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  1. Legend. Thanks. Sorry to read you had to destroy a heap of yours..
  2. Although google search reveals b. Candida is closer... cheers
  3. Hey thanks. Bullit what do you think about Donnie_30 's suggestion??? The colour looks like a closer match than the image you posted???
  4. 2XB


    hey i don't care for the topic either way, i was simply making an observation. I guess you missed the point.
  5. The flowers hang, face downwards. Here is an image of stem and leaf.
  6. 2XB

    Button Cactus Plant Sale

    I have some interest in all of the above
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    Its interesting that its seemingly acceptable to be publicly derogatory towards some types of people or ethnic groups and not others..??? Inaccurate.
  8. Ive found that one can harness the power of a green out.... through trying to embrace it ive found myself flying through space etc. It can be incredible.. mind over matter!
  9. Hi all A friend of my wife needs help. She just had a uncovered deck built and needs to treat it.. She wants low maintenance as key componet! I just thought you oil it twice a year and all sweet... then she started taking about tannin and I knew I couldnt help.... Can anyone offer some advice I can pass on?
  10. 2XB

    advice decking oils etc needed

    Thanks guys for your input. Some other advice I received from a carpenter was to use either intergrain or sikkens. And no way ever use cabbots.
  11. Hi all. I was in the nursery yesterday and found a few nice cacti. One being a TBM which I was stoked with. Another was unlabeled.. I know its probably way to young to id but to me it looks like icaro seedlings I have.. Any thoughts??? Cheers
  12. 2XB

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    What sort is this??? Very small but way more slender compared to my others...
  13. Spark plug would be hard to top... thats pretty odd...
  14. Because I would like some of that beauty in my garden. I would send on a post paid envelope if it helps.
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    Violet crumble
  16. 2XB

    Sharing some seed

    Hey Change. Cheers mate! I too received the seeds today. Way more than 50..