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  2. waterboy 2.0

    Post a random picture thread

  3. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    Something different while I'm bedding things down for winter. Lol.. FFS... I actually think I have more cacti than when I started cleaning up
  4. Yesterday
  5. ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ

    Cactus Videos!

  6. waterboy 2.0

    A few Trich cuts

    Another small TBM $35+post Edit- too good for the compost pile - from the forgotten in the shade house If any of you local lads are looking for Catha... Stray rooted green, ph's and I think a red at quick glance. +Grafted Loph, few marks on the stock. Say $20 the Lot, +post if I can't eyeball you
  7. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    I missed this event, during a push em hard phase... Lol... Has healed sweet though.
  8. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    meet is on sat at 12pm @ mt cootha spot PM me if you dont know it. hope to see u all there
  9. Insequent

    In light of poetry

    DEMON. I'm an ordinary man with a demon inside me Waiting and hoping for my consciounce to hide me Constantly searching for a victim to guide me Back home. I wrestle my soul with this tiring affliction My crutch and my monkey, my endless addiction I can no longer tell is this truth, is this fiction I've known. What would you say, would you turn away Leave your seat in the theatre, let the tragedy play I trade my silence for screaming Bathed in nightmares while dreaming Lock your doors, draw the curtains at the end of the day. With so many around me, of course it is only For the price of my soul, my demon ain't lonely For a sin which it loathes Dressed up in fine clothes Like a high class whore who is comely. I'm guided by morals, but I'm certainly no saint A host bearing goodness with a dark, silent taint A canvas alive with only grey shades of paint I'm alone. Society dictates I'm an outcast, a reject A threat and a burden with a character defect Ignoring the fact it was out of the prefect I'm grown. So now what would you say, would you run away Knowing I can't keep this demon at bay My soul endlessly screaming For a silence redeeming And a debt incurred for my spirit to pay.
  10. Darklight

    Vale ReshroomEd

    He so would. It'd be logged by some old unit he got off ebay and hacked into workable with fencing wire. Was gunna say 'baling twine' instead, but Ed would never hack anything with flimsy, and he'd organise proper documentation :D It was his birthday the other day, I didn't miss it but was too gutted to post Fuck he woulda loved the last EGA, then we woulda taken the troopy somewhere steep and stupidly unsafe so he could show me a plant and then we'd drink whiskey or whisky So many lovely new people, so many lovely old people, and still there is an Ed-shaped hole in the universe May we all be his greatest experiment ever <3
  11. Matagordamudskipper

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    I have not and have no reason for not having tried it. I read about it years ago. I’ll tell you what. I’ll collect some next week and brew a tea and report back. Might even become my morning pep me up. First thing in morning(next week) I’ll weigh out the fresh leafs and let them soak/simmer for awhile. Probably play a few games of backgammon. I’ll ingest tea and see what happens. I do not have it growing in my garden mostly because it’s everywhere. I’m in zone 9a/b. It’s hot, humid/wet, winters are mild(usually), soil is dense. ‘Gumbo clay’ Is the local slang. But areas are sandy loam too
  12. Am always fulla *something* lol But at EGA I am always full of joy because EGA, you lot create the best vibes
  13. Matagordamudskipper

    regrowth study in 2019

    It seems yote is in trouble here in Texas. So sad. If only the government would allow a gigantic growop to supply the churches. That would allow the populations to recover.
  14. Darklight

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    EGA Plant Swap was lovely chaos in the best kind of way! So many people, everyone was respectful of the social bond around the sharing, people without things to swap were respectful and many of these people walked away laden with plants and with all parties happy. A few very generous people ( I have no idea who, so shout out if it was you ) turned up with HEAPS of plants to share, which got shared, and I hope they found some of the species which needed them too People milled, plants vanished, moar plants appeared, it was a whirl Did not get enough time to be properly helpful or even see who was around and what was moving, I got to talk to a few lovely individuals about mycocultures I bought with me and got sidetracked, sorry Amz and team Many thanks to @Amazonian for co-ordinating this and also for keeping the vibe cool and stopping entropy in the face of utter chaos Many thanks to lovely EGA crew for allowing the space to happen
  15. Last week
  16. sim

    Help with id

    I might pull up a few caps on Monday if still there and add a print to collection. Let me know Freakosystem and Northerner if you would like a print thanks for your help!
  17. Darklight

    regrowth study in 2019

    Sorrow at the destruction of plants, population, association and habitat Thanks for your hard work, and for those who help with it Joy that you are continuing, that somebody cares and does the work so well Wishing you more power for your species and for your eagle eye data
  18. I want to write a great big EGA love letter. Just got back last night after stopping in SYD to see fam and I still have the EGA glow :D The EGA team yet again excelled themselves on this one, there wasn't a minute in those days I wasn't enjoying myself and wishing there were 3 more of me so I didn't miss anything. The whole weekend was a highlight, but among the highlights some of the highest were: Meeting @Yeti101 who is not only bloody awesome but saved the front of house crew with a coffee run, endless thanks mate Hanging out at the Plant Swap with @Amazonian except we didn't get to chat much Seeing Aunt Frances and having a chat with her, the woman is a knife and a multidisciplinary legend, I am in awe and want to have her babies. Loved her presentation Meeting Charly Bedrossian from Cannabis College who is a complete darling Catching up with a bazillion SABbers for about 3 minutes each and wishing time would bend sufficiently to have more time Being gobsmacked by how beautifully the EGA team pulls these events together from the air- it was like watching a symphony unfold. Special thanks to Sophie Working with @obtuse, mate you are lovely, insightful and organised and a total blessing to the myco community and the community in general Wondering when @RonnySimulacrum was gunna crack the next joke that would leave me in stitches, while he simultaneously performed miracles Brief moments with Adele cracking up laughing at ourselves Seeing ppl I only see at EGAs because time is precious an I'm getting old If you regret not making this one, you should :p Go to the next one Love your work EGA ppl, and thank you <3
  19. Northerner

    Help with id

    Perhaps Parasola also...
  20. Ι remember there were reports of a percent of variegation in some seed batches of Banisteriopsis. I could find that thread. I am not sure if this is a real variegation or something else, but boy some of these leaves are amazing !!! Has anyone else his plant doing it? the plant seems to throw randomly variegated parts, and I think not all of them have the same degree of variegation.
  21. I knew of that amazing chipophone guy.. the appregiators and general design is really something
  22. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    Awesome! Have you tried preparing it into a drink? Or growing it?
  23. Freakosystem

    Help with id

    What state are you in? I'm decent with plant ident. particularly on the east coast. Chuck em up if you'd like a hand.
  24. A recent summary is online with more to come. https://cactusconservation.org/blog/2019/05/17/lophophora-williamsii-harvesting-regrowth-mortality/
  25. If you haven't seen it you're missing out https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/629476419953/dons-party
  26. Humbolt

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    You're the font of all knowledge WB, got a bit of a handle on it now, i think, cheers. One day those nasty little critters will get there commupance.
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