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  1. Got one today too from 'kurkurial'. As for TouchMyInfection, yeah its an email thing. http://touchmyinfection.mail.everyone.net I left that there hoping someone might get a laugh from it
  2. Got one too. 'It's wonderful!' with a link to febl.ru, redirects to sabl.ru Looks like this: (the icon on the bottom left means the firefox addon NoScript prevented some javascript from running, which is nothing dangerous, just automatically focussing the text box on the page) Here's the source code: http://pastebin.com/f5dd2d4b3 Hasn't done anything bad to my computer though. From the source it seems there's nothing that could, unless its the call to the really long image, but thats just the captcha.
  3. whit3rabbit

    Post a random picture thread

  4. whit3rabbit

    SAB site?

    Hmm I've been usign Fx3 for, I dunno, forever, and then this popped up. Weird, but its working now
  5. whit3rabbit

    SAB site?

    Yeah somethings up. shaman-australis.com works, and redirects to shaman-australis.com.au which doesn't work. I first noticed it at 11.30 last night.
  6. whit3rabbit

    Lime paste

    Ok, good to know I'll just place my order w/o lime paste then.
  7. whit3rabbit

    Lime paste

    Was about to place an order and realised I wanted some lime paste as I havent been able to find any in local shops. Can't see it in the store, will it be coming back soon/at all? I haven't been able to find any other online sellers either.
  8. whit3rabbit

    Brug seed pod?

    I still get them popping up every now and then, but they never grow, just sit around and fall off after a few days. And it still seems like it does it more often when its been raining for a few days straight during flowering.
  9. whit3rabbit

    Hawaiian baby woodrose, questions...

    FOAF told me a story once. 12 seeds scraped with a knife, crushed slightly with pliers (he;s lazy), then well chewed and swallowed. Everything went smooth, some mild leg cramps, then they kicked in. Could see/feel people's energy auras. At the peak for about ten minutes they could see their past and the future at the same time extending from their body, kinda like in Donnie Darko but way more extreme. Then meditated against the fridge.
  10. whit3rabbit

    Three million days 'lost to alcohol'

    People are 62% more likely to believe you if you use statistics.
  11. whit3rabbit

    Internal Mail

    A few years back I put two joints in a ciggarette packet, sealed it up with tape, put it into a padded bag, mailed it (from one country town to another) and it all went through fine.
  12. whit3rabbit

    Happy 18th whit3rabbit!

    Thanks guys, I ended up having a pretty good night last night, went on the pub crawl down the main street, good times had by all lolThe real parties gunna be this saturday tho, big bonfire, some fireworks, and two 40 gallon drums filled with ice and booze (the freezer kind of ice of course )
  13. whit3rabbit

    Bonsai Stramonium?

  14. whit3rabbit

    Peres Power Cord

    This just happened by itself, seems to be what you'd want though.