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A reward for a cat?

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Around a week ago a tiger snake got into my cattery, I have a lot of cats(too many, mainly rescue/defective cats), one of the cats that has a temperate temperament and is large so i have propped him up as the dominant cat to maintain some order with them all. I have also spent a lot of time with him teaching him to not attack or kill anything and to be restrained when any of the other cats challenge him.

But yea, this cat cornered the snake under a bush in the corner of the cattery and then alerted me to it being there with the weirdest meows i have ever heard(usually i can get a gist of what the meows mean but had no idea here), as i walk out there to see what was up another cat approached him out of interest and he aggressively lashed out at the cat(very out of character) then went back to the weird meows, only when i got close did i notice the snake and then I quickly got them all out before coaxing the snake away and then spending the day shoring up any gaps a snake could get through.

But yea over the past few days every time i look at this cat i cant help but realize his actions effectively saved the lives of most of the cats whether he understood it or not. I know he wont understand, appreciate or relate a reward to his action but i still feel like i owe him, anyone have a suggestion for a fitting reward of gift for him?

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On 08/10/2019 at 10:54 PM, Halcyon Daze said:

grant him his freedom. :P




Yea, would be nice but unfortunately there is a bit of a hillbilly infestation around here that would shoot him on sight, that along with the snakes,foxes,wild dogs and feral cats i don't think he would last more than a few days out there, the best i can do for him(and the slaughter he would cause) was to make him and the rest a cattery.

As a gift i ended up going down to the river and catching a fish for him and them letting him eat it in front of all the other cats without having to share it.

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