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  1. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    Now I'm a hypocrite too. Show me where I demanded that pot be made legal. You call me names now torsten "scummy" Maybe get your facts straight before you decide to slander someone next time. I don't even smoke pot.
  2. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    Thanks for the consult Sigmund how much do I owe you ?
  3. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    Ok Torsten I'll be sure to run any other thoughts past you before I post them. If they don't fit your perspective I'll be sure to censor them appropriately. I compared the two because the synthetic shit is being used for the same purpose or as a replacement for pot. A fair point pertaining the topic in question I thought. I don't know if I've offended your sense of consumerism or you've taken issue with me for standing up for myself when PD made ridicule of my opinions, but I don't normally see you get on someone’s case like this. You seem to gain pleasure from ridiculing my opinions. Good for you Torsten if it makes you feel empowered. If you want a censored forum where your opinion reigns supreme, I will accept that and bow out. I should be spending more time with the spirits dear to me anyway.
  4. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    I think you are getting confused and taking things out of context. My statements were pertaining to the spirit of Mary Jane, if the matter is concocted in lab then that spirit cannot be that of Mary Jane. If a man makes matter and instils it with his own spirit, then how can that be the spirit of Mary Jane ?
  5. Magicdirt

    New to Growing

  6. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    My take on what a plant spirit is, is taken quite literally from the original alchemical definition of what a spirit is. That is basically the essence of something with everything else removed. If the "spirit" or essence of something is extracted from a plant then that's what it is, but if it comes from a synthetic chemical process it technically cannot be the spirit of the plant .
  7. Magicdirt

    New to Growing

    Definitely make a still air box, it could be the difference between failure and success. I always used to cover mine with glad wrap, you can see through it, but it does tend to fog up if there are hot things inside the box. Just thinking about that fucking box still gets my blood pressure up, you'll see why. If you are sterilising the box with alcohol, be sure to keep flames away from the box. You'd be surprised but some people actually have put a sterilising lamp inside the box after it has been sterilised and it is full of explosive fumes. You can make a sterilising lamp out of a baby food jar with a ball of cotton wool for a wick poked through a small hole in the lid. I never used to flame sterilise my tools though, I preferred to wrap them in foil and put them in the PC. I always used dilute tea tree oil to sterilise the box and wipe anything down before it went into the box and it worked well.
  8. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    I speak in allegories and riddles half the time trying to stimulate some debate on a subject, it's only natural that some drama will come of it from time to time. Debate and discussion are good things, sometimes some good can come from it. The point I was trying to make about the spirit of Mary Jane. Mary jane belongs to the earth and the people of the earth, not some corporation. the same as all plants , they're part of an eco system that has evolved with humanity and now that evolution has stopped because of commercial interests. Some of the first settlers in this country were Chinese hemp growers and along with their highly valued fibre strains of marijuana they brought medicinal strains that were at the time amongst the worlds finest natural bred strains of smoking marijuana in the world. When I was a kid these strains had acclimatised and proliferated to the point where they were a problematic weed acclimatised to local conditions. In the late sixties to the early eighties these plants were hybridised with Jamaican, African and Hawaiian strains, and these strains were (almost) undoubtedly the best pot in the world. Some of these plants would grow to well over 20 feet in 1 year. This belonged to us all and it was part of our culture, taken for granted, in some places marijuana was worth less than tobacco. Then came the hydro movement and all those acclimatised strains disappeared almost overnight . Now with all this imported gear that is not even pot, where does it end ? Mary Jane was ours ( and we fucken busted arses for her) and now she is becoming the property of a foreign corporation on our soil. When I talk about the spirit of Mary Jane I also talk of the spirit of humanity, are we free or does a corporate government own us all ?
  9. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    The "who cares who profits for fucks sake" was a quote from you Einstein, you just wrote ffs for short. you can go back now and edit that bit out to make yourself feel "right" if you want. I wont think any less of you. If you want a petty argument over semantics you won't get one from me. You piss on someone's thread and belittle their opinion & then get all flustered when they defend themselves, hardly a moderate response from a moderator of all people. The corporate puppet comment was below the belt and I apologise for that. But to put it into context I'm surrounded by junkies wanting to pick fights over trivial bullshit, I guess it's become second nature to react when provoked. Something I need to work on. Good luck PD I hope you have an interesting life.
  10. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    I'm glad you think it is so funny PD You won't comment on jokes I post but you are compelled to laugh out loud when someone posts something serious. You've been on these boards all this time and you don't know what the spirit of a plant is, I find that intriguing to say the least LOL For your information I never got caught up in all that chasing drugs mentality, I did grow it many years ago but paying someone to buy a weed has always been a difficult concept for me to get my head around. When it became GMO indoor Hydro garbage I gave it away. Who cares who's profiting from it for fucks sake Maybe look into your own habits and you will see that you are corporate puppet, something I don't wish for my kids. You get on here and whinge when you're having a hard time and say you've fallen back into an old habit. I'd rather not have my kids' sanity meddled with by corporations and complicit corrupt governments. You may not have kids or give a fuck what they get hooked on, but some people do.
  11. Magicdirt

    mugwort works

  12. Magicdirt


  13. Magicdirt

    Who is profiting from "legal" incence blends

    The point I was trying to make wasn't really about the vendor, they just do whatever they can to make a buck. My point was about our government cashing in on an illegal product whilst prosecuting the opposition to their market (pot dealers) Would it be OK if smoke shops started selling Heroin analogues whilst still prosecuting black market heroin dealers ? All of this wreaks of political interference by foreign companies, it's illegal to produce the analogues here so they have to be imported. Our government is now in the business of illegal drug dealing (hand in hand with foreign companies) and using taxpayer hired thugs(police) to quash the opposition. This stuff is marketed directly to a juvenile mindset ie glossy packaging, advertising hooks and devices designed to implant brand names and varieties into the psyche of kids. To an inexperienced smoker this crap would seem better than pot in some respects, so the next generation of pot smokers could well be addicted to proprietary brands containing anything, who knows if they contain something designed to create physical dependence.
  14. Yesterday I finally succumbed to my curiosity and purchased a packet of a "legal" smoking blend from my local tobacconist. I was feeling the effects after the first cone and after blowing the smoke out from the second one I was smashed, it was like getting hit in the back of the head with a shovel, fuck it worked fast. Even though it worked fast and got me smashed it wasn't really enjoyable like pot used to be. It's a synthetic version of Mary Jane that has not got the spirit of Mary Jane and in effect is just another drug like anything else brewed up by a chemist. After I smoked it, I sat there in amazement looking at the packet that it came in, there was no ingredient list except to say damiana and fragrance oil (not fragrance & oil ?). It also says not for human consumption on the packet, to cover the arse of the manufacturer for any problems that could arise from its use (addiction, cancer) Obviously this stuff is treated with synthetic cannibinoids, but that gets no mention on the packet. Another thing on the packet was the made in the USA logo. I got to thinking who is cashing in off this stuff and why is it being allowed to flourish when natural home grown organic pot is persecuted ? Why does our government turn a blind eye to this stuff ? Being made in America, how can they even import this stuff, let alone sell it through legal channels, given the fact it is loaded with synthetic THC analogues ? I am really quite angry that our kids will all soon be hooked on this shit, there was even parents in the shop wanting to purchase it for their kids. Who knows what is in it ? Things don't happen by accident and I believe there has to be a political arrangement allowing this to go unchecked, Maybe this is part of the reason behind the new legislation they want to push through about the local plants they want banned. They want the competition quashed so they have free reign to sell this crap and then government can cash in on taxes, import duties etc This seems like a backdoor takeover of the marijuana market by big business, they didn't get their proposition passed in California but they are using a sneaky underhanded route to achieve the same goal all over the world. There is obviously an enormous amount of this stuff in the country as retailers can't keep up with demand, but quickly get re-stocked when they run out. This amount of product doesn't get through the border without approval from up high. Help fund the US war effort today and buy a packet of legal pot. Help pay for the war on drugs (lets face it Afghanistan is all about opium) But don't dare grow a weed in your backyard or you could go to goal.