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  1. Looking for interesting ethno seeds. Brug variety cuts i done have haworthias cacti seed or plants ( especially freaks of monstrose, crested variegate origins) epiphllums i dont have Caapi Ephedra known cultivar variant kratom cuts Interesting fruit plants Will trade small quantities of seed for random bits and pieces too. Will also trade other things if i have them. ( i collect a lot of genus and types of botany) I just love the idea of barter rather than the mighty $ to collectively expand our collections. Thanks community 2Deep
  2. YAY! And the man is BACK! <3

    1. Psyentist


      Yeewww! Long time no see brother, hope you’re well! :)

  3. 2Deep2Handle

    zelly/nitrogen monstrose seed

    Gimli Id trade my left vesticle for some of these ;)
  4. 2Deep2Handle

    Catha edulis sob story

    Joshwaa..hes probably right (as shitty as $80 for a poorly packed plant is), that it will survive and throw new shoots. My rabbit chews the heads off my newly rooted aerial clones, and they always reshoot, provided its not the heart of winter. Looks like a traditional red or maybe a Vienna white. Not likely a green, narrow or PH. I might have something floating around i can send you. Shoot me a pm.
  5. 2Deep2Handle

    Pereskiopsis, Acacia Courtii

    if you had no luck with the pere pm me :D
  6. nosh let me know when your ready mate and im sure ive got some things of interest ;) 2Deep
  7. They eat dead roots, and decomposing organic matter, but will certainly if a plant is in good health, chew on its lovely root systems. I don't get too many problems with my cacti, but they belt my citrus around every year in pots. 10+ per square meter is a good rule of thumb for them, and the same recommendation for when to attack them chemically when they are present in your lawn. The normal evil bifenthrin ,chlorpyrifos or nicotine mimicking imidacloprid based products work best, but neem is the nicest (all be it the most expensive) way to deal with with em. I just make sure i give all my plants a good watering the night evening before, then the next morning, they will all be hanging within the top 6 inches of soil, where i can normally just dig around like a turkey, and hand remove enough to get them down to bearable numbers. From NSW DPI https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/110213/scarab-grubs-in-northern-tableland-pastures.pdf <--- Some Real good stuff in there "The larvae of the small brownish cockchafers, Sericesthis spp., which have one-year life cycles, are the most important scarab pests of pastures. Larvae of species that have two-year life cycles, including the Christmas beetles, Anoplognathus spp., the large brownish cockchafers, Antitrogus spp. and Rhopaea spp., and the black and greyish brown coloured black soil scarab, Othnonius batesi, are only of occasional concern. Species with two-year life cycles have overlapping generations of larvae, so that larvae can be found in the soil all year round." All I can say is dam those cockchafers!
  8. 2Deep2Handle

    Wanted narrow leaf catha seeds or v white

    You only after seeds? or would rooted cuttings / small plants suffice?
  9. 2Deep2Handle

    Opuntia microdasys

    lol one of the most evil little buggers out. glochids for days! I got a microdaisy var pallida (yellow) F. cristata i could grab a little pad off. Its only small atm though
  10. 2Deep2Handle

    I moved to Nrth NSW from Goldy

    Hey folks. Made the big move with my family (along with my plants) a couple of months ago, and was just wondering if there are many members in the Coffs Harbour region. I'm very close to Woolgoolga (or Whoopi as its affectionately known), and wanted to possibly catch up with some other gardening enthusiasts out there. Putting it out there :D 2Deep
  11. 2Deep2Handle

    Lopho identification

    looks no different to my L.W texana's when i put them on pere. Well ferted, well watered pere grafts, my tex's seem to plump their ribs up. Zelly what you think?
  12. 2Deep2Handle

    are we able to change our display name?

    I can never keep up with the changing names anyway. Once 2Deep...forever 2Deep.....I have always been and will always be! 3K posts or Not.... Anyone care to divulge who they were in previous incarnations of themselves?
  13. 2Deep2Handle

    RIP andyamine

    Ahhh shit .He was a great person and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. I had the pleasure of meeting him, at the first SAB meet I ever went to, which i held at my own house, and finally got to meet all the great users, who all happened to be better people than those I had known for many years. Up until that day, I only knew them by names such as AndyAmine, Jox, Gollum, Gem etc the list goes on...He was the last to leave Christian was one of the guys (and gals) who cemented my love of this forum, through his love of plants, and shit stirring humour, once you got to know him. Another member (person) gone too soon. I think his constant dedication to his plants and this forum, deserves to be immortalised through the naming of a new clone after him as well. Anyone working with any new genetics? If you are ever down people, make sure you talk about it with people. No one likes to lose a brother or a sister, and im sure everyone on this forum would do all within they're power to cheer up or help a fellow member through a difficult time. Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary situation, and no point rushing....we all get there eventually. R.I.P Christian.
  14. 2Deep2Handle

    WTB Lophophora seeds

    Ethos PM me mate and Ill get some pere your way. If you could cover postage that would be great. Otherwise all good. GREAT to see you Back :D
  15. 2Deep2Handle

    Brugmansia and Datura cuttings or seed

    Hey gimli I'll take some cuttings in the next week. Ill pm you when there good to go. message me in a month if you havent heard from me. Cover my postage and they're yours ;)
  16. 2Deep2Handle

    Brugmansia and Datura cuttings or seed

    Gimli I could probably get you an 'insignis' spices in the mail. Same as above. No guarantees it will make it, but ill try lol. Also got a few aurea, suavolens and candida cultivars i could take some cuts of.
  17. 2Deep2Handle

    Selling lots of plants

    Hey ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ i can assure you he is still around, but not on the Gold Coast anymore. I'll make sure he sees this. C an you PM me with what name you used to go by? Its so hard to keep up with who is who, as im sure i know so many of these guys/girls with high post counts, but just names I don't recognise anymore. Hes much further North these days. Still has a bit of a cactus collection, but very very limited on the ethno side. I'm going to send him a home welcoming present up north in the next couple of weeks. He went through some tough times but is getting back on his feet, and whilst I still get to talk to him, I miss actually catch up with him in person, as his knowledge is only rivalled by his friendliness. On that note anyone know where Myco or Stillman got too?
  18. 2Deep2Handle

    5 year old pereskopsis Grafts

    Who says Pere is a temporary stock? These were grafted Oct 2012 as 8 day old seedlings. They look shiny, as i'd just washed off some tomato dust before photographing. The spinosad doesn't seem to have knocked the mealy around at all, and neither has the sulphur, but both chemicals seem to smash the spider mite. I think the pot size is 83mm but dont quote me. This Willamsii var Mazapil was purchased off Watertrade in late 2012 and is still on its original stock, however was cut down, rerooted on a rockwool cube, and then planted back out once roots emerged from the bottom of the rockwool, the stock is about 3 cm long these days. Anyone else out there got ancient pere grafts still cranking?
  19. Hey folks. I have never seen one myself before, but 2 doors down from my house in the Coffs Harbour hinterland, i stumbled upon this little beauty and was hoping for a positive ID. I have no plans on doing anything with it either way, but just wanted to know what it was for posterity. The slightly orange edges of the cap made me think possibly var. persicina, but i'm an absolute beginner when it comes to mycology, so wanted further opinion. Apparently it is becoming invasive, so i'm surprised people aren't seeing them everywhere. This mushy looking bugger was growing in very close proximity to it as well. No idea what it is. Was about 20cm in diameter All were amongst pine needles. Thanks
  20. 2Deep2Handle

    Wanted Aloes

    I have several cultivars already, and many of the 'Aloe Aloe' series, but always looking for more. Have a couple of species, but not too many, so new species im also chasing. What do people have out there? have many pups to trade, otherwise heaps of other stuff i can trade....or $... prefer trade though Listed below is the ones I already have Aloe barberae Syn. Aloe bainesii rauhii Snowflake vera Var. Chinensis Kelly Griffin Hybrids CV. Bright Star CV. Orange Marmalade Brian Kemble CV. Wunderkind selection at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California. It was then introduced through the ISI. ALOE ALOE CV. Aries CV. Bush Baby CV. Capricron CV. Copper Shower CV. Fairy Pink CV. Moonglow CV. Ruby Blaze CV. Saturn CV. Sparkler CV. Super Red CV. Topaz CV. Winter Bells
  21. 2Deep2Handle

    Wanted Haworthias

    Would love to get my hands on some new Haworthia. I have several of the more common ones, but starting to try and expand into the slightly rarer, and get the other commons i dont have. Any one else grow this interesting genus? I have other Haworthia to trade, otherwise other numerous other genra of succulents and cacti i can trade, or ethnos, or loph seed. Ask and i might just have it. I don't do much in the way of natives though sorry. Theres always the mights $ too if all else fails. Below is what i already have. attenuata var. radula Syn. H. radula (Sold as) H. attenuata var. radula differentiates from Haworthia attenuata because of smaller and more numerous tubercles whereas H. attenuata has fewer and larger tubercles. Moreover the leaves are more scabrid rather than tuberculate. It has also more slender and longer leaves. The many tubercles give the plant a silvery appereance. cooperi var. truncata Syn. Haworthia cooperi var. obtusa Haworthia obtusa Haw. forma truncata H.Jacobsen Haworthia cooperi Baker var. truncata (H.Jacobsen) M.B.Bayer Haworthia pilifera Baker cuspidata variegata fasciata cv. Super clone herbacea Syn. H. lutearosea (Sold as) herbacea var. herbacea Syn. H. submaculata Poelln. (Sold as) cv. hayashi Dr Masahiko Hayashi limifolia var limifolia. Roux Gollel (Sold As) haworthiaupdates.org/chapter-3-where-to-h-limifolia-3/ limifolia var. schuldtiana (Resende) Resende is apparently a Syn. Of Haworthia limifolia Marloth magnifica var. acuminata cv. Grey Ghost Syn. H retusa 'Grey Ghost' H cymbiformis 'Grey Ghost' pumila cv. little circles retusa x bayeri truncata turgida var. suberecta (V. Poelln.) H turgida var. pallidifolia(Sold as) H turgida var. subtuberculata venosa var Syn. Haworthia tessellata Haw. viscosa Thanks in advance. 2Deep
  22. 2Deep2Handle

    Vege seeds

    i got a few different chilli seeds (super hots) if you felt like growing a few chillis :D im only up for trades at this point....or you can just have them if theres no vege seeds i want/need
  23. 2Deep2Handle

    Brugmansia swap

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for new species, varieties and cultivars of this wonderful Genus, and any of the other Tropane containing genera. Looking to swap small cuttings. Im happy to do 2 for 1 on my end and more if they are new cultivars etc. Ive only got brugs to give, but i have, or within 2 weeks can have -small rooted cuttings of Brugmansia candida Double White or AKA 'Flora Penna' candida 'Hot Pink' candida 'Peaches & Cream' (Variegated) candida 'Peach' suaveolens 'Sacred Sunset' suaveolens 'Pink' insignis aurea 'Culebra' I'm open to most tropanes, but mostly hunting new brugs like i said. What's out there people, and who collects this divine looking and smelling genus of plants? Thanks EDIT: Should have had this in 'Seed & Plant Swaps'. Feel free and please do move it if you see it mods. Thanks
  24. 2Deep2Handle

    Need help with misting system for my greenhouse

    mate 100 PSI is overkill. I work in irrigation for a large commercial raspberry and blueberry farm, and one of my raspberry pumps that do 1.6Ha(Hectares) through 4 field valves pushes out 85 PSI max (its a 45 000 L/perH) through 2 inch submain lines, and is enough to water 4000+ plants through drippers/emittors. Thats the pumps capacity when i just run 1 valve, but it happily runs all 4 valves with pilot valves limiting the field pressure to 25-35 PSI anyway. Im thinking a 2500 - 5000 L/PH hour submersible pump from bunnings would cut it, if you can get the reservoir up higher than the bottom of the greenhouse. Pumping up-hill (head-height) is what kills you. You can always put a little half inch tap in as a restricter as well, to turn it down if it's too much pressure. These need 240 volt power supply, which you can just wack a $10 timer on. If you want to get really ghetto-tech, slap a cheap flow meter on it too.