third coco coir, one third ordinary garden soil and one third Fibotherm (=broken clay pebbles). But I guess any other well draining mix would do as well. Unfortunately I cannot send you any plants, since mine died because of neglection
  3. Hi mindperformer, many thanks for your reply In the meantime I ordered some of the seeds of this seller, I attached a picture of the seeds I got. I hoped that I at least would get a Toromiro Hybrid or anything like this. The seeds I got don´t look that dark like in the picture I posted above. I think it could be Sophora cassioides as well, since the seeds seem to have some similarities to Sophora cassiodes seeds. Many thanks for the link to Kowhai germination, it could prove useful in the future
  4. Hello, just wanted to say thank you for this thread Great pictures and interesting information! It inspired me to look for seeds of this plant. I realized that seeds are impossible to get I just found an ebay seller from chile who is offering toromiro seeds, but the seeds look a bit different than yours. Can anyone tell from the pictures what species this is? Please keep posting updates and information from time to time, thank you :-> Hope you win the fight against the spider mites!