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  2. toby

    Bridgesii nat

    Yes, that's how remember it
  3. etherealdrifter

    Post your track of the day

  4. etherealdrifter

    Bridgesii nat

    It's a melted story that one has to experience......then you will know - it's name. Wild horses dragged out the truth from the keepers of it's origin but alas none were capable nor worthy of it's safe keeping. It comes from way way back in the time before dinosaurs and amoeba. It was a fable shared only to fable tellers and foible spellers. The name that mustn't be spoken or uttered. Hence it's unknownence was only spelt in sand and none will henceforth be able to retell - the story on the bridgesii NAT unless you were there at the fair that was the meltednat day -and that's a fact. Do not utter these words again because i would be remiss to remind you of your misguided and misplaced eagerness to attach a monetary value to it's existence.
  5. FerdieJ

    Isolation chamber

    I have read growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms back to back and the sections about specific mushrooms a few time over per mushroom. Stamets really knows his stuff. A lot of the idea of using mycelium comes from the melting pot of ideas that my brain has been working on for years for all sorts of other projects, there is lots of people using mycelium for lots of different things, some of which this project covers. People use myc for art, to build furniture. They use it as insulation, both for sound and heat insulation, and it is fireproof, so it has applications to do with that. Mushrooms are used for mycoremediation, part of the idea of the substrate that I will play with deals with breaking down waste as the myc food, still working on that. I have basically mashed half a millions ideas into this one project, hence the very fluid nature of the design and implementation so far. This is a prototype design and so once I have an idea of how to do it, I can work on improvements for next time, and the point of the posting here and on other social media is to help to encourage others to learn about just what mycelium can do, and this project helps to make it a fun learning curve with hopefully a wicked outcome, that will help encourage others to just try things and experiment because they saw how fun this project was. And that’s my plan for how to change the world... well, that’s really a whole nother post...
  6. sagiXsagi

    Isolation chamber

    OK, I see.. I am mushrooms hunter myself. It seems I should read the Stamets book I bought a long time ago sometime. I have read about how myceliums could be used in construction, but I never got to read whats it about.
  7. Enjaytee

    My Garden

  8. Yesterday
  9. FerdieJ

    Isolation chamber

    Once I have grown the structure, I have to time it right,before the myc starts to pin after full colonisation I switch the humidity from 100% or close to, to 0% or close to. Hopefully I can time it right but if I get it before it starts to fruit, with the reishi even if it does pin, and start to grow shrooms, I will play with oxygen/CO2 levels and try to get the funky antler growth but the idea is to dry it out before it gets that far. Once growth and pinning has slowed, or stopped, because the moisture level is too dry, then I just have to keep the humidity nice and low and draw the moisture out of the structure, essentially rendering the myc not quite dead but very dormant. Then.. in this stage the myc is perfect food for all sorts of things, I can’t have that, so I am going to fire the outside with a flamethrower/blowtorch type thing, and then paint it with a varnish of some description, possibly a natural resin one, I am playing with a few things, to protect it from slugs and snails, and other things. So the myc will get a stranglehold on the framework I have in place,(which helps to tie it all together structurally) but the drying process will mean it never can go too far. Hopefully. As I keep saying, not 100% sure on much really, a lot of the planning is centred around untested theories but if the science and the theories are correct, this thing should be strong, and well insulated, and if I can then protect it could last a very long time.
  10. FerdieJ

    Sorted, thanks

    Never did get back here and close this. Thanks ninja, I am getting some spawn and for now will play with that, if I need something more at some point I’ll throw you a line.
  11. sagiXsagi

    Isolation chamber

    Very cool project. Wont the mycelium gradually eat away the structure??
  12. sagiXsagi

    Double rainbow this afternoon

    wow thats amazing!!
  13. sagiXsagi

    Psychoactive Acacia Annotated Bibliography

    well its a specialised topic in a specialized format.. I have been mostly alone in my quest with ephedra and compiling papers.. But lonely while it can be, it can also be very fascinating. Also takes time , as compiling some stuff is only the begining.
  14. sagiXsagi

    Tek for cross-pollinating cacti?

    cool post. a thread on micro propagation would be interesting to read
  15. sagiXsagi

    Some interesting tricho hybrids

    the scop x grandiflorus flowered red! I think I wrote this in reverse the previous time.
  16. ninjaandgambler

    Sorted, thanks

    I have old culture syringes if you want one
  17. ninjaandgambler

    Wanted Sally D cutting

    Wanting to buy a cutting of Sally D from anyone who can spare.
  18. I've got some beautiful babies thanks to Gimli! You're a legend! Your seeds have gone as far as North America too, just so you know ;)
  19. Slocombe

    Canberrans where you at?

    Lol. No maps directly to where to look in the Brindabellas then? Big hint there but not exactlyaa secret. I'm personally going to have very toned thighs by the end of the season if I don't get any guidance.
  20. Here last years survivors after losing about 70-80% to severe frost. Ive recently moved closer to the beach so am hoping for milder frost conditions combined with a years growth am hoping for better results. They're keen to get in the ground. Thanks again Gimli
  21. Last week
  22. Responsible Choice

    The ability to teach?

  23. Photo from a SAB member a while back
  24. Taken just now. Kept in its pot for a little over a year, once in the ground though it's just taken off.
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