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What did you do in your sacred garden today?

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couldnt sleep with excitement about getting as many cacticals and a kitty and some kitty fishies back tomorrow [later today] as I can....

so I gazed at the RFB for a while and felt a pull to feed it some nitrogen ..


... voacanga and psychotria cartha/alba seem to be hacking the transition from RFB to bathroom windowsillpost-14443-0-35099800-1440640861_thumb.j

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It looks like you're doing well with the caapi greenman and the rest of the garden looks good too.

I'd be looking for a position where it can go into the ground, either near a tree (not a prized tree as caapi has a habit smothering trees and eventualluy pulling them down). If not a tree then a trellis is a good idea.

They can handle a wide range of conditions and even take a light frost. Direct morning and afternoon sun are OK but they do best in dappled light until they get a bit older. If you keep the water up to them full sun is fine though.

As for feeding, you can feed them almost anything, whatever you are feeding the rest of the garden should suit the caapi too.

thanks Sally

I am in New Orleans. while we dont freeze often

most years will get a light freeze, 30F or so. every few years we get an arctic blast

which means 26-28F. normally only a few hours and the ground never really freezes hard.

as far as finding a place. The yard is full, but, im sure i can add a couple of posts for it to climb

or let it go up the side of my house.

I am guessing that if i can keep it alive,the winters will crop it back naturally anyway.

can it handle those temps ?


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added some new arrival psy viri leafages to Equestria this morning, two to the Paqarena and three to the Yukutlan

I maybe got one of the last godzilla leaves last time and luckily it has finally rooted in the Paqarena and survived the rot and operating (fukken hey!) post-14443-0-89117700-1441714108_thumb.j

unfortunately i have lost all but one of the caapi cuttings i took

but both muricata cuttings are happy as shigs in pit..


lost a few own-plant viridis leaf-fall attempts .. must need to be super fresh and cut from the plant after all.. and now i can see why folk don't wanna keep cutting at their first ever successful plantlet

(which was so frustrating as a noob tryna locate a cutting a few years ago)

calea still refusing to budge in there.. but still alive and well looking..

ibo cuttings all rotted and down to the last alicia anisopetala in the Yukutlan too .. :o










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I don't think Calea needs any humidity, it grew very fine on a terrace in Paris so it should be ok at your location...

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sadly its died more than 5 times that way and the only way ive ever had success growing it is the way i grow it now in the RFB (which even then is touch n go) , and more recently discovered; in the paqarena-

it adores the aeroponics (paqarena) better than anything .. and will make a comeback or not

but not gna rush into the same mistakes I made before ...

enjoy your climate, seems fortunate for caleas where you are and you're not the first I heard say that

, even about southern UK (including salvia too) ... just perhaps im a little too far north ..

have tried indoor and outdoor and i began my plant path about 4 or 5 years ago with calea and hemia ..

one thing they did do in the past was grow out of the side of the aeropod [paqarena] successfully but their roots were mostly under water and most of the stems and foliage were in 100% humidity at 30C

(except the few poking out)

But thank you all the same for the input , makes me think perhaps a psychotria viridis might like Paris?

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I just checked where the Calea's native area is and indeed it is quite humid !

Maybe the difference is with the lighting ? My plant was in the Sun.

There is no place in Europe for Psychotria viridis...except greenhouses !

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Interesting ,...

perhaps I'm not giving mine enough light?..

I am due to move from my appt to a house with a garden soon .. so might well try it again

thank you for your reassurance Mauve I had completely given up and written the idea off before :innocent_n: ..

perhaps I should try it again after all ... especially as it was the sun-room where it grew out of the sides of the paqarena/aero pod.

It sure would be nice to have surplus at the end of a growing season to enjoy through the winter B)

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post-4664-0-79976400-1443073131_thumb.jp -cresty festy, what a coolname huh :)

post-4664-0-14582300-1443073134_thumb.jp -dwarf skullcap?

post-4664-0-14448700-1443073136_thumb.jppost-4664-0-13217400-1443073138_thumb.jppost-4664-0-81797400-1443073140_thumb.jp - grow your own way spach

post-4664-0-83547200-1443073142_thumb.jp - icaro mit weeds

post-4664-0-88549000-1443073165_thumb.jp - comfy comfrey going into groundy groundy

post-4664-0-91310400-1443073167_thumb.jppost-4664-0-23183900-1443073170_thumb.jp - one,two something blue

post-4664-0-79035000-1443073172_thumb.jp - nitro dood grown 'lings....znnnnnnggg

post-4664-0-12943500-1443073175_thumb.jp - sierra blue for you

thank-you for watching another episode of memebers gardens

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I brought some datura metel fastuosa double purple seeds online a couple of years ago and had no luck with germination.

I thought i would give it another go this year and BOOYAR. They have all germinated :-) :-) :-)

Bullit must of spread some of his mojo before he left.

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attempt 1 to boost the lighting in the RFB

swapped from IP68 lighting to IP65 so still fine in the wetness of the RFB...

just not submersible like the IP68's which were aquarium LED's anyway...





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Had to re pot large M speciosa trees someone planted in industrial sized garbage cans.

These are fine to have here, and cause no one problems.

Imagine, someone considering a plant...being evil?

projection, perhaps?

Still, we worship and obey all rules of our ingenious government overlords at all times here, OF COURSE!!!!!

After all....its for our own good...what WOULD we do without them???

Trimmed the roots way back,

planted in containers 1/3 rd the original size.

Temps getting down to lower 40's here

time to bring warm weather plants indoors for winter.

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A bit of repotting and moving some things around for spring.

Im trying to find a spot in the yard that gets some shade during the day.


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My garden is sacred but not orderly. I had morning glory growing in this spot last year and let it drop seed in the hope I wouldn't have to plant anything.

When I first saw a vine growing I thought it was ipomea... Then I noticed the leaves... Then the flowers. The other day I saw a snow pea.

I didn't even sow any snow peas. Where the fuck did this come from?????

Edit:img link fixed.

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Have you used pea straw in your garden? A mate has this happen to his garden, he says there are seeds in the straw.

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post-16396-0-60047500-1444935961_thumb.jpost-16396-0-86438400-1444936160_thumb.j haha, yes...your morning glories do seem a tad different than mine.

post-16396-0-92709600-1444935957_thumb.j - The ripening continues.

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^^my old boys always saying the same thing, "what are u doing with this dope son, you know i dont approve"

lol dad its not what you think it is, and i didnt plant it, its a common garden weed thats randomly popped up.

I often wonder if he is secretly trying these random herbs to see if he can work out what all the kids are fussy about

anything with pointy leaves gets him going, its kinda funny, im not sure who wrote the id guide he must have read by who ever wrote it was way off the mark

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54 trichos to pot up into 5l pots from main pots balancing act..
18 trichos to pot up into 5l pots on floor..

2 species of hylocereus into 5l pots
=74 47 square 5l pots with trays = needed -[27x 5l pots in stock]

79 52 if including splitting doubles of same in same pot..

82 55 if including huachu's 3 in 5l each..
83 56 to 5lpot up mutant baby tersch and taquimbo + st tropez..
or 2l pot each (2lpot x3)...

= potentially 56x 5l square pots+trays = needed

soil needed for tricho sowing season = check.

2x vacant shelves on Germinatia rack = check.

2x standard seed trays = needed

soil needed for RFB and wattles = needed..

RFB die-off : salvia , 1xviridis leaf cutting, tabby bogan stick almost dead...
=maybe one day? , not now though...

= 3x vacancy in RFB...

potential RFB die-off : theobroma, first viridis success, 1x tukunaka

=3xpotential vacancies.. + low risk of viable virola any time soon..

vanilla planifolia and varigated doing great since repot..

cielo doing super,

1xtukunaka bouncing back apparently since LED upgrade perhaps #2 will follow

1x muricata bouncing back well+ 1x loss from before = need to re-sow

1x anisopetala bouncing back apparently+ 1x loss from before = need to re-sow

2x aya blanca malpighiacea sp. bouncing back since new light ... may need splitting into own pots = vacancy needed in future.

caupuri loss from before +extosionately priced seeds this year -unlike last year =need to find alternative... !

= need to re-sow this time with peruvian yellow [and see if it grows out to be like the cielo already doing super]... and wait until

caupuri becomes reasonably priced again if applicable..

pineapple doing fine...

2x remaining psychotria viridis leaf cuttings yet to breach soil surface with sprouts...

1x psychotria viridis leaf cutting from 1st success plant potential die-off sprouted x2 in Paqarena

= fukken hey!

salvia and calea taken up permanant residence in Paqarena = waterbabies

1x 15wLED appears to have helped the sun-missing sulkers = possible upgrade to 20w or 30wLED

vacating the 15w for the rest of the cactlets..

replacing sun with LEDs for trichos = may as well add peijotl collection from Ixtlahuatl and free up tank for the amazing

australacacian highway path to Wattle B Grove birthing...

and perhaps undergo some light Wattle practice with some LED upgrades on the homemade computer controlled propogation tank from the

'crappy old fashioned' energy saving spiral 30w cfl x2 SAD bulbs which will expire in 5 months anyway...

and maybe rename that tank to "the path" since it's where it all began....

perhaps tinkering with the RFB LED upgrade being successful; I imagine I will get 2x of whichever (20w or 30wLED) of the same for the

aquascape "Freedom at last Island" = spare ip68 double LED bar for the fourth level of the Germinatia rack... which is the only one

that hasn't got an LED bar yet..... because the 4th one is in the aeropod Paqarena.. doing a mighty fine job if I do say so myself...

-and in essence expand "Ixtlahuatl" to encompass Tricho shrine freeing up the name "the tropic of horsia" to be further applied

elsewhere in future endeavors ... as with "the temperate of horsia" later on down the line..

space for 5 wattles in 11l wattlepots on windowsill 1 , mearnsii and dealbata already completed prior = 3 wattles [maidenii,

retinodes, confucious' wattle ;p ] = need potting up to 11l watllepots ..
3x 11l wattlepot =check.


























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+ 2 viridis doing super

+plan to sow sky blue banisteriopsis spp.

+ need for setting up "the power of witch graft" toadarium tank to learn/teach kids grafting skills

= need for more pereskiopsis..+ need for 1x / 2x -15w LED floodlights/ *or try grow/fruit some oysters with the kids first cuz fk glochids for now..

+need for 3rd Terbo LED panel for the expansion of Ixtlahuatl

+ need for eheim pro 3 thermo

+need for more fishmeal blood n bone crap...

aero ferts = check.

tomato feed = check.

aquarium ferts n carbon = check.

sand = check.

granite chippings = check.

kitty litter DE = check.

spare 11l square cacty pots incase of snake-tip syndrome = check.

nitrogen = check.

orchid feed = check.

ozric tentacles = check.

carnivorous plant collection rebuilding = needed.

... umm yeah , planned out me sacred garden potterings for the near future : 3

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Very impressive!

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