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Loph williamsii var. Texana for trade

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Looking for interesting ethno seeds.
Brug variety cuts i done have
cacti seed or plants ( especially freaks of monstrose, crested variegate origins)
epiphllums i dont have
known cultivar variant kratom cuts
Interesting fruit plants
Will trade small quantities of seed for random bits and pieces too.

Will also trade other things if i have them. ( i collect a lot of genus and types of botany)

I just love the idea of barter rather than the mighty $ to collectively expand our collections.

Thanks community


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Hey 2Deep. I'm rather into unusual botanical collections too. Are you interested in Rhipsalis? I've probably got 10 species or so which could be a nice way to start a collection. I've gotnheaps of cutting material if interested. I can also share Amorphophallus species once they die down in a couple of months. Or if you are after something super rare, Haloragodendron lucasii (there are perhaps just 3 genetic individuals in the world).

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Loph plant or seed? any chance of a pic?

I may have some things interest

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