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    records, guitars, gardens, ferments, dogs, trails, stars, mushrooms, n a lil pop culture

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  1. madam george

    Importing Seeds - Which ones are permitted?

    I messaged a seller Astroph_82 off eBay to be discrete with packaging after I made a purchase 9th July. Yesterday from the Ukraine 25 Lutea Lophophora seeds made it labeled as home decorations. It was a gamble seeing as the they weren’t cheap.
  2. madam george

    Loph williamsii var. Texana for trade

    What type of lw seeds are available?
  3. madam george

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'll grab some photos of my cacti and someone intelligent here can advise me on how to build the nutrients back into them. They're not as deep green as the should be now that I've been photo goggling at others. And I've just found a macadamia tree I bombed outside my house is looking pretty deprived of nutrients but actually has flowers getting ready
  4. madam george

    pics of the acacia plants i look after.

    you're actualisisng my dream you lucky southern Australian
  5. madam george

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Just found this thread! as a local again I'm blown it exists :D I'm only recent back to brisvegas after being up north for nearly 4 years and my established garden had to be gut wrenchingly left behind. So many people up there now with my morengas, hbwr, woolemis (yes survive up there), aristolochias and a whole lot of oddball herbs. Anyway would be keen to keep up the green thumb. Would anyone be keen on a kombucha mushroom? It's not quiet gardening but its still a living thing XD. Years ago, I dumped a heap of acacia longifolias around my suburb green ways but it seems none :'| survived.