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What is your Belief?

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Hello all I was just wondering what religion everyone follows if any.

Personally I believe that our conciousness evolves to the point of pure energy if allowed to properly develop.

Ghosts are just evolved energies. When we die we enter another realm inwhich we are one with electricty.

Its hard to explain but im really still developing it in my mind. I just see this as the only possible way of life after death within the scientific realm.

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Well i went from a know nothing type of person, never thought about stuff like that, then after some bad times and latenight i stupidy starting watching late night jesus shows on tv.. then i got myself a bible to and read though most of it and relized that what the people on tv and what the bible actually says are too different things and that faith was raped.. then i moved on lol, started reading abit about the koran on the internet but that was just whacky.

Then i was without a faith till i met mr Buddha and that makes the most sense to me. so yea im pretty much a non practicing Buddhist.

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SO get them vaccinated with LSD at the age of 10, once a month for the year

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SO get them vaccinated with LSD at the age of 10, once a month for the year

Haha, that would definately make for some interesting children....

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I believe that this is it. I know many have found tryptamines to show them that there are other dimensions etc, but to me all they taught me is about neurochemistry and how it is all in the head. My belief isn't 100% firm on this as I like to keep an open mind, but like nabraxas said, these are my suspicions and they are pretty convincing [to me].

The problem I have with this is why do we have spirituality? I feel that spirituality has nothing to do with there being any spirits or gods, but rather with the fact that we needed something in our minds to counterbalance the awesome responsibility of selfawareness. I think selfawareness and logical thought would have overwhelmed and killed us off. I also think that logical thought alone would have eradicated us, after all there is no point in being nice to anyone if there is no afterlife or spirits. Selfishness is counterevolutionary [as was recently shown in a study on primates]. I think spirituality is something that evolved and serves a biological purpose rather than anything else. It solves all the problems that are too hard and that would strain our logic into oblivion.

personally I don't think there is much difference whether a spirit is manifested inside the brain our outside of it. Both have the same effect. It also means we need to have a lot more respect for the processes in our brains and in the brains of others. My belief does not in any way detract from the way I marvel at nature, spirituality and evolution. In fact, the understanding that evolution can create these things is in itself pretty spiritual.

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i beleive in an infinite universe.

infinity cannot be truely comprehended.

one might have a logical understanding that infinity is 'endless' but if you ever try to get a true handle on what infinity actually means you eventually realise it is impossible to grasp.

i love zen buddhism because it conveys alot of my own ideas and experience. infinity is actually nothingness.

i mean, in an infinite universe there must be infinite nothing as much as there is infinite everything else & the very nature of infinite everything is so incomprhensible that it becomes infinitely nothing.


words make me laugh :blink:

i believe it's all about experience in the moment. we exist within infinity. our brains filter the infinite fractal soup of stimulus (the universe) to create the illusion of finite solidity. this enables us to go about our lives & achieve the things we achieve without getting lost in the infinite fractalating energy soup.

i beieve that science is a tool which enables us to achieve certain objectives (for example: it enables us to identify specific plants and their respective constituents which are useful to us as medicines etc etc) i have a deep respect for true science but i believe it is in-adequate as a way of perceiving the true nature of reality and the universe.

i beleive the only way which is adequate for perceiving the nature of reality & the universe is direct experience in the moment. utterly free from pre-conceptions and theories.

in an infinite universe nothing is true but everything is true, nothing means anything but everything means everything. human thoughts and theories have their place but ultimately mean nothing. in an infinite universe words will only tie you in knots.

too much thinking takes you backwards.

direct experience is key.

universe is utter paradox. for me that is what makes life truly interesting.


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EVOLUTION, a darwinist at heart.

Energy never dies it just changes form.

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Being able to mobilise conciousness in such a way as to believe the beliefs of every person who has designed a way of interpreting reality provides the opportunity to mutate to satisfy what can only be described as desires, either for a better life next time or for a better immediate experience.

As soon as you claim to have a belief other than that all perspectives are directly valid but are of varying use there becomes a limiting factor which ultimately serves only to disable the fullfillment of desire, and as a result more than likely impinges on the others ability to provide new 'mindscapes' with which you can work towards your own reference points development.

A modulating conciousness in many respects gives the ability to unlock the limiting factors which the other has become victim to and in turn unlocks the same limit within your self.

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i do however believe that this is true.

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Guest Warrioe-Sage

I generally believe all these things can exist,

it is dependent on the individual. I choose to not

have preferences.

I would like to beleive people can live together in peace

can we ?

we all should be ablle to live in peace together

We did at one time, thousnds/hundreds of thousands/millions of years ago.

Indeed in 2007 people are too greedy to live in equality

but I think we have to look at the cause of the problem,

which is a culmination of so many un-natural things, where

do Istart? We live in un-natural shaped buildings, we eat food

thats got more toxins in it than nutrition, we are taught from

the moment we are born to be greedy and selfish.

Something as innocent as "Pokemon" for example, still the

point of it is that you become the master with all the magic


That is the frame of mind that sets kids up to become the

greedy bastards we all are but, worse, it is designed to get

incrementally worse.

The only people I guess who don't consider that we were

engineered, I guess just can't handle the possibility of it.

I am not saying "handle it, its the truth" but just to consider

the possibility.

You gotta look at the animal kingdom and be jealous, I mean

look at what they have - natural home, natural food, plenty

of excersise, no bills coming through the door, basically what

I mean is, we should be jealous of animals, we should be doing

everything we can to get back that ancient way of being where

we are all equal (share our wealth).

Equality is a sitting duck for corruption. However it is not fair

to blame "the nature of humanity" because humanity does not

conscously want to go to war, yet we always do? Humanity doesn't

want to give its respective Governments ten times more money

than that Government puts back into the country, THIS is what makes

people violent, poor, ill, you name it. Therefore, it seems however far

back you go, even to the battle of Napoleon - that was funded by the

same people who funded ALL wars and revolutions that came after it.

Bankers sit there and muse aloud "there will be many wars in Europe

in th next 100 years" yeah because you lot are the people fundng it

and also, getting people to oppose each other, well there can't be

a war otherwise, the PEOPLE THEMSELVES certainly wouldn't go to

war, they are ALWAYS pushed into it by warmongers. We arn't

warmongers, otherwise there wouldn't be 6 billion of us, its that simple.

Right now, in Texas, there are 700 billboards saying the Mexicans

still own Texas - who is putting these signs up? Could it be the people

who you would instantly assume it is - the Hispanic Mexicans? Well, that

is the intended bullshit, but IF you bother to find out, you find that these

billboards are funded by rich white men. I will say that again - RICH

WHITE MEN not Hispanic Mexicans.

Most Hispanic Mexicans, I should think, wanna be left the fuck

alone like the rest of us normal humans. We should deport all

the people we think are the problem - just deport them to the

middle of Australia, where they can tax each other to their hearts

content, rule over each other and leave US out of it and allow

us to continue progressing the way we were before they came along

with all their "new" ways of doing things, no, not new, just the same

shit they tried elsewhere and it worked so they implemented it on earth.

Maybe we were created by aliens and that race died out, now we have

our own leaders crushing the life out of us. These people cannot be

human. There is nothing humane about these people and we don't

even vote them in anymore, every election since John F Kennedy

has been a stitch up, non more so than the last two Bush elections,

so someone like Kennedy does not get in again, they make damn

sure of that.

Every religion above came from the same area of the world,

at around the same time, but hey they are all different, we should

all argue and fight over the differences in religion whilst never

stopping to think, we arn't even fighting each other directly we

are just fighting each others beliefs!! Dur, wake up, that is the

intended purpose! Why do you think there are so many religions?

Because humans just love being isolated from each other and

having different beliefs.

I believe in a version of peace and harmony, you do too, so lets

have... a war? WTF?! It really does not make sense apart from when

you look at WHO makes all the money from war? Who gains more

funding and control over the public AFTER a war? The same line

of black magicians that have always done this to slowly bring about

their "New World". No one is gonna stop it when they don't even

acknowledge the agenda.

This is what makes me laugh about religions though, whatever

religion you choose, you are believing the same story as the other


Christianity for example, is a story with 30+ similarities to

the Egyptian story of Horus - born in a little wooden hut,

Jesus was the "Christ", Hiorus was the "Crist". Jesus was

"the lamb" Horus was "the lamb". Jesus had 12 followers,

Horus had 14 followers, haha, only kidding, Horus had 12

followers just like jesus... look these religions are thousands

of years apart and yet share the same BELIEVABLE story,

but how, why? Because the same people, whether they are

ancestors or not, it is the SAME bloodlines, made all these religions

up, found what worked and stuck to it, then continued the gradual


What is similar about these stories? They are all based around

the sun and its 12 constellations. It isn't just religions spanning

thousands of years like Egyptian worship and Christian beliefs

that are the same, the story (of the "animal circle" or Zodiac)

can be found everywhere from how many witches there are

in a covern (a high priest witch and 12 under her) King Arthur,

him and 12 knights of the round table (the sun).

Depends how much you see in the story, thats the intended

purpose I think, that if anyone is clever enough to know this

shit they might be considered not as "cattle" so much and

given some chance in this "New World" but I doubt it, the

worlds elite already know the optimum amount of humans

to have working for them, its about 200 million globally,

so I think we will have a nuclear war at some point. How do

you think mars ended up the way it did, come on wake up!!

They move from planet to planet doing this, its sick. We should

be thinking about a timeframe of thousands or hundreds of

thousands of years, not just the split second 70 year life span

we live for, think right back to the root of our problems, these

current problems are not something we have naturally brought

upon ourselves apart from us denying it or not noticing we are

being slowly killed off from every angle you could possibly affect

a human being from.

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While pondering this question, the following statement popped into my mind:

"God is a fractal, forever laughing at itself". I guess that sums it up.

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I believe in logic, which is subjective... and thus, doesn't make a great deal of logical sense.

For example, I think that logic dictates that there is a creator. It just seems so illogical that all that exists is random. The infinite complexity of nature (and the human body) just cannot be random. I think everything in nature (and pretty much everything else) has a purpose for existence.

I don't think evolution is all that logical, it is just a means to explain certain observations.

I don't think christianity, or any other man-made religion, is logical either.... honestly, where does a 300kg fat man get off preaching about self-control?? (sorry buddhists, but someone has to say it!) B)

I could go on for a while, but my point is that someone else reading this will deduce that what I have said isn't logical. That is entirely up to the reader. Whatever floats your boat and agrees with your own logic is good for you.

btw - no beliefs, only suspicions: too true!

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Guest Øskorei
While pondering this question, the following statement popped into my mind:

"God is a fractal, forever laughing at itself". I guess that sums it up.

Brilliant ! After that statement, I now believe in the POC. That is, the "Philosophy of Creach" :lol:

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I also think that logical thought alone would have eradicated us, after all there is no point in being nice to anyone if there is no afterlife or spirits.

I believe that too many people believe the above statement, i.e. politicians, shady super-capitalist "string-pullers" and all those that work for them. That's why there is ever more evil around these days because most people just believe in a rational, materialistic physical plane where money and power are the most important things.

I believe it's best to get as far away from those people and their materialistic points of view as possible.

Sadly enough it's not really possible to get away from them since they are everywhere and destroy and poison the whole planet with their greed.

Personally I don't know what to believe.

Most friends seem to believe "that this is it, you die, and all is finished"...

which would be cool since if there's no afterlife there's no more trouble. Deep dark sleep forever!

Sounds to easy but...

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pondering this has only ever given me more questions than answers and thats ok because im having a hell of a time discovering these new questions :lol:

if i had to give an answer i could only use the experiences i have had and i would lean towards infinite love, it has seemed lately to be what the soul and god is to me. its acually blinding at times and it puts me on my arse crying harder than i ever have, it feels very clensing but leaves me exhausted, how to bring this love into my life is the challange i am now facing.

but then to 'believe' mmm well i hope that it doesnt tunnel ones attention. believe in everything, believe in nothing.

ah suspicions...agreed.

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Brilliant ! After that statement, I now believe in the POC. That is, the "Philosophy of Creach" :lol:

Glad you found it meaningul, Øskorei. The POC is a benevolent organisation, which cares for all its members, but it can only survive through donations, so please give generously (:P). Actually I'm pretty pleased with it myself as it concisely expresses some of the ideas that have been vaguely floating around in my mind since a particularly powerful and quite terrifying aya experience earlier this year. I'll note that this is certainly a suspiscion, rather than a belief, following on from other people making this distinction. However it does describe reality as I have experienced it via tryptamines and through my studies of nature.

Edited by creach

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(forrest gump voice)

My Mumma always said that death was like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get till you open the box :)

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I believe in God, the Father Almighty,

the Creator of heaven and earth,

and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord:

Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit,

born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended into hell.

The third day He arose again from the dead.

He ascended into heaven

and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty,

whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy *catholic church,

the communion of saints,

the forgiveness of sins,

the resurrection of the body,

and life everlasting.


AFAIK, this is the earliest extant creed of the church, and it's (sort of) what I used to believe, thanks largely to my upbringing. Over the years, I've questioned and struggled with my faith, and I'm currently at a stage where I don't really know what or who I believe. I certainly have lost the facile view of God I had as a child, but I haven't entirely jettisoned a belief in a deity. For instance, even as a 'good' Christian I had huge difficulties accepting the idea of eternal punishment and young earth creationism, but as you can see that neither of these concepts are actually in this early creed anyway. Nevertheless, I have this fundamental belief that God, if he does exist, would probably not fit neatly into our ideas of him, especially if it is true that we are alienated from him.

To me, only some kind of theism really makes any sense of my experience, even if its some form of pantheism. I feel like if there is a God, he has been leading me away from the traditional ideas of Christianity, which is kind of weird, because the concept in my mind is not discontinuous with the concept I had when I was a Pentecostal for example. Or perhaps he is leading me back to the actual traditional concepts of Christianity, which may have been very different to how most people see the faith now. Its funny, because now when I sit in a church and the preacher talks about being deceived or hypocritical or whatever, I can't help but think that maybe the irony is that God is using their words to warn me to stay away from them.

Yep, this probably all sounds pretty whacked out, but that's my brain... incidentally, I've had a number of mystical experiences that have afforded me insights that have stayed with me over the years, but never on psychedelics. I've had some amazing experiences on various substances that have even seemed almost spiritual at the time, but the conclusions I've drawn from these experiences have always paled compared to those I have had after periods of intense fasting or wandering in the mountains. I've had more profound mystical experiences in cinemas and shopping centres than I've had from mescaline or LSD.

M. Scott Peck talks about four stages of spiritual development: the Chaotic/Antisocial, the Fundamental/Institutional, the Skeptic/Individual, and the Mystic/Communal... I guess I've been moving from the second to the third stage over the last ten years or so, with brief insights into the fourth stage, and that's basically what my life feel like... a dialectic that's always expecting but never quite achieving the synthesis.

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"idea of eternal punishment and young earth creationism"

Somewhat disturbing concepts.

Hell in the hebrew means a place of burning trash but not eternal torment.

The young theory I not going to dance around but it is based on years as God saw them.

And although God is a God that likes to demonstrate a control of time [not back time travel] I believe that the solar years wasn't as when we know it but longer somehow around the Sun.

But a matter of earths rotation around the Son/Sun.

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Nevertheless, I have this fundamental belief that God, if he does exist, would probably not fit neatly into our ideas of him

Thats something i beleaved also when i was pondering the faith of Christianity.

Even as a semi buddist i believe there is something out there, weather its called god or whatever, something is there.

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i say who the fuck knows?

nobody knows, no one ever has, nor will anyone ever know,

if anyone did what would be the point of being alive????

i dont think even 'god' knows who or what the fuck he is, hence us being here to find out, us being everything(human ,tree, animal etcetc, maybee us being god.

and if someone does find out the meaning of it all, why everything is as it is-what next?

what would be the point of living?????

maybee we r here to find out what the hell we are, what everything means.

but what a headfuck!!

i cant handle those thoughts anymore!!!

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That´s a hughe topic and i rarely speak about spiritual things. My Basic thought is that there is no life after this one. I´m a very logical thinking person and i only believe in what i see. I can´t remember that i was in heaven or hell before i was born and because of this i doubt that i am going to go to another place when i´m finally gone. I´m sure it´s going to be evry boring when i´m dead. I believe that this life is the only chance we´re getting and because of this, i´m trying to take the best out of it. But i also believe that you´ll always get what you deserve. On the other hand i see that life isn´t fair. I can´t see a reason why a god would let all these bad things happen. The Argument i sometimes hear is that "God punishes us to test our faith!". To me, that´s total crap. For many people, it´s important to believe in something that gives them a hold. It makes life easier if you believe that every crime get´s punished. I´d like to believe in this too, but unfortunately i just can´t. I grew up in a family that wasn´t very religious from the start. Some parts of my family were very religious though. Ironically these persons only went to church to justify the bad things they did to their wives and children. The Religion was just some way for them to get absolution. I don´t like hypocrites. Many of the religious people i know, punched their wives and children on friday and went to school on sunday. Playing Mr. Niceguy! I´m absolutely sure that this is not the norm, but it´s one of the reasons why i don´t like religions. My Ex liked to play the good smalltown christian girl but inside, she really was the devil.

There have been so many wars just because of religions, that i don´t want something to do with them. I like some rites and ideas religions come up with but this probably more due to cultural reasons. I love Gospel but because of the music. I don´t hate religions. I´m very tolerant and i want everyone to believe in what he likes.

I´ve never understood the irony of believing in a god and to kill others just because of their faith at the very same time. Surely, most religions don´t want their members to kill others because of their beliefs. But i don´t want to support a religion that once was founded on a bloody basis. I don´t want this to go off-topic too far. I just wanted to explain why i have such a logical view of life and death. It´s not that i don´t believe in nothing! I believe in many things. I think it´s important to demand a great moralic deal from yourself and that´s the way i´m living. I treat others like i want to be treated...no matter if i have to pay for this or not. I don´t do things just because i´m afraid of the consequences. I don´t want to hurt others because i feel empathy with others very fast. I don´t want people to suffer. No matter if i like them or not. But I love the Idea of KARMA and i´d love to know that there would be some truth in it. Up to now, i had many moments in my life when i had the feeling that there could be something like Karma. All the bad things that i did, came back to me one day. And some of the good things too. Some, but not all but i guess that´s not the point. I´d love to believe in a better life after this one, but somehow my logical view of the world prohibits this. what a pitty. bye Eg

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i say who the fuck knows?

nobody knows, no one ever has, nor will anyone ever know,

yeah so why even question it, nobody is ever going to know its a waste of time and energy. just accept that we don't know build a bridge and get on with one's lives,

Edited by spudamore

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