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Im crazy, im crazy, im fucking crazy.



Boys in blue boys, boys in blue boys, boys in blue boys, i ant ever going back to the fucking can.




- sassy


What the actual fuck

-big less


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Well its too bad
That our friends
Cant be with us today
Well thats too bad
"The machine
That we built
Would never save us"
Thats what they say
(Thats why they aint coming with us today)
And they also said
"Its impossible for man
To live and breath underwater
Forever" was their main complaint
And they also threw this in my face:
They said
You know good well
It would be beyond the will of God
And the grace of the King
(Grace of the King yeah yeah)


Jimi Hendrix

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Posted (edited)

where i live now, the only thing that keeps the area going is tradition—

as you can figure out -it doesn’t count very much—

everything around me rots…I don't know how long it has been this way, but if it keeps up, soon i will be an old man—& i am only 15—

the only job around here is mining—

but jesus, who wants to be a miner…

I refuse to be part of such a shallow death—

everybody talks about the middle ages as if it was actually in the middle ages—

i’ll do anything to leave here—

my mind is running down the river—

i’d sell my soul to the elephant-

i’d cheat the sphinx—

i’d lie to the conqueror…

tho you might not take this the right way, i would even sign a chain with the devil…please dont send me anymore grandfather clocks—

no more books or care packages…

if youre going to send me something, send me a key—

i shall find the door to where it fits,

if it takes me the rest of my life


your friend,



Bob d

Edited by Pedro99
version on the net was slightly wrong, looked in the book to correct

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It holds us like a phantom
The touch is like a breeze
It shines its understanding
See the moon smiling
Open on all channels
Ready to receive
And we're not at the mercy
Of your shimmers or spells
Your shimmers or spells
We are of the earth
To her we do return
The future is inside us
It's not somewhere else
It's not somewhere else
It's not somewhere else
One day at a time
We call upon the people
People have this power
The numbers don't decide
Your system is a lie
The river running dry
The wings of a butterfly
And you may pour us away like soup
Like we're pretty broken flowers
We'll take back what is ours
Take back what is ours
One day at a time
Radiohead- The numbers

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