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  1. I find long handled loppers more effective ive been clearing out a 1/4 acre stand of a phyllostachys sp (aureus?) it spreads fast and quite weedily , but once it has a hold over competition it gradually thickens up so im in the centre chopping out all the junk and either using it or felling it and chopping up with loppers to smaller bits to rot faster ive thought about giving it a feed i get so much use from it i wouldnt be shy to spread a good amount of ammonium sulphate about. that should kickstart the N cycle if i can clearit out enough id think of some understorey legume to put in there - maybe even a native desmodium or glycine if itll take and also id like to in time innoculate some fungi in there they should love the litter itd be even better in a wetter climate. Azures like grass wastes and ive seen a cyanescens woodchip bed in a bamboo grove. im sure they d adjust with the edibles theres alsway bamboo mushroom - dictyophora and i once grew H ulmarius on pasteuised bamboo leaves and twigs I think ideally one would manage it like Asparagus, both having similarities in mode of growth from a monopodal culm trying to manage energy reserves in the rhizomes and encourage fewer but larger stems to make best use of the water and nutrient resource im getting in some see dof buddha belly bamboo off ebay. seems to be a bit of it available. Moso bamboo too
  2. im sure the reward is better from seed u make yourself and 5% isnt too bad anyway with some cacti, its just the cost of that 95% lost is annoying with Arios prices vary but say here say from one website i have imported from ariocarpus agavioides 100s = 4.2 pounds 500s = 17 pounds plus any CITES permits AQIS have really come down hard on CITES requiremnets lately HTF? its a pinhead id need pindick fingers to be able to manipulate it ive read they arent hard - its just TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME waiting and theres the expensive seed issue again if you peres graft you get free fresh seed quickly dunno. guess im just never happy growing just one, or just a few of anything it feels a waste of effort like cooking for 1 its hardly any more effort to cook for 3 or 4 and much more rewarding cos of the wait, the chance of complete loss, the lack of excess to trade and the bottleneck genepool of a few inbreeding stock planst thereafter im not really happy till i look out and see multiple trays of 50 healthy planst all flowering away happily in the garden
  3. Rev

    What the hell are these?

    yes you can eat cakes there was much talk a year or 2 ago bout this esp using azurescens to make cakes crush up and wash with cranberry juice or other acididc juice drink i Azure cake was like 4 doses?? in addition, overmatures substrate can be eaten once dried a FOAF ate 3g of dried overincubated grain/myc and had a mild but nice exp. 5-6 g would have been more effective those lumps are wierd sounds like pseudosclerotia some cube strains form them i think SE asian ones in particular some info at the nook or shroomery - long time ago also i havent been hangin either place for nearly a year, more at the shroomery
  4. Aztekium come up fine and seem fairly hardy but by hell they are slow a 1 year old seedling is pinhead size i put down 100 seeds and have 6 or 7 pinheads HTF can you graft that??? the cost of seed,CITES certification, poor germinataion in many cases and sensitivity to sun have kept me back ive sorted the sun issue now but the other issues remain IME you really need to put down 100 seeds to hope to get a few plants by the time they are 5 years old
  5. Rev

    Dissident eunuchs

    If i was a US citizen i wouldnt be giving up my guns either you are going to need them I cant even think how Australia is going to deal with itself we are subject to the same rot, and to think we will get out of it cos we have better education, or social support network ethics or cos aussies are battlers who believe in afair go - is living in a timewarp one prior to john howards australia - user pays education, GST, Centrelink, 400 000 mortgage, mandatory detention, Terror law secret judiciary and so on we arent quite as religious as a whole but our affluent mortgage belt (See '"The emperor wears no clothes" fairy tale ) have been politically gagged - voluntarily sometimes - its an easy excuse to choose in the US they make ex felons unable to vote so removing large swathes of hispanic and balc america from the electorate here they encourage huge debts, to conservatise the electorate
  6. Ive gutted rabbit and it was fine but ive also had to disect sheep guts at Uni that was rank
  7. Rev

    yr favourite natural stimulant

    you know whats worse than not having it? running out its kinda not worth having less you have an inexhaustible supply
  8. Rev

    trich ID please

    its always more authentic with a second opinion so dr. tonic have you seen that new nurse in C ward?
  9. Rev

    Telling apart top from bottom

    they wont die either way i had a peruvianus upside down for a year nothing happeed so i pulled it out turned around and it was growing within a month this is unusual not cos it didnt die but because they normally pup anyway these things naturally fall down slopes land in a crevice and keep growing changing polarity just involves a lag time
  10. Rev

    trich ID please

    1 and 2 are clearly myrtillocactus sp - prob geometrizans i dont have a handle on the taxonomy of this genus - i have schenckii as well aka 'bluey' in kmart cactus circles
  11. Rev

    trich ID please

    last one is the fake peruvianus kk242 aka 'gnosis' or something as MS smith suggests allied to T cuzcoensis if anyones gnome has ever eaten this and found it useful id be very interested to hear of it macroscopically they are extremely homogenous seedling population more so even than bridgesii
  12. Rev

    Flowering Ariocarpi

    beautiful plants Ariocrpus take some work seed ie expensive and CITES listed seed batches vary greatly in quality they are hard to graft to pereskiopsis they are slow to grow and juveniles seem far less forgiving than lophs even though the adults seem more forgiving but that just makes me want them more :D i have only 2 A retusus but they are at a stage where they grow themselves id love to buy more if you know a source
  13. Rev

    ready for winter?

    LOl yeah you can brush off my other obscure ramblings as madman talk, but if i start talking about growing plants and shroom i REALLY REALLY try and get to the truth and heart of the matter. because knowing this cant be overstressed in its value ok i have never lived in Melbourne. but i read often that subtropical fruit trees can go as far south as Tassie. ive spoken to people who've fruited mangoes in coastal tassie I do not reccomend disturbing planst this late in the season and you are correct that in a winter wet clime the hession straw woud just rot and cause trouble the reason i need to protect is cos we get frost. overnight temps of -3C lat year. about 20 - 30 frosts ovre a 4 month period but the days are warm wwheras you prob dont get frost but the days are cold this IS such a fundamental difference to make perhaps the other big one being tween frost and freeze - luckily i know nothing of the latter the bureau of meteorology has changed their website heaps im just trying to reorient myself go here and find your closest weather station past in the number below and downlaod the pdf ie tabulam post office 057018 in theory - in actual fact theres no data yet :rollesyes: great upgrade BOM! important data is Mean minimum temperature (Degrees C) - helps mange subtropicals that dont like prolonged cool days . it weakens them Lowest temperature (Degrees C) - frost can form below 4.4C if the topography favours it ok i give up till i figure out the new BOM. the old system was so easy till then yes teepees are good - especially if made of or lined with bubblewrap for insulation plant against walls or other areas that give thermal mass bufferring of cold nights i have old plastic drums and barrels filled with water all through my g/house and i intend to collect more. these store daytime het and radiate it out at night if it stays too col for too long then get a heatmat ill post when i find a good commercial source bottom heat is so much more important than top heat or artifcial lighting till i can get my head straight on this webste...
  14. Before christ and horus it was the golden boy, dionysus, born of immaculte conception there was eve born of adam there was persephone, daughter of demeter or amazonian myths of mythical women giving birth to Capi or pacific myths of women giving birth to Kava or any number of other creation myths the goddess giving birth to her consort, to the divine hope the splitting of one into two opposites a clue to a hidden and enduring mystery of life no culture owns it i think its always out there in the platonic ether like so mant other big ideas and we just keep on rediscovering its importance
  15. Rev

    Telling apart top from bottom

    bridgesii is easy the centre spine points down as demonstrated at many areoles
  16. Rev

    what's your favorite pornsite?

    Ouch. thats pretty off ill take mud wrestling anyday there was me imaging people beating each other up with batons and club-mace held in place like a butt plug
  17. Rev

    what's your favorite pornsite?

    sorry FWIW i went back n read ur ressurrection post and yeah theres some good points there i dont know what bumfights are sounds innocuous prolly isnt? Exploitation is everywhere, doesnt make it good or bad i dont know what to think of it but at that level sexuals tatses oft has little thought to it you like what gets you off if what gets you off conflicts with your rational moral code then you get guilt of being 'bad' and some people get off on that especially i guess maybe its ok to watch this stuff so long as a. you dont pay for it b. you dont bring the fantasy into real life i think the menfolk in our society are p/haps teh best behaved in history ever in the way we consciously treat each other, women, children and animals, what we spend our $ on, and the environment we need to give ourselves some credit that we do this and cut ourselves some slack if we still think bad things when we jack off LOL
  18. Rev

    what's your favorite pornsite?

    ROTFLMAO yeah bro youve got to pick ur threads better
  19. Rev

    Bee death theorys

    what about GE pollen? im sure theyve gone way past bt toxin now
  20. Rev

    Bee death theorys

    bees are just one generalist pollinator there are many more bluebanded bees love my salvia species for example and trigona carbonaria bees love all flower the european bees like all cereals are wind pollinated most legumes are perfect flowers so self pollinated tubers like spuds, sweet potato and cassava dont need any pollinating most veggies dont need pollination in the field Nut and fruit crops will be the big losers and canola - and oil seed thats self incompatible if european bees disappeared thered be ecological upset but i think theres plenty of redundancy in place. other minor speces would expand their range over the more aggressive honey bee
  21. Rev


    i use pyrethrum too never understood what people have against it? try wiping off what you can spray with pyrethrum leave to die hose/wipe off dead scale spray again if persistent it can take a while to curb an infestation, but eradication IS possible and is necessary i dont think living with a little scale is a good idea like living with small numbers of other pest is
  22. Rev

    what's your favorite pornsite?

    but seriously ever since the west went to war against Arab states the arab porn genre has arrived and expanded seems to be a common theme that when you are at war against or come into renewed cultural contact with another place , what comes with it is a fantasy of their women travellers to foreign lands are always looking for nookie. Im sure visitors here find aussie beach babes 'exotic' or indeed at mardi gras time - Bondi lifesavers Arab/afghan/Persian or other muslim women - like malay or Indonesian women perhaps have a special allure BECAUSaE they are so hidden. who knows whats hidden under the unrevealing garments? especaily when at least my my mind these Persian or malay women have some of the most beautiful faces in the world as such you see Latinas, mulatto, mestizo and other meditteranean looking (coffee skin) women playing the roles
  23. Rev

    caapi variants

    Pedigree of my surviving vines 1. i got my strain rom Gom Gom got his strain from me in the meantime i lost mine I got mine from SAB 2. Sourced from Teonan 3. Sourced from Guruna i would imagin ethey are all synonymous with MG/SAB = Cielo the pictures up there certainly match the strong yellow pigmenting and spicy taste and aroma of the fresh cambium mmmmm if only it were legal to eat it since this time seed has come on the market incl the ourinhos some have germianted it but not me as ive only just come back into the tropical collecting game in the last 6 months after a 2 years on the sidelines
  24. Rev

    chasing obtusifolia seeds

    Sorry Harry i know better than to ask ive only ever been interested in getting seed to grow more i dont want to wildcraft so theres no reason to ask - except general area cos it gives idea of cold hardiness im not far from tenterfield myself. could be within 10ks of me for all i know? theres a lot of country round here
  25. Rev

    dmt in acacia longifolia?

    if you are going to chase longifolia might asw ell look at the following as well common in suburbia or on the coast A sophorae A longissima A fimbriata and what about the mt morgan wattle? podalyrifolia i recall that had something interesting in it