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Wikileaks media coverage

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Great link, thanks WD. Just goes to show journalists aren't interested in delving too deep into why Julian and others developed Wikileaks.

I think most people around the world making up the powerless majority would agree with the goals of Wikileaks: to expose anything and everything impartially

so that governments, TNC's are forced into being accountable and behaving in a more socially acceptable manner toward all members of society regardless

of their bank balance or social ranking. The responses seen worldwide show just how much of a threat Wikileaks and similar forums can be, governments

and organisations that engage in suspect activity should be afraid. Hopefully the greatest gift the internet can give us is a more equitable society where

movements such as those in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are no longer necessary because people have not only freedom but freedom from a system that

maintains a small number of very wealthy people while others have little or nothing.

Long Live the Cypher Punks!

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One of Julian's old girlfriends has something to say on AE about the interview. Her first-hand knowledge of him is rather different to the profile garnered from internet trawling...

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