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  1. Sheather

    Wikipedia Blackout

    Psylo Dread is just being sarcastic and antagonistic. As it did before the automobile and telephone. It just so happens that without them these days, things get difficult for a vast majority of the population. If you're hanging with the peopl that use an "out" then they obviously want to spend their time elsewhere. The next paragraph has nothing to do with the net, so I guess that's just a piece of rant. Then you go on about being sick of computers being a go-to for knowledge. Are you suggesting you'd rather ignorance to knowlege? Just for the sake of continued conversation? And you admit to being the one to propose going to the computer a lot of the time! It is hardly the internet's fault that you cannot practice self restrain to a level you find satisfactory. And a successful finish up with an anecdote regarding one sad relationship. I have a couple of my own, including but not limited to having letters sent between myself and my mother and girlfriend, between girlfriend and pen-pal, and between my grandparents and the entirety of this household. But there again, that fault hardly lies with the internet. That girl just doesn't appreciate what she has. She could have typed it on a typewriter and mailed it before computers were designed, or sent a telegraph. You sound bitter. Like you have a personal little hatred against something that is not inherently bad, despite its bad use by some. You should go on a rant about the evils of vehicles next, because drunk drivers and hoons mean cars are bad for society. EDIT: Starting to regret that response already...
  2. Sheather

    Wikipedia Blackout

    I agree and disagree with you Santiago, depending on the point you're making. I think without the internet, these days, much of society would crash and burn. The entirety of the stock exchange, many communications, huge corporations and much else relies either entirely, or heavily on the internet. I think the damage its loss would do to society would be as extensive as if the automobile ceased, or all telecommunications, or money. As much as you may not like it, the internet is definitely an integral part of our lives, and a strong part of not only the society, but the effective function of such. I did not get here through ethno beliefs. Other interests led me to this site, and the same other interests will keep me here. I don't have much care for those who would use ethnos as their crutch, or rely on them in any way. Do you think your woe is me attitude of you vs the internet does not do the same? @Bluntmuffin. This and this are parts of reddit dedicated to developing an alternative p2p network. There are major difficulties, like bridging the inter-continental gaps etc, but there are definitely some people working on it. You may have some interest in that. There are some links on the right of the page if you want to look into it further.
  3. Sheather

    Wikipedia Blackout

    If SOPA had passed, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song illegally. The guy that killed Michael Jackson only got 4 years. A couple of interesting facts - Megaupload is a colossal site. It consisted of as much as 4% of the entire internet! There has been an idea going around that every person who had legitimate files on the site should file a claim against the US government. As it was the FBI that shut down the site, they're liable to pay out damages, and a couple hundred thousand claims will give them pause for thought. There's also been a retraction of service to US IP addresses from upload.to or somesuch as well as a result of this. @Santiago - This was part of a massive coordinated blackout across many sites, from Wikipedia to Reddit, even pornsites were going down, all in protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). As a direct result of the blackouts, the massive support SOPA was getting in the US House of Congress pretty much flipped over. It's now been shelved. It has NOTHING to do with profit. I think you should read the original post, and then perhaps google SOPA, before you start spouting nonsense about profit-mongering. Not to mention that Wikipedia is a NON-PROFIT organisation. They could pull in collossal amounts of revenue just by putting ads up on the site, much like Google does.
  4. Sheather

    Acacia seed giveaway

    Whoa there's a long deviation in postage reciept. Could that be a result of the holiday season or is it just a great deal longer sending things across the country (or into WA)?
  5. Sheather

    Youtube vids

    He has the same setup for halloween and Christmas 2010 and 2011, so at least it's not all for one production. Looks like a program does the lights too, he has several songs set up in Halloween 2010, would be monumental effort to do them manually. Likelyhood is, he works in sound and lighting crews, and got most of the stuff for drastically reduced prices. Very nice show.
  6. Sheather

    Acacia seed giveaway

    I would have loved some but I do have some concern about germination, so won't put my hand up just yet. When I'm a bit more experienced with germination and propagation perhaps I'll have another opportunity. Rare things are so exciting in my opinion. Especially so if they are plants. I think I'll stick to nurturing my current stock.
  7. Sheather

    The Random Thread.

    That really needs a seizure warning eh bulls?
  8. Sheather

    Community of Infinite Colour

    All religions are cults, by the first definition of the word. With gods, transcedental drugs figures and objects all round. They shouldn't have automatic negative connotation, though in general, of religions and cults, I believe that from them comes more bad than good.
  9. Is that a fractal? It looks like the compartments approach 0 size as their centre approaches the middle of the construct, but I can see no way to be sure.
  10. Sheather

    Post a random picture thread

    After a quick search, I did post about her in the "linky links" thread.
  11. Sheather

    Post a random picture thread

    The left image there on solid black is one of my favourite desktop wallpapers. Audrey Kawasaki - "Lily and her ghosts" Oil and graphite on wood. This is her website. She's one of my favourite artists. Kind of surreal, creepy and cute.
  12. Sheather

    Uni results

    Also, posting queries on the forum could net you some help with us. I like to think I'm good at explaining concepts, most of the time people seem to understand me, but while in the process I feel so clumsy about it. Could give it a try, I'm sure there are a few other's that would be happy to help. I was trying to think of some good free online resources. All I could come up with is this, which is the MIT open course ware. They post up lectures, exams, notes, etc. on a broad range of subjects. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/ This is the link straight to the mathematics section. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/#mathematics I find these really useful for when I have a completely useless teacher for a subject (as in: they are bad at teaching and/or I can't keep my attention on them)
  13. Sheather

    So who else 'Rims?

    I have games for when my friends are busy, or I have some free time that would otherwise be spent procrastinating anyway. I can play games and have a sharp mind all the while. In fact, many games I play are designed to improve cognitive reasoning and problem solving. I completely disagree with your assertion that to play videogames is to willingly subjugate and alienate one's self. I don't see how this is different to any other activity in terms of self. Subjugation comes from gullibility and willingness to believe a lie. Alienation from many sources, but alienation from one's self? Please explain. You being drunk probably doesn't help you convey your message well.
  14. Sheather

    So who else 'Rims?

    High elf has pretty much the most overpowered racial abilities. 5 levels worth of extra mana and "Highborn" gives you MASSIVE mana regen over 60 seconds. Definitely the strongest mage race.
  15. Sheather

    So who else 'Rims?

    Hrm I returned the skeleton key immediately. I have enough lockpicks that I don't mind if a few break. Currently sitting on 300+ picks and 30000+ gold. Level 32 with 100 pickpocket, 75 marksman, over 50 sneak, and assorted other skills.